chapter 8.

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You woke up by smelling something . Like burned food . Walking to the kitchen lazily while warped up in your blanket you saw law cursing under his breath .
" Morning law-ya"
You said with a toothy smile .
" Oh hey (y.n)-ya... sorry...I burned the food ."
He said scratching the back of his head. Laughing you shook your head.
"Its okey . You have no idea how many times I burned food ."
You said . He smirked and wore his coat .
" Lets go eat in town . My treat"
He said . You blushed and nodded smiling .
" I have a little work here . You go on ahead . Lets meet in town ."
You said .
" Okey . Dont take too long ."
You nodded and he left . You were happy but you had this uneasy feeling and you couldn't point what it is nor shook it off .
Wearing blue skinny jeans and black long sleeved shirt with a blue heart printed on its left edge , you wore a long white coat who had fluffy fur on collar , end of sleeves and end . You wore matching high heel white boots . Putting your hair in a ponytail and checking yourself in the mirror you winked and left . Walking to the town happily .

♡checking on law♡

He was standing in town waiting for you watching as kids were playing in the snow...
《 I lost him at a winter island like this...》
He thought and noticed a girl approaching him .
A tall girl with long caramel hair and green eyes with a red lipstick , skinny but with big boobs and butt . He walked over to him , taking a glance and biting her lower lip .
" Aren't you a hot guy"
She said seductively . Law raised an eyebrow . She moved closer to him .
" I'm not interested . Im already waiting for someone"
Law said coldly . She grinned and came closer , her face only inches away .
" But do you know who the one you're waiting for really is ?"
She asked grinning .
" get lost"
" Dont you want to know her true identity ?"
She whispered to law . He reminded silent .
" Trafalgar law , the one who you're waiting for is known as hellfire or (y.n) Jeagerjaquez .-"
She whispered and law sighed . Before he could say anything she continued .
" But her real identity is..... Donquixote (y.n)"
She said . Laws eyes winded and he froze . Gripping the girls shoulders tightly , he stared in her eyes angrily .
" You liar"
He said . The girl grinned and looked towards a direction , they saw you from a distance coming .
"Ask herself..."
She said and in a blink of an eye she was gone . Law stood there dumbfounded.
" Hey law sorry I-"
" Is it true ?"
He asked with his hat shadowing his eyes .
" Hm ? Whats true ?"
You asked confused . He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth .
" Is it truth that you are.....Donquixote (Y.n) ???"
He yelled at you . You froze with your mouth hanging open .
" How did you find out ? Who told you that ?!"
You managed to ask .
" So its true.... you're of his blood . Doflamingos blood . I hate him"
He said in a hateful tone . Feeling your heart breaking into pieces , you tried to explain .
" Look law I-"
" No . Dont make excuses . I've had enough of your lies . The only reason im not killing you is because you saved me once and I dont need a psycho warlord hunting me down."
"But I-"
he yelled and you stood frozen . Tears running down your cheeks . He looked at you with pure hatred and stormed off . Your world was fallong apart . You felt weak . This is why you were alone . Everyone left you alone in the end .
You ran into the woods . Not knowing and not caring where you end up .
" You said you'll stay by my side . You said you wont leave me . You said you were here . And yet you were someone just like anyone else. ..."
You yelled at no one sobbing hard .
After a while sitting and crying you felt a presence .
" Whoever you are , get lost"
You said bitterly .
" Fufufu~ why are you crying my dear ? Who made you cry ?"
The voice asked .
" NON OF YOUR DAMN-busi....ness"
You said whispering the last part as you saw a man with short blonde hair and fluffy pink coat sitting on a tree brench .
" D-d-doflamingo...."
You managed to say . His presence was strong enough to leave you speechless .
He jumped down the tree , landing on the land slowly .
" Fufufufufufu~ hellooow there~~"
He sang towering over you . He was tall , very tall , way taller than you .
" How is my sweet little niece doing ?"
He asked .
《So he knows....》
You thought . But you couldn't talk . You were in his shadow . Sitting on the ground with a scared expression as he towered over you .
" No need to be shy , I wont hurt you~"
He sand again . Your mouth opened trying to talk but no words came out .
" You seem rather in a....sad....state... why dont you join me ? We can go to my mantion and you can rest up and we'll talk about life..."
He said , trying to sound nice and kind but you heard the devil in his voice . But before you could say anything he had picked you up throwing you over his shoulder and was flying up in the sky . Snapping out of your shock , you started yelling .
" Hey let me go , are you crazy you're gonna kill us both . I dont want to come with you ..put me down . Hey im talking to you you stupid fluff ball!!"
You yelled at him . He laughed .
" fufufu~ so you like my coat"
You blushed trying to escape his grip .
You said not even knowing what you're saying .
" Fufufu ~ im just srying to help you . Stop hating me that much . Its heartbreaking ."
He said . By now you couldn't see the island .
" Yeah like you got one"
You muttered puffing your cheeks .
" Why do you think I dont ?"
" duuh...Since you didn't avenge my dad"
You said . He grinned .
《So she doesn't know it was me...》
He thought . You had given up trying . Even if he did let go you would fall into the ocean and die- WAIT!!! YOU COULD FLY !! It wasnt too late so you began struggling again but it was no use . After trying for a long time , you fell asleep .

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