Chapter 34 - Wedding plans.

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When Waliyha and my mother had left, I made my way upstairs with my annoyance growing thicker when I see Victoria sitting on her laptop on the bed.

She doesn't notice my arrival, so I slam the door shut and she jolts in her spot.

"Why didn't you come down?!"

She shrugs helplessly. "I had a headache!"

"But, Waliyha wanted to see you."

Victoria scowls, slamming her laptop shut.

"If she wanted to see me so bad, why didn't she come up?!"

"She can't walk too far let alone walk up a staircase without having chronic headaches. She just got out of hospital Victoria!"

Victoria rolls her eyes. "Can we talk about this in the morning?! I'm busy right now!"

"Yeah perfect, we'll talk about it in the morning." I walk into the wardrobe to retrieve my blazer and Victoria eyes me carefully as I open the door and slam it shut to make my annoyance clear.

I head out downstairs to the underground parking and climb into the black Audi. I should have walked when I realised the place I was heading to was the pub.

With my mind on it's own and without my full control, I lock the car and walk straight inside to notice a familiar face. He turns to face me and smiles.

"Zayn! Man!" He raises his lager up and I roll my eyes.

"What are you doing here?!" I question Matt.

I might as well join him.

I still don't trust him.

Taking the seat next to Matt, I order a drink and sigh.

He shrugs. "The girl wanted to see me."



"Amber - Amber Coventry?"

"Oh her." He chuckles. "No not her."

"Are you two still together?" I frown.

Matt shrugs after taking a swig of his beer.

"Yeah I guess. She's a bit clingy." He frowns annoyed. "Now, the question is - what are you doing here?"

"Nothing major."

Hopefully we wake up tomorrow and forget everything that happened tonight and continue where we left off without fucking arguing.

"You two fighting?" He wriggles his eyebrows.

"No, no. We're fine. I think she's just stressed from the wedding planning."

"That makes sense. Drink to that." He chuckles to himself before taking down the rest of his beer.

"Matty! You actually made it."


A girl with more make up on her skin than her face, wraps her arms arounds his shoulders and I frown as she leaves a lip stained kiss against his cheek.

I look away and drink my drink in silence.

"Baby why don't you go wait by the pool table, I'll be there soon." He coaxes and I raise my eyebrow.

"Don't be too long." She whines. "Bring your friend with you."

I frown as I look at her and she winks at me.

I shiver inwardly.

As she turns, Matt slaps her butt and I scoff as I place my glass back on the bar.

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