chapter 9.

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The day was going well . A maid had bring you your lunch and everything was in place . Not knowing what to do you just set in the room reading a book . After a while you heard a knock on the door .
" You can come in whoever you are! "
You said .
" Fufufu~ how are you doing ? Did you had your lunch ?"
Doflamingo asked entering the room and sitting on a chair .
" Yes , thanks ."
You said .
" What is it you're reading there ?~"
He cooed looking at the book in your hand . You closed it and looked at him smiling .
" Its a book where the main character is a villian... the name is dark sky"
(I TOTALLY didn't make that up . Its a novel written by Thomas Edison! #sarcasm)
He grinned .
" So anyway....why am I here again ?"
" I just wanted to meet you and well since you were under so many pressure I brought you here so you can rest...."
He said grinning .
" Uh huh. .. badass glasses you got..."
You smirked . His grin grew wider .
" Well if you needed anything im in my office . Ask anyone to bring you to me . What I have is yours ."
He said and waved lightly with his back facing you walking to the door , leaving the room . You smiled and waved .
《There's something going on behind the scenes but I just cant put my finger on it . I better just hang around . I dont want an angry doflamingo chasing me . Plus they have food here. No no , im not doing this for food...but...the food was so tasty . Then again it could have poison , but yolo , I rather die eating that delicious dont be like mom , use dads logic...》
You thought and laughed .
Walking over to the bathroom you saw a huge bathtub . Your body ached for a nice hot shower . Grinning you took a quick shower and got out of the bathroom , slipping and falling on the ground a few times .
Deciding to check out the castle , you opened the dresser only to stare with your jaw dropped .
You yelled and entered the dresser . Checking out the expensive outfits you were grinning like an idiot (no offense sweeties) .
" I can get used to this quick ..too bad I wont be around for long"
You muttered to yourself .
wearing black shorts with a loose silver shirt on top , you wore high heel silver sandals and put your hair up in a loose bun .
《Law....what are you doing right now? .... oh wait , thats non of my business》
You thought and released a sad sigh .
" Well I might as well enjoy myself for now"
You said cheering up and walked out of your closet. Only to tripping and falling on the bed !
"God dammit"
You said getting up and left the room . All the maids who saw you bowed to you and you were confused about it . You got to the pool .
"Aww how much I wish I could swim..."
You said to yourself . As you were going to walk away someone called you .
" Hey ! Hey hey hey ! Little tramp with (h.c) hair . Who are you and how did you got here ?"
Someone asked . You turned to face them only to see the most disgusting person alive .
" And how dare you call me a tramp ?"
You asked annoyed . Sometimes you could be like doflamingo .
" How dare you speak to me like that you bitch ?"
He yelled and jumped towards you . His sticky liquid got you and you fell on the ground . Only your head was free .
"Behehe ,I'll kill you . How dare you talk to a top executive like that."
He yelled at you .
" top whatever my ass you disgusting old man!"
You yelled back trying to free yourself .

