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you may begin.

I don't want to tell Victoria what I've just learnt about these anti depressant. I should have known to read the fucking side effects. But I was so caught on being a better person.

I sigh quietly to myself as I pull my jacket on.

"Babe, you might want to hurry. We have to be there in an hour." I say as I look at the time on my watch.

I hate appearances.

And I hate wearing skinny jeans. But If I have to be at appearance that involves a clothing store, I might as well wear some of the fucking clothes.

I met up with Bethany's father half an hour ago and all he wanted to speak about was what was happening to his buildings that surround my newly constructed building.

I'm fucking ecstatic to see the base of the building already in it's mark.

There was nothing major in the conversation, quite frankly, it was pointless. He should have called instead of making a big deal to see him.

At least he came to the restaurant in this hotel instead of making me go to him.

"Okay, sorry. I'm ready!" Victoria walks in, the dress I picked out for her cascades down her body, a few inches above the knee. It's white lace, tight, but modest.

As long as she looks good enough to respect, and enough for me to sneak a handful, I'm fine with anything.

Her hair is swept to the side and I hold my breath.

I couldn't have anyone more beautiful than she is.

Sexy too, but I won't say that.

I close the distance between us as I cup her gently and kiss her.

"You look absolutely beautiful." I whisper.

Victoria blushes and I can't help but brush my cheeks over the skin that's brighten at my words.

On the table, I open the lid of the box and walk behind her.

I place the silver thick necklace around her neck and her skin raises with goosebumps as the cold metal touches her skin.

Victoria looks down and gasps. "It's so pretty! Oh wait. I have a problem. Black cardigan or leather jack-"

"First work problems." I roll my eyes.

"I'm serious."

"Leather jacket." I nod.

Her face lightens up and I raise my eyebrow. "Oh thank god. I just didn't know which one to choose. I knew the cardigan would be nice and warm but leather looks good on white. It's new too. I brought it today."

I shake my head. All I hear is banter, but I'd go through anything to hear her mumble about something pointless. I love the sound of her happiness.

"God I love you." I smirk and she playfully hits my chest before ruffling with my hair.

"You look hot in casual clothes Mr Malik. Though I don't see the difference." She smiles. "You look hot in anything."

I smirk down at Victoria as she continues to ruffle and brush off the excess on my shoulders.

"So do you baby, even better when you're wearing nothing."

She stops and pulls a face of annoyance and cunningness.

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