chapter 30.

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☆readers POV☆

I slowly opened my eyes and as they adjust to the brightness of the world , I can see im in a room . Looks like a hospital . But , what happened? Wait... who am I ?! Where am I ??
And then the memories return , striking me like lightning .
I remember that snake.... my neck.... I can still feel his tongue on it .
I start clawing my nail as tears streamed down my eyes . My actions seems to awaken the person asleep next to my bed .
A boy , with jet black hair and gray eyes . And he has a small goatee . Who is he ?
Oh right.... hes law... wait law!!! law!!!!!
I screamed as I hugged the hell out of him , now sobbing loudly . He slowly rubbed circles on my back , humming in my ear .
" Sssshhh its ok , everything is ok now . Im here for you . Dont worry"
He sings in my ear .
Oh how comforting he is .
Oh how protected I feel.... like.... nothing can get to me...
I smile and close my eyes .
Big mistake .
" Mwahahahaha....."
I hear orochimarus laugh and see his face .
Shotting my eyes open I start to sob again , gripping onto law for dear life . He hugs me tightly , holding me in a strong embrace .
" What is it (y.n)-ya ? Tell me what's making you shake like a leaf in a storm"
He whispered to me .
"L-law..... im scared...."
I choked but managed to say .

I felt his embrace tighten .
" I'll protect you . Im sorry that I wasn't able to protect you the way I should've before . But I will keep you safe , even if it costs me my life"
He spoke softly yet strongly and I calmed down . He got me some food and explained everything that happened and the situation .
"And now that you've woken up , you will be dismissed from the hospital and we can go to where we are staying for now"
He said .

~☆time skip , at the hokages place☆~
"We're staying here ?"
I asked .
" Yes . Tsunade-ya said we can stsy here . Apparently they have guest rooms in this place . And she will be placing a shield on your curse later"
He said eying me softly . I nodded . Once we were in our room ,
"Law , I-im gonna go take a shower"
I said and ran into the bathroom . Falling to the ground with my back against the door , I clawed the ground as I cried my eyes out . After I was a bit calmer , I tyrned on the shower and stepped in . The warm water felt like heaven against my weak, tortured body . As I was washing my body , I came to my neck and relived that scene all over again . It was stuck in my head . It disgusted me . I started scrubbing my neck as I bit my lip hardly so no sobs would escape my mouth .
This is a living hell.....

~☆writers POV☆~

You got out of the shower , tired of all the crying . You dressed up and threw yourself into the comfy welcoming bed . Law wasn't in the room . You wondered where he is but your eyes closed and you fell asleep .

"Come back here little doll..."
Orochimaru sang as you kept running in the dark dimension . He was on your trail . Like , whatever you would do to run away was no use . As you were cornered , he slowly walked towards you with a grin . Suddenly everywhere was full of snakes . They attacked you and bit you but all you could do was cry and scream for help .
"Oh (y.n).... you know.... there's no one else here besides us... dont ruin your sweet voice... oh (y.n).... oh my sweet little (y.n)...."

You gasped loudly , seeking air as you jolted awake . Law was by your side with a worried expression .
" (y.n)-ya...."
He said and hugged you , putting his chin on your head .
" Its ok.... let it all out..."
He said . Like that was the cue , you sobbed uncontrollably in his chest as he stroked your beautiful silky hair . He had pain in his eyes....
" Tell me... im listening . What exactly makes you like this ?"
He asked you softly , kissing your forehead gently .
" L-law...."
You cried his name looking up at him .
" I.... I can still feel his disgusting touch , his tongue on my neck.... his devilish laugh in my ear.... I feel disgusting law!! I feel like trash!!"
You sobbed gripping onto his shirt and pulling him even closer . Like you both wanted to merge your bodies and become one . Your love was too great . Law frowned lightly , looking at your weak helpless form . He took a deep breath tightening his hug and kissed your cheek .
" Tell me , where did he touch you ? Let me erase his touch as you tell me what's bothering you , my sweet little angel"
He whispered in your ear . You pointed to your neck and he started placing butterfly kisses on it . It felt like laws kisses were washing away the evil he had placed on you .
" I.... whenever I close my eyes , I see him . Whenever I sleep , he hurts me , hunting me down . Whoever I look at , looks like him but when I blink I realize its not him . Law! Im scared of him! I was never this frightened before..."
You said as ke kept kissing you and massaging your pained body .
"I, no, we are all here to protect you . Me , luffy , zoro , fluffy flamingo, even the ninja from here ."
He said . You giggled at the nickname he gave doffy .
" Law.... thank you"
You whispered .
" I love you"
He said and gently captured your lips .
He was your hero .
He was your savior .
He was your love .
He was trafalgar law. ....
Your undefeatable guardian angel....

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 You are all awesome ♡

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