The next few chapters might be a bit boring and fast paced, only because it's heading to the main parts. You know, the calm before the storm.

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I arrive back home earlier than Victoria probably anticipated because I soon notice that she isn't back from Java hut.

At my arrival, Eve greets me with a small smile and I take a seat on the bar stool before burying my face in my hands. I haven't been this frustrated about work in a while.

Nothing is going as it should be and all I want to do is ring my neck around Adriana for fucking up, on one of the most simplistic jobs I had given her.

I hear the front door open, following by rushed footsteps and soon after, Victoria scurries her way through. She jumps from a fright when she sees me and slips on thin air.

"Ow." She scowls to herself before I rush to her side.

My frustration vanishes immediately at her clumsiness.

Grabbing her hand, I help her up as I held back laughter. "What's the rush, love?"

"I thought I was late." She shrugs off a few specs of imaginary dust and smiles up at me before blowing her disheveled hair out of her face.

"Well that's one way to make an entrance." I smile down at her before kissing her soft lips and pulling away.

"It's the Victoria special." She smiles teasingly. "Where are we meeting her?"

"At Vibes. But. You are early. I blatantly gave you the wrong time so you'd show up earlier when you really think your late." I murmur before leaning down and kissing her again. "How was work?"

"That was rude. She slaps my chat teasingly. "But smart. I was helping with the art work. Ted came by and helped me with a few stuff that I wasn't aware of until now. I have to order in a lot of food and all this crap."

"Sounds like a busy day." I murmur as I pour ourselves a glass of wine. "How's your migraines coming along?"

She rolls her eyes. "Don't remind me."

"Are they getting worse?" I frown.

She nods sadly. "It's so bad I've ended up vomiting."

I narrow my gaze at her momentarily. She can't be.

I reach for the top cabinet to grab some aspirin and give it to her.

"I'm fine now."

"Re, I don't like seeing you in any sort of pain. Just take it." I say sternly, but quietly.

I place a glass of water in front of her and she takes it down.

"I'm so nervous to see your Mom after what happened." Victoria says, breaking the silence that I was unaware of.

"Just don't mention it." I reply a little irritated.

"Buts it awkward." She whines. "What if she doesn't see me the same way. She walked in on us while we were fucking on the bench. If you ask, me I wouldn't want to see my parents fucking, so just imagine how she would feel-"

I raise my hand to stop her from talking as I turn to her and place the wine glass in front of her. "Breathe. You're going to be fine. My Mother loves you."

She drinks the wine quicker than I anticipated and I'm hoping that it calms her nerves down.

I kiss her cheek and Victoria half smiles up at me.

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