chapter 42.

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"Where are we going law ?!"
I asked giggling trying to not fall as we walked .
" You'll see , just.... dont remove the blindfold! "
He growled playfully as he walked in front of me holding my hands .
" I wont I wont!"
I giggled . We kept walking for a while until law suddenly stopped and I bumped into his back .
" We're here"
He announced and took off my blindfold . I gasped at the sight in front of me .
" My ship!!"
I cheered running to my little ship hugging it . Law laughed at my childishness as I boarded my ship .
"How did you-"
" I bring your ship along . And bepo put it here as they arrived"
He explained . Im guessing he used his powers and probably cut my precious ship to pieces so he could bring it .
" Thank you!!"
I said looking at the water . It was decked at a big beautiful lake .
" Come on!!"
I said walking in . He chuckled following me . The ship was clean with some paw prints on it . Im guessing bepo took care of it for me .
Walking to the secret room I opened the door with shaky hands and walked in .
The familiar scent tickled my nose as I took a deep breath smiling .
My eyes sparkling as I saw my hat and coat .
I screamed happily hugging the coat and hat .
" You love gour coat more than me!"
Law joked and I giggled wearing my coat and hat .
" You look like a mingo cora hybrid! "
Law gulped . I laughed pushing up the sassy shades a bit .
" Well I am from their blood"
I giggled . Law walked to me warping his arms around me as he put his forehead against mine .
" I love you"
He cooed .
" I love you too!"
I smiled and hugged him .
I saw my drawer and broke the hug walking to it . Opening it I grabbed a box and opened it .
" Good I thought I lost you!"
I sighed . Law peeked at the box curiously .
" Some pictures and other precious things . Wanna see ?!"
I chimed happily . He nodded trying to look like he doesn't care . I giggled and took out some of the papers and photos .

" And here , I fell from the tree and hit dad on the face"
I explained laughing . Law had a small smile and was listening carefully , staring at the picture . Me and dad had bumps on out heads as we hit eachother head to head .
" What about that one ?"
He asked pointing at another picture .
"Oh this !! Yea we tried to cook...."
I said giggling . Our faces was black and we were burned .
" Whats with the bumps on your heads ?!"
He asked .
" Mom was definitely NOT happy seeing the kitchen burned down...."
I said making a scared face . Law laughed poking my cheek .

~☆writers POV☆~

Law kept asking you to show him more pictures and you gladly did . As you were struggling to find a picture his eyes catched something . It was a box . Being curious he reached for it and pulled it close . Opening it his eyes widened . It was filled with letters . And the letters had a very intresting stamp on them .
" Flevance city ?!"
He hummed , catching your attention .
"Hm ? Oh yea ! Those are the letters my friend sent me . She was such nice cutie ! Read them if you like but please be careful with them"
You said smiling .
Law grabbed one of the letters .
" Hey I'll be on the deck I'll be back soon you just... go through my stuff"
You pecked his cheek and left . He just hummed in response as you left .

Finding the oldest letter he opened it .

" To you .
Hello stranger! Lets be friends ! I want to have friends from other places besides this town ! Im 5 years old !! Please be my friend! "

The letter said . Law chuckled and opened the next one .

" to my new friend.
Thank you for replying !! You're right im sorry I forgot to mention my name ! my name is lami .
Im so happy you're around my age !
What's your name ?
How does your town look like ?
Is it cold there ?
Im sorry im just very excited"

Laws eyes widened as he stared at the letter , more specifically , the name .
He whispered as his eyes blurred with tears as he remembered that night .
Taking a deep breath he opened the next letter .

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