Doffy sat in his office working on important work .
"Behehe ,I'll kill you . How dare you talk to a top executive like that."
He heard trebol yell . A vein popping up and he sighed .
" Probably a stupid rookie ..ill let him handle tha-"
" top whatever my ass you disgusting old man!"
《Hm ?! That's (y.n) s voice.... I better go tell trebol not to mess with her. Fufufufufufu~ that girl...."
He thought and jumped out the window .
"You think I'll let you kill me this easy you dick face ???!!"
You asked anger obvious in your tone.
" What did you call me ???"
He asked . This was too much for him . He could die of a heart attack . No one talked to him like that . Some maids were standing and watching . Non of you noticed doffy standing there laughing .
" Dick. Face. D.I.C.K F.A.C.E . Are you so stupid you can't understand ? Moron , moron you moron , moron....."
(Sing moron like the way miss merry Christmas sang to mr. 4 xD)
"You little..."
"Thats enough. ...Fufufufufufu ~ this is a riot"
Doffy said laughing walking to you .
" behehe Doffyyyy~.....this bitch-"
he barked at trebol .
Both of you were surprised . Non expected him to act this way .
Veins lopped out of doflamingos forehead.
" The girl you have trapped is my late brothers daughter . You were away on a mission so you dont know about the details . Just know this , she is in the same state as I am . So YOU SHOULD RESPECT HER"
He yelled at him raising his voice .
" corazons daughter ? Who cares about that eyesores kid ?"
He said . Before doflamingo could talk you snapped and got out of the sricky liquid with your devil fruit , Moving up you grabbed him by his shoulder , with your katanas tip on his neck .
" Look you sticky piece of shit , I dont care what you say about me . But bad mouth my parents and you will die in the worst way possible . I'll make sure to torture you so bad that satan himself would ask me to stop"
You said with your eyes slightly turning red . Doflamingo laughed and walked to you .
" My dearest , trebol didn't knew what he was talking about . Would you forgive her , for me ?"
He asked so nicely you couldn't say no . Sighing you let go .
"Trebol , apologize"
" sorry my lady..."
He said . You grinned and nodded .
" Fine , whatever ,"
You said grinning with your hands behind your head .
" Fufufu~ my dearest , I'll be waiting for you at dinner . Do as you wish until then and if someone asked you who you are tell them and show them this "
He said and moved his fingers . Strings warped around your wrist and soon it became like a loose white bracelet . You nodded and he flew up in the sky .
《So it wasnt his moonwalk after all , he really can fly...》
You thought. Shooting death glares at trebol you walked away .
" Ugh ! Now I need another shower ."
You said loud enough for him to hear while smelling yourself . You didn't smell or anything but you pretended that way . You walked back to your room and set on your couch studying the bracelet .
" Well these strings cant be cut with a normal sword , thats fore sure ."
You said to yourself and sighed . Laying on the couch , you continued reading your book .
《I really should ask for a chess and a set of cards as soon as I can .》
You thought and grinned .
There was a knock on your door.
" Come in"
You ordered thinking it was doffy but were surprised that it was not . You set up and looked at the girl , putting your book on a coffee table . The girl had long black hair with some curles , a red lipstick , a red maid outfit and dark blue eyes .
" Yes ?"
You asked .
" H-hello my lady , I-i have a message from young master f-for you"
She stuttered .
" First of all cut the my lady crap . Second , who the hell is young master ?"
You asked with a confused cute look . She giggled.
" Well that would be sir doflamingo"
"WHAAAT ?? You guys call that old dude young master ? Hahaha"
You laughed . She barely kept her laughter in .
" So he told me to tell you to dress up for the dinner since all family members are there . And that he's got something important to announce. "
She said .
" Okeey.... "
You sighed . Thinking aboit what could the important announcement be. She was just standing there , looking down and chewing on her lip.
" Is there anything"
"Its baby5"
" Okey, cute name baby5 ; so there anything else? "
You asked . She blushed at the compliment and looked at you . She was hesitant to talk . You sighed .
" Come in, close the door and sit . So we can talk"
She did as told and set besides you .
" So , I've heard that you're cora-sans daughter . Is that really true ?"
" Yes , its true"
" Okey so I dont know if you know this or no and I dont know your relation with young master, but if he hears what im about to say I'll lose my head"
She said trembling in fear . You grabbed her shaking hands .
" Well I cant completely trust you but well you're eyes are nice . So yeah... im not doflamingos ally exactly . Im confused here too..."
You said . Her face lit up .
" Okey I know this will be very suspicious and crazy but I need to do this. I promise im not planning anything"
She said and the next thing you knew you were handcuffed , with sea prism stone .
She taped your mouth .
" I cant let him hear your screamings and cries"
She said and your eyes winded .
《 Screams ? Cries ? Oh crap what is she doing to me ? Torture ? Nah thats not it....Guess I'll find out》
You thought .
" So , do you know about cora-sans and doflamingos relationship ? And about his death ? Do you know anything ?"
You shook your head no .
"So I'll tell you everything , even if I lose my head doing so , I have to."
She said and you nodded in a 'im listening' way .
" So years ago I joined the donquixote family . And there were the executives and top executives.the top executives were each a cards symbol .
Clubs , diamonds , spades and finally hearts. Clubs was pica , spades was trebol , diamond was diamante and heart was corazon . Three of the executives tried to be nice except for the heart . There was another kid named buffalo too. Cora-san hit and smacked us every chance he got and was known to be mute and hated kids . We always pranked him and laughed at him for being so clumsy ."
You couldn't believe it . Your sweet kid loving dad hitting a child ?!
" So there were other kids who joined but left because of cora-san . I now understand why he did it .he didn't hate us . He did that so we would run away and would not get involved with his brother"
She said and you nodded . It made sense .
"So one day came another kid named law-"
Your eyes winded , could it be ?
"-he was doflamingos exact copy . He wanted to destroy the world as much as he could while he had to live"
You gave a questioned look . She smiled .
" He had the amber lead disease (is that what its called ?)"
Your eyes winded , you knew about that sickness . But the law you know wasn't like she was describing him . Or maybe he was ?
" One day we asked about his real name and he said his name was Trafalgar D. Water Law . Cora-san heard that and grabbed law . I saw them talking in an alley but I didnt say anything . It was then that cora-san took law and ran away . Claiming he was trying to find a cure for law"
She said . You remembered your dad and your eyes watered .
" Right after he left , marine attacks on us stopped. So everyone became suspicious. But young master didnt want to distrust his own brother . later on we found out about ope ope no mi and doflamingo called cora-san asking him to eat that fruit after we stole it . There was going to be some trade between marines and a pirate crew who had that fruit. But cora-san went and stole that fruit and fed it to law . Right behind our backs. That annoyed doflamingo so much . Then after doflamingo found out he used his birdcage on the island . But law had gotten away and marines had him . Then we found cora-san. He was already shot afew times . Everyone beat him and in the end....Doflamingo was angry that cora-san had lied to him and betrayed him . No one knew he had a devil fruit . after he said law was free and annoyed doflamingo , he shot him multiple times and killed cora-san . In the very end after cora-sans death we found out he was a marine commander . "
She said . You were going crazy. You were crying and screaming trying to go and kill doflamingo .
" Calm down . You cant beat him in your current state "
She said . You just cried your eyes out and she was hugging you all the time. A long while past and you were calm .promising not to scream she untapped your mouth and took the handcuffs with her special tool since she was a devil fruit user.
" I want to kill him ."
You whispered .she nodded in understanding .
"You cant now. I have a plan."
" Im listening"
You replied .
" So pretend that you're his alley and join him . Find his weaknesses and train hard . Then beat him"
She said . It was logical .you nodded .
" Why did you told me that ? Why did you helped ?"
" I feel bad about all the pranks I did on cora-san and that he cared for us so much . Its like repaying a debt . "
You nodded .
" So im going with your plan , baby 5 . But there are some little changes . Remember , I hate you for no reason"
You said winking . At first she was confused but then got what you mean.
"Now , I need to get ready for dinner . See you then ."
You said . She nodded and stood up and left . You wanted a hot warm bath to calm your mind . You undressed as the bathtub was filling .sitting in you started crying silently . No voice came out of your throat . Like you couldnt talk . You felt like chewing doflamingos throat . But baby5 was right . You couldn't do anything against him now . So you were to go with her plan . Sighing you let your body relax . You still had two hours till dinner . You thought about law .
《So all this time were we talking about the same person , law ?》
You thought. .....

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