Chapter 40 - Problems

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I never really gave much credit to girls.

Even though Victoria is sick as a dog, she still manages to walk around looking completely fine but feeling like complete shit.

It's been three days and she's getting better, slowly.

The only down side is, it's that time of the month and the stomach cramps are pretty bad.

"Tea?" I question, scratching my head as she curls herself up into a ball.

"No." She groans, her voice nasally from her blocked nose. "This is horrible."

I slide into bed behind her as she sighs annoyed.

"It's okay baby." I whisper as I wrap my hands around her and rub her stomach gently.

I heard it was comforting. But I could be wrong. Girls are unpredictable in this predicament.

"I didn't picture our honeymoon to be like this." Victoria says tiredly.

"We can do a lot in a few weeks after you get better." I say.

Victoria pouts after turning to face me. She looks absolutely scattered. I can just tell she's going to break into tears so I smile reassuringly and pull her into a well needed hug.

"You're alright, baby."

"I'm sorry I'm sick." She whimpers and I chuckle quietly.

"It's okay babe, don't apologise." I whisper.

She sniffs continuously and I pull away to run the back of my hand along her cheek.

"I love you." I murmur as I wipe the tears away. "Stop crying baby. I don't like sadness on you."

A timid smile falls on her lips but she look so exhausted.

"You'll get better and then well have fun. I promise."

I think it took a week for Victoria to fully recover the strange bug she had caught. That only left one more week on this island.

Her period had just finished too and it was like my preys were answered all at once.

I never had a problem when it came to having sex with girls who were on their periods, it was just the time that you had to spend cleaning up the mess.

"Did you want breakfast?" Victoria questions as she cups my face to kiss my lips.

I grin down at her. Since she's better, she's had nothing better to do than to kiss me.

"Why are you wearing this?"

I look down at my half-suit. I'm wearing a suit, but I'm not wearing any pants.

"I have something important to do." I say tiredly.

"You look funny." She chuckles. "Well actually, you like you just finished fucking me and decided to make do with out your pants."

I chuckle. "It kind of is what happened."

"Come on. I'm all better. Stop working." She sighs and decides to straddle me.

"I'm starting to think you were better when you were sick." I tease and Victoria chuckles as I cup her face and kiss her again.

I missed those lips. "How come you're not sick?!" Victoria questions.

I look over Victorias shoulder and down at my laptop screen and then I remember that Victoria just said something to me. "I have a pretty good immune system."

Victoria lethargically slides off me and folds her arms as I finish off my email.

I look at her. Her mouth is moving but I can't hear anything.

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