Chapter 5 - Unforeseen Diagnosis.

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Now, I have tight, heavy balls, a mentally ill girlfriend and a frustrated ego.

I've never felt so sexually denied, ever. I feel like my balls are going to explode.

Taking the laptop off my desk, I make my way down the stair case and towards the kitchen to grab myself something to bite while I'm working.

I decide on grabbing an apple and read over the architect designs for the building in Ireland. It's going to be a few blocks away from the convention centre building in Dublin.

But what I'm more excited about is the new building that is happening in The states, New York.

The secret project I haven't exactly told my father yet.

It's worth a lot of money, but it hasn't exactly made a dent in my bank statement either.

The Top floor is 222 m, 728.3 ft. Floor area is 5,500 m2, 59,202 sq ft, approximately 5 Lifts/elevators. And 65 floors.

Most of my buildings are big, but this one has to top it off.

After sending a few emails out, I'm immediately on the phone with three clients in the past fifteen minutes.

Next Tuesday, I'll be on my way to Ireland. I just hope Victoria is willing to come.


"Good morning Mr Malik."

I frown as I see Mrs Conrad.

"You should be sleeping." I pondered.

"It's six in the morning, I believe sir."

I take a deep breath and shut my laptop as I raise from my seat. I don't like being shirtless while she's present.

I feel like I'm disrespecting her in some sort.

"Would you like a coffee?" She questions.

"No, thank you. I'll be back in half an hour."

She frowns, but I see the realisation fall on her face. "Yes, sir. I'll have everything ready before you arrive back."

I nod and make my way up the stair case, into my room to pass the sleeping, Victoria and into my closet.

Changing into a shirt, and some sports trunks, I grab my phone and some headphones to keep myself somewhat on earth.

I tend to push myself if I'm not occupied enough.

I haven't been for a run for a while, and because I smoke so much, I have to keep on my fitness and stamina.

Who's knows what's going to happen to me. It's been weeks since I've done anything physical.

Sex usually does it for me but I can't have sex now, can I?!

I never thought I'd see the day when my balls are growing so hard. It's uncomfortable.

When I arrive downstairs, Mark is ready and I greet him with a nod before walking past and leading towards the stair case.

I plug my headphones in and turn my playlist on shuffle. Turning the volume up, and tuning the world down, I start running down stairs, Mark following behind me like any freaking body guard does.

Once I hit the tenth floor, I can already feel my breathing becoming irregular but it's not stopping me. My adrenaline is starting to come alive and soon enough, the cool air from outside hits my face, but it's more a relief as my whole body becomes accustomed to this feeling.

My legs are running for me, but my mind is bombarding with unnecessary thoughts. It's distracting me so much that I can't even feel my muscles screaming at me to stop.

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