chapter 40.

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Get ready for some feelz xD

You took a deep breath sheathing your sword and walking towards law as he fell to the ground blood pooling around him .
" Im sorry for all the trouble I caused you guys...."
You said and untied them .
" When did you got the key ?"
Doffy wondered .
"When I gave him the final blow"
You stood up and helped them up .
" Its ok , im glad you're safe"
Doffy said messing your hair . You looked at law and he was just staring at you .
" Law I-"
He hugged you tightly breathing in your scent .
" (y.n)-ya I thought I lost you..."
He whispered . You smiled and hugged him back closing your eyes .
" You cant get rid of me that easily . I am a donquixote after all...."
You joked . He chuckled pulling away .
" Come on.... lets get out of this island. .."
Law said grabbing your hand as you walked out of the cave you were in .
" Fufufufufufu ~ law , you owe me one"
Doffy reminded law and law froze . You looked at them dumbfounded .
" Huh ?!"
"Fufu ~ you see I-"
"I-its nothing (y.n)-ya.... lets go...."
Law cut doffy and started walking again causing you to get more lost and doffy to laugh his ass off .

~☆time skip☆~

" So thats the story..."
Law said sighing . You had found everyone and were trying to find your way out of the island .
" Shishishi ~ so thats were you disappeared to...."
Luffy said .
" Thank you for everything you did"
A third voice echoed and you all looked around as the island started glowing . You closed your eyes due to the blinding light . When you opened them , you gasped as the island looked different . It looked like heaven! !
Someone called . You turned around and saw the beach and your ship . Everyone was waving for you .
" LETS GO!!"
Luffy cheered .

~☆time skip☆~

" So thats what happened. ..."
Chinjao said stroking his beard .
" yeah a kid named rin told us that we're stuck until you're back..."
Sai said .
" Rin... so he was here too..."
You wondered .
"Lets set sail"
Orlumbus said and you set sail .
" Ugh I can sleep for three days...."
Zoro said .
" Same...."
Everyone agreed .
" Luffy-senpai we will aboard my ship in a while . Rest up until then"
Barto said . You all went to your rooms and crashed exhausted .
" I love you"
Law cooed cuddling you . His tight grip preventing you to breath .
" Cant..... breath."
But noooo he was fast asleep . Soon your eyes started closing , either from exhaustion or lack of oxygen. ....


" Welcome to my ship , the going Luffy-senpai !!"
Barto cheered as you boarded his ship .
"I....I.... never mind"
You sighed .
" it kinda creeps me out that his ship has luffy as its figure head"
Zoro sighed .
Usopp yelled .
" Thank you! Sogeking-senpai!!"
Barto cheered .
"I smell meat!!"
"Yes Luffy-senpai !! Theres a banquet just for you !!"
Barto said .
You sighed and walked away from the crowd .
" Fufufu ~ never liked being somewhere packed did you ?"
Doffy asked creeping behind you .
" Oh hey uncle-chama !! No I dont . My head starts spinning and I cant breath ."
You said . He grinned .
" Its been so long since you called me that "
He was right . It just happened that way . Not that you didn't want to call him that .
" Yeah , you're right ."
You said . Music started playing and everyone started cheering and dancing along .
" Fufufu ~ may I have the honor ?"
Doffy asked , holding out his hand . Your face lit up and you smiled a toothy smile .
" Sure thing!"
You chimed and grabbed his hand .

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