I'm a little frustrated because a lot of people think that I killed Victoria off randomly. Like it was some kind of rational idea to get you to cry over.

No. That's not fucking right.

Fuck you to all the haters out there who even thought that.

Yeah. It's taken two books for an ending like this, I purposefully dragged out frostbite with all the lovey Dovey crap to make you feel this way afterwards. To make you feel this kind of pain that Zayn is going through.

It was all apart of the plan.

A lot of people saw it coming, and still you say it's the worse ending.. I mean, dude it's not even finished?

Do you remember when I asked you if I should do a third book while I was writing chills?

If I didn't do a third book Victoria would have still died in chills when Devon injected her with that shit.

In reality she would have died anyway because she injected him. But since it's a fanfic and y'all wanted a third book, I carried on.

YOU asked for a third book and asking for a third book just intensified how you all feel.

And if you're wondering why I did?! Open your mind, push your anger and sadness and pain away and think about it. I didn't do it randomly.

There's always a reason.

And if you still think that this was the worse ending, then go away. I don't need any of your negative energy. I'm not sugar coating it either.

Y'all can suck a fat one. Just saying.

But I love every single one of you all who are staying to read the very last chapter of frostbite.

If I could I'd send you a box of pizza :)

I love you all

-Chanel xxx

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