chapter 44.

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"Captain! We're ready to set sail!"
Penguin announced . You were saying your goodbyes .
" We're coming penguin-chimi!"
You smiled . He had a cuteness overload which only resulted in law giving him a glare .
" Be safe . "
Robin smiled . You waved goodbye and got in the sub .
" I wonder why didn't uncle-chama come to say goodbye~"
You thought out loud . Law warped his arms around you .
" Come on , I'll show you around "
He purred as he lead the way .
"What about us ?"
Zoro whined .
" Bepo..."
"Hai captain! "
Bepo replied as you two walked away.

" Your room is nice~♡"
You cheered and noticed the welcoming fluffy looking tidy bed .
" Oh my love where have you been all my life !~♡"
You sang dramatically jumping on the bed and spreading on the bed grinning .
" Enjoying my bed ?"
"Now its my bed!"
You announced .
" O' really now ?"
He purred laying on top of you as he started placing sweet kisses on your neck . Kissing the marks he placed on you last night . You shivered as his hand sneaked in your shirt .
" L-law! "
You yell whispered .
" Mm, what's wrong? "
He cooed his breath tickling your skin . You just sighed as he started kissing you passionately . Couldn't resist him .
" Im gonna---"
But he never got to finish that as the door of the closet opened and something or rather someone fell out faceplanting the floor .
You three said at the same time as law jumped to him , lifting him from the back of his shirt .
" Fufufu ~ hi!"
He grinned .


" We cant go back , we're too far away"
Law said rubbing his temples .
" How did this happen? "
Zoro sighed .
" I never expected you to do this"
You facepalmed .

" You're all jerks . Just let me come along"
Doffy growled frowning .
Zoro and law growled at him with scary faces .
" I'll cut you up"
Doffy said .
" Bring it on!"
"I'd be happy to shamble you up"
You sighed and punched them all on the head knocking them out .
" Geez, you're all little kids ."
You huffed sitting back down on your chair . Crossing your legs and resting your cheek in your palm .
" (y.n)-san , what will we do ?"
Shachi whispered .
" Doflamingo. ...why did you snuck on board ?"
You asked glaring at him . He set up rubbing his head and sighed grinning. " Cant I look after my precious diamond? "
He stuck out his tongue . Law snapped and tried to kick him but you used your devil fruit and paralyzed them all .
"You're testing my patience. ..."
You warned them . everyone sighed and remained silent .
" Im sorry to say this , but I don't trust you. You'll go to kaido and sell us out"
You said looking at doffy .
" I wouldn't"
He defended .
" You would"
Everyone said looking at him with a poker face .
" I said I won't! Besides if I go to kaido or any of his subordinates , they'll kill me for failing . "
He huffed .
" Maybe we should just throw him overboard? "
Zoro asked.
" Even though I hate him , that would be rude, and probably a very painful death"
Law sighed . You stared at doffy .
" Hmmm... then there's no other choice. .. we just have to keep an eye on him"
You said and deactivated your powers . Everyone nodded .
" Cant believe I have to waste my supplies on you"
Law mumbled to doffy .
" I'll kill you someday"
Doffy mumbled back .
" Im hungry"
You announced .
" (y.n) chaaaaan!!"
"We'll cook for youuuu!!!"
"With all our might!!!"
Bepo , shachi and penguin said.
" We love youuuu!!"
They said together and surrounded you , a lovey-dovey aura around them . You giggled at their silliness and cuteness .
" You guys are cute hihihihi~"
You giggled . Suddenly you felt an evil , dark , jealous aura from afar .
You looked at law and tried to not laugh . He had a black aura surrounding him , his hat shadowing his eyes and the corner of his lip twitching .
" Guys your captain isn't happy...."
You warned them .
" We dont caaaare! Be our captain , we will follow you till the end~♡"
They sang and hugged you .
you looked at law which was on fire now .
You said .
" I'LL KILL YOU! !!!"
Law said unleashing kikoku and running after the trio . They ran away screaming . You sighed and walked away .
" Where are you going? "
Doffy asked.
" Im tired im going to sleep . Keep it down if you want to see another day"
You said and walked away .
" Just when I thought it can't get any crazier"
Zoro laughed and searched for sakei .


You woke up from hunger , your stomach growling . An inviting scent brushed against your nose . Sniffing the air you drooled and got up .
" Food..."
You mumbled walking in the kitchen .
"Hello (y.n)-ya . Sleep well ?"
Law smiled . Everyone was sitting at the table .
" Sure did . I was exhausted after what you did to me last night"
You bluntly stated . He chuckled while shachi and penguin had a nosebleed and others blushed .

" I was gonna come wake you up , looks like you woke up sooner"
Law smirked warping his arm around you as you set down . You leaned against him putting your head on his shoulder and chest .
" Fufufu ~ are you ok ?"
Doffy asked.
" Yeah im just a little tired..."
You said .
" I'll make sure to do a medical exam later tonight"
Law hummed . You nodded and relaxed as law kept rubbing your back and playing with your hair.
"So when we get to wano , we need to fin allies . we should keep a low profile and start with the people we trust , and ask for their help"
Kinemon said.
" We also need to sneak into the palace and get the things we need"
Kanjuro said.
" logical . Well we do kinda look like samurai , considering we're swordsman"
Law said .
" Oh and in wano , if theres anything wrong , people settle it with a sword match ."
Kanjuro stated .
" Seems reasonable"
You said .
" What should we do about her tho ? Shes a woman . Woman in wano aren't like here . They dont talk back or weild weapons ."
Kinemon said .
" Leave it to me"
You yawned .
" Say , are you a swordswoman ? Because I see you carrying that nodachi which is warped up , yet I see you weild a normal katana"
Kinemon asked .
" He's right I've never seen you use that nodachi . You just use a regular katana you got for 2 thousand beri"
Doffy said and every eyes turned on you.
" I'm indeed a swordswoman . That nodachi is my cursed blade . I used a katana for a passed few years so I can improve my swordsmanship ."
You said .
" I'd like to have a match with you"
Kinemon said .
" Me too"
Zoro said .
" Me three!"
Law said .
" Uh... okey then , in our next stop we'll have a match!"
You said . The dinner was then served .
" Itadakimasu ~ "
Everyone said and started eating . You sighed and looked at your plate.

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