chapter 17.

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"Wake up"
You heard a voice and the next thing you knew was that something cold hit you with a 'woosh' sound . Yup , a cold bucket of water .
" God dammit"
You said sitting up in a jolt . Your eyes winded as you saw marines . And marines everywhere . You were in a tent , untreated .
" Oh , you're awake ."
A new voice said . It was tsuru . Knowing whats awaiting you you sighed and started at her .
" So the HQ ordered your immediate execution . You will be executed in two hours ."
She said . Your eyes winded for a second .
"Tsuru-san.... may I ask you a question ?"
" Leave"
She ordered the marines and they left . Leaving you and her alone .
" Now , we can talk"
She said and set on a chair , crossing her legs .
"D-did you capture doffy ?"
" Yes , we did ."
"C-could I spend the two last hours of my life with him . We dont have to be close , just in the same place so we can talk ?"
You asked with puppy eyes . She smiled . Even tho she didn't knew your relationship , no one knew , and that you are the third corazon ,
" Ill see into it"
She replied and left . You smiled and daydreamed .

"Law !! (Y.n) was captured by the marines !!"
Zoro said . Laws eyes winded .
" And they're gonna execute her"
Zoro said .
" We should save her !"
Everyone yelled . Law chuckled .
" Its ok , everyone sit down . Were not going to save her"
He said with a grin....


You stared as the marines bring doffy to where you were . He was grinning . By tsurus orders they left and garp and tsuru set in the room . She , respecting your privacy , was talking to garp and not paying attention to you . You stared at garp for a minute and bit your lip .
" Fufufu~ we met sooner than expected"
" Yeah , how are you doing? "
You asked .
" Im great !"
"Sorry that I couldn't get two cups of tea , but we can still talk about life , in the two hours I have left ."
You said and he frowned .
" Two hours ? What are you saying ?"
"I.... ill be executed in two hours"
You replied with a toothy smile which caught everyones attention .
Doffy asked and you nodded .
" Its fine , I dont mind dying . I had a nice time living"
You said . He frowned some more and got closer to you . Garp was about to take action but tsuru stopped him .
Doffy sighed sitting next to you and made you lean to him . He was warm .
" Heey , dont go getting sad on good ol' me !! You're the heavenly demon doflamingo ! The asshole only thinking about himself ! So dont do this..."
You said hugging him . He grinned .
《 Whats their relationship ?》
Garp and tsuru thought as they exchanged looks .
" Gather up all of the crew its time to ship out binkses brew~"
You sand and took a deep breath .
" I want to sing the last song of my life . And the song I love the most"
You said .
" How do you even know that song ?"
Doffy asked .
" Dad , and mom used to sing it for me ."
You replied looking at the ceiling . He grinned .
" Oh ? By the way , who's your mother ?"
He asked . You looked at him and shook your head .
" Its not yet time for me to reveal that"
You said .
" Who's your father ?"
Garp asked .
" You'll find out soon..."
You replied . You had a nice peaceful time .
~☆an hour later☆~
Tsuru and fujitora got you to the platform thingy you were going to get executed on .it was more like a big piece of rock , I mean it , like 20 meters or something . There was also broadcasting den den mushis everywhere .
" Wut ? We broadcasting ma death ?"
You asked fujitora and he just nodded . Doffy was outside the tent , too , and he could see the platform . He looked angry and was frowning . Your eyes met , even if he was wearing glasses you could tell , and you smiled at him . His frown loosened and he smiled back .
You set on the platform , getting a comfy position . Not scared a bit .
The den den mushi began broadcasting . Even tho there was still half an hour till the execution .
Two executors stood by your sides as fujitora stood besides them . Sengoku , tsuru and garp were standing under the platform .
"Now , (y.n) Jeagerjaquez , before you die , would you care to explain who you are and tell us your life story ? And any last words ?"
Fujitora spoke in the den den mushi . Tsuru got up and stood next to him . You smiled and nodded . Tsuru put the den den mushi in front of you .

" Is it time yet ?"
" No ."
"Be patient ."
"Hey sorry im late "
"Great you made it !"
"Hey listen she's gonna talk"

~☆back to you☆~
You inhaled a deep breath and began .
" My name , is Donquixote D. (Y.n) .-"
Everyone gasped and whispered .
" D ? Donquixote ?!"
"Wasnt donquixote a tenryuubi once ?"
" Donquixote ?!"
Sengoku asked garp and garp asked
"D ?"
"I , Donquixote D. ( Y.n ) , am the daughter of Donquixote Rosinante , former donquixote pirate , seat of hearts , and navys special forces commander .-"
Everyone gasped again . Sengoku , garp and tsurus jaws dropped .
" R-rosinante..."
Sengoku said .
"-and my mother , known as the black cat from roger pirates , Monkey D. Yuuki ."
"WHAAAAAAAATTTTT ??????!!!!!!"
The whole world yelled . Including garp .
" yuuki.... she was alive ?"
Garp asked himself .

☆flashback ☆
"Garp-san , sorry for your loss"
Marines said and saluted , giving him a report .
'Pirate attacks on goa island , many dead bodies found...............'
"No.... they cant be dead..."
"Im sorry garp , your new born baby and wife have died in the accident"
Semgoku said walking from behind him .
" What about dragon ?"
"It looks like he wasnt in the village"

☆flashback ends☆

"My goal was living life leaving no regrets , I wanted to be remembered . I was seated as the third corazon two years ago . Many just know me as the bunny in the hood . "
You said . Fujitora was frowning amd tsuru was actually giggling .
" I have the support of Donquixote Doflamingo , red haired Shanks and while whitebeard was alive , whitebeard ."
Everyones jaws dropped .
" I am doflamingos successor and by any means all his belongings , including the dressrosa kingdom in mine if he's gone ."
Doffy grinned and clapped for you .
《I cant believe she's a D, and a Monkey D. At that.... world is a small place , fufufufu》
He thought .

" and my last words ? Sure , live your life the way you want so you wont regret anything . Be free . Dont be afraid , fear holds you back . And if you're a pirate . Just as the old mans said , ONE PIECE , IS REAL !"
You said . The two executors got ready to execute you .
" Here comes a mystery , the beginning of a new adventure"
You said and grinned a toothy grin which gave a shock to the wbole world .
"Hihihi , Sorry , im dead"
You grinned wider as the blade was about to hit you.....

Will you die ? Will you survive ? Who is your mysterious mother ?
What are garp and sengoku thinking ? Where is law ? Did he leave you to die ? One way to find out... wait for the next chapter ! XD

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