Chapter 12 - Tables have turned.

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Chapter 12

Love is a predicament situation.

It's almost embarrassing how much one person holds that much power over your mentality, making you feel vulnerable, the emotion I've been longing to ignore and have almost become accustomed to never feeling that, till she came along.

Is it normal?

To have someone have so much power over you?

To have a woman, so innocent, so stubborn and so irritating at times can have me break down hysterics if she decided to leave me at my most vulnerable states.

Is this what it feels like?!

The up sides to love was probably the best feeling I could have, right after to sex.

I mean, sex is good, come on.

But the down sides are just as dangerous as falling in love.

I'm already falling, but hitting rock bottom isn't somewhere where I want to be.

I've lost her twice. I'm not letting that happen again.

But am I that crazy to ask for her hand in marriage so soon?

Of fucking course, I'm Zayn Malik for crying out loud.

Marriage is what I want and I get what I want, eventually.


Every answer, is always no.

I'm no romantic, but I've tried almost everything to convince her to marry me, but her excuse is still; too soon.

But the one thing I can't complain about, is the sex.

Countless and countless of sex.

Victoria, my baby is back.

Not quite.

She's still timid, but fuck, anytime we're alone, all she wants is sex and I'm all for it.

I lean over her body to face her and she's smiling up at me, the After glow of sex radiating around each other for the second time today.

Grabbing her arm, I pull her up off the desk and she leaves a small kiss against my lips before tightening my tie and sitting back up on the surface.

She buttons up her blouse as I tie a knot at the end of the condom and she sighs.

"It's James' birthday this weekend." Victoria says.

"This weekend?" I question as I turn away from her.

After wrapping the condom in a paper, I throw it in the trash can and mentally remind myself to double wrap it, just in case.

"Yeah, He wants us to go out. Amber and Matt-"

"Matt?" I gape, as I hand her cardigan back that I discarded during our, onslaught.

"Yeah. They're together again." Victoria rolls her eyes and I repeat her gesture.

"Your birthday just happens to be a week after James' birthday, baby." I smile as I wrap my arm around her waist and she smiles too but we're interrupted by the phone.

Sighing, I peck her nose and answer the phone.


"Sir." It's Leigh. I thought I told her not not to call me when Victoria is present. "Your mother is here."


"Hang on." I hang up the phone and quickly iron out Victorias just fucked hair and she frowns.

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