"Can you believe it?" Victoria murmurs as I slip in bed beside her.


"Five more days." She smiles excitedly and cradles herself against my chest as I place an arm around her.

"Five more days." I repeat quietly.

"This whole planning is so stressful. But so worth it."

"I know." I half smile.

"So, I finally called the cake maker and changed a few colours for the style.

Cake maker. I grin.

"That's good."

Victoria gazes up at me in confusion. "What's wrong? You've been acting weird all day."

I half smile. "I just didn't expect to be getting married so soon."

She frowns and I quickly caress her cheek.

"That sounded better in my head." I mumble.

"Is Mr Malik growing cold feet?"

"Of course not." I kiss her cheek then her lips then all over her face as she tries to push me away.

"Stop." She giggles.

I love that sound.

"I wanna play." I whisper in her ear as I slowly crawl on top of her and support my weight by pressing my elbows into the bed.

Leaning down, I leave a gentle kiss against her pouted lips and bury my hand under the pillow to grab the cuffs that I had hidden for this type of scenario.

Distracting her with more kisses down her neck, I grab her hand and snap the cuff on her wrist and she pulls away.

"We made a deal, remember?" I raise my eyebrow up at her expectantly.

She blinks momentarily and realisation falls on her. "Pool?"

I nod.

"Fuck." She curses under her breath.

"So, what do you say kitten?" I kiss her again, causing the anticipation to bubble up inside of me and I take her bottom lip between my teeth and pull back to gaze down at her.

Her eyes are closed and when she opens them, excitement fills within her lustful eyes. "Do you wanna play?"

"Yes sir."

"This is the last time we're having sex as a couple." I murmur between kisses. "Because you're leaving me tomorrow.

She smiles. "Then we better make this last, Mr Malik."

"While you're in York-" I pause and kiss her cheek. "I want you to think of me."

I grin and nudge her head to the side to kiss her jawline and down to her neck and underneath her ear lobe.

"I want you to think of the things I would do to you."

She shivers at the feel of my lips against her skin and I blow gently before kissing her.

"I want you to remember how much I can pleasure you with my tongue." I suck on her soft skin, causing her to squirm and I smile.

"You're wearing too much clothing kitten."

Thankfully, she's only wearing one of my linen button up shirts and since I haven't cuffed her to the bed, I make do with what I have right now.

I guess she can keep it on.

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