Chapter 17

"Did you want a drink?" Kayla questions me and I stand immobilised by the door.

"No." I shake my head and fold my arms as I gaze around the small home of hers.

"There's a couch over there you can sit on. I need to change out of these ridiculous clothes. Can you unzip me?"

I narrow my gaze at her as she gathers her blonde hair to one side and baring the long zip down her back as she turns around.

"Please?" She sniffs.

"I'd rather no-"

"I can't do it myself."

I roll my eyes and reach for the zip. Every nerve in my body is telling me to pull away, but I pull the zip down. Why are zips on dresses so ridiculously long?!

I bite my lip and step away from her. "Done."

"Sit down." She frowns as she walks away and thanks me.

Awkwardly, I gaze around the small house as I make my way over to the small couch. There's a cat on the cushion and I raise my eyebrow at it. He hisses at me as I attempt to pat it, so I push it away instead to take it's seat.

"I'm sorry, the place is a mess." She murmurs as she comes back from wherever she was.

Like old times, she wears an oversized shirt and seriously short pyjama shorts and she cuddles up her knees as she seats herself on the other side of the couch.

With a small white tissue, she continues to wipe away the smeared make up on her face and sighs.

"Why are you acting so awkward?!"

"I shouldn't be here." I frown.

"You said you'll talk to me." Kayla frowns.

I sigh.

"Look, I've tried so hard to move on. I really have." She murmurs.

"You pulled some fucked up shit." I reply annoyed.

"I know but what was I suppose to do. It was the only way to get your attention so I can get you to actually talk to me like you are now!" Kayla seemingly yells.

"Then why did you have to pull this shit. You know I hate that type of attitude thrown at me."

She looks down and I shuffle forward to grab the cloth from her hands.

"I'm sorry." She murmurs quietly as I take over her attempt of cleaning her face.

I frown momentarily. "I told you that I wasn't going to have anything to do with you once I broke the contract off. You should have known that." I murmur as I wipe away the smeared lipstick on her lips.

I swallow.

"Was I suppose to let that go? We had something. You cared for me more than you cared for any of your other submissives. All I wanted was what you have for Re. I wanted that."

"Not anymore, Kayla. I'm with Victoria now."

"But you're here, now."

I pause and pull the cloth away from her face as I place it back in her hand.

"That doesn't mean anything." I threaten.

"Why did you come in here?"

I look down. "I wanted to make sure you were okay. I'm not the same person you once knew."

She nods. "I know. I can tell."

"The guy you fell in love with, isn't me."

She shakes her head. "It is."

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