Chapter 37 - New Chapter.

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Short but worth it.


The last half an hour, I was surprisingly calm.

I'm getting married soon and I'm calm.

"Zayns present has arrived." Amber smiles.

"Oh my god!" I gape as she hands me a giant Versace shopping bag.

Inside are a few jewellery boxes containing very expensive brands like Chanel, Gucci, Chopard, graff and Tiffany.

"Zayn strikes me to be the type of guy to have trouble with gifts so instead of choosing between two things, he buys the whole thing." Amber shakes her head.

"This is-" I blink, in loss of words.

"This was the one he wanted me to give to you. The proper present." Amber smiles.

"So you're just saying that these expensive stuff in this Versace bag is just a side gift?!" I shake my head and gaze down at the blue velvet box.

"Well go on! Open it!"

I open the card first to find Zayns neat writing.

I can't wait to see you down the aisle, Kitten, I love you. -Zayn.

Kitten. I smirk.

Opening the box, I find a bracelet that looks like it had been more expensive than all the gifts in the Versace bag.

My mouth falls open. Inside of it was an engraving.

I winced and shook my head as my face blushed.

Kitten loves willy.

"What does it say?!" Waliyha questions.

I shake my head. "It's an inside joke."

I hear all the bridesmaids gasp and aw over the bracelet.

"Can you please put it on me?!" I smile as Waliyha fastens the bracelet.

Amber searches through the bag and hands me a shoe box - Louboutins.

I open the box and find purple sparkly heels.

"He told me you had to wear them down the aisle."

I gape and pull them out.

"Knock, knock." James walks in, his arms wide and looking immaculate as ever.

"James?!" I smile.

After Amber fastens the bracelet on,I stand feet and wrap James in a hug.

"Woah, you look- you look really beautiful Re."

I blink at him and smile. "I've never heard you say that before. Thank you."

"Well, Ella said you wanted to-"

"Oh right the present." I half smile. "Can you give this to Zayn."


"Did she like the gift?!" I question more urgently than I should have.

Mark walks away from finishing off my bow tie.

"She did." James says and hands me the gift Victoria had given me and then another.

"From your bride sir." He smiles.

I open the smaller box first to see a sort of bangle with an engraving in it

I half smile - maybe Zoozoo will be our always.

"She's so cute." I mumble to myself.

The next gift was a silver watch that I had been looking at a few days ago. How did she know I wanted it?

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