Each day seems to get harder.

You don't realise how much it changes you.

The affection, the loyalty.

The love.

Everything changed me. I wasn't exactly sure how this could possibly happen in so few months but the more time we grew closer, the more I seemed to adjust to it.

The fact that I was standing in front of all these people that we both loved so dearly, I had to speak from the heart. The heart that I've closed off for so long till Victoria came along.

She is the reason for the man I am today.

I look down at those beautiful familiar eyes that I've come to love and sigh quietly, mentally preparing myself for the words I never found myself to say at such a young age.

I clear my throat as I make eye contact with Victoria. The distraught is in her eyes and I look down before recovering myself.

"Thank you all for coming." I say, my voice clear.

"It's a shame we're all here on such a sad occasion."

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