chapter 14.

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"Hey violet , its me , I know im late and I need to get to the palace immediately . Could you perhaps manage the ship and the paperwork ?"
You asked viola , the den den mushi smiled .
" Sure thing corazon . I'll be at the port in a minute!"
" A life saver as always"
You replied and hung up .
" Gacha"
" Aww I so love these den den mushis.... they're so cutee~"
You said and grabbed your bag walking to the deck .
" listen up , I have to check in the palace immediately. Im going on ahead . You do as plan . Violet is waiting in the underground port . First mate , you're in charge ."
You said and everuone nodded . You started to fly in high speed going to the palace .
"Hey (y.n) its baby5 , why are you not here yet ?! Many things happened . Hurry up ."
"I know ,I know , im sorry . Im taking the sky path right jow I'll be there as soon as I can"
" Just letting you know everything is going as doffy planned but law is still alive and doffy willbring him here soon ."
You bit your lip .
" Damn.... ill be there as soon as I can..."
You sped up . You've been on the way back for 2 days so you were late .
" This willdrain my energy but I gotta get there"
You said flying in very high speed .

~meanwhile. ...
Doflamingo had beaten up law and had shot him . Now he , fujitora and law were flying to the castle .

~☆in dressrosa☆~
You walked through the halls ofthe castle . You met fujitora in your way and just walked off ignoring him . You had kept the mask on . Entering the told room , you saw doflamingo standing in front of the window . King riku was there too , your eyes winded and he stared at you . You motioned a sign with your gand and he smiled lightly understanding it was you and kept silent all the time . Walking closer you saw law tied to your chair . He saw you and shot you a glare .
" Fufufu~ I see you're back , my sweet angel"
Doffy said and you just gave a nod . Standing besides him leaning to the wall with one of your feet resting against it , you crossed your arms .
" How was kaido doing ?"
《Kaido ?! Who is this girl ?》
You just gave a thumbs up .
《Is she a mute ?》
Law thought again .
" Fufufu , why aren't you talking ? Are you angry or tired ? Did something happened ? "
He asked .
" Why is he tied to 'MY' chair ?"
You asked coldly .
《THAT VOICE....!!!!!》
Law thought eyeing you .
" Fufufu , im sorry my dear , you see , once he was going to be seated as the third corazon"
Doffy replied .
" Yeah that was before you-"
You cut law by kicking him on the face <um , gently ?> .
" We didn't allow you to talk . Know your place , Trafalgar law ."
You said . He looked at you and your heart was aching . You felt like dying . On the other hand Doffy was relieved that you didn't let law finish and didn't found the truth .
" young master , is there any orders for me to do ?"
You asked .

~☆law's POV☆~
I saw the devious grin on doflamingos face disappear and was replaced by a serious frown . Could this girl be....?
" You know I hate it when you call me that , qnd take off that mask I want to see your face after three days-"
He said and the girl moved her hand towards the mask removing it and the hood together .
I gasped . It was her . Those (e.c) eyes , those beautiful lips , that (h.c) hair...
There was no doubt . She didn't even look at me .
" Pardon me , uncle-chama . "
She said smiling a sweet smile and hugging onto doflamingos arm . Why ? Why did the pages turned like this ? Wait.... was she working with him this whole time ?!!! Maybe my first theory I had was right .
"Fufufu , yes there is an important task . You see I need to go take care of.... somethings.... and I need you to guard this man ."
"I understand, I shall accomplish this task with no problems ."
She said . She was different .she was more doflamingo-ish . I... I miss the old (y.n)-ya . The sweet gentle one and not this one , shes an exact copy of doflamingo now.... god how the tables turned its all my fault . I hope mugiwara-ya will be ok .

•●writer's POV●•
Doffy left the room and you set on the edge of the window , looking down at your nails .
" (y.n)-ya-"
" Its corazon"
He was shocked .
" You're still (y.n)-ya to me..."
"The person you knew is no longer , trafalgar law ."
Youstated coldly . Hes hopes fell and he sighed looking down .
" Im sorry.."
"I.... I was an idiot . I didn't ment what I said back then on that day ."
"I dont give a damn"
You replied but inside you wanted to die and burn away . You wanted to burst into tears and hug him , no punch him , no hug him , both maybe ?
So you gave him a cold look .
《Shes gone , the (y.n)-ya I knew is gone . She looks even more beautiful and matured now... the new hair style suits her and her body has formed a more matured form . Yet , her personality is so different from back then .》
He thought . You got up walking to doffys chair , but , as usual , you slipped and faceplanted the ground.
" Fuck I just had to fall"
You growled getting up and sitting on doffys chair .
{Lets say besides♧♢♡♤ seats , there was a joker seat too . Which was doffys. And there was a rule that no one should sit on others chairs , the punishment would be heavy .}
" As I recall there was a rule about seats ."
Law said . Grinning you got a comfy position .
" Not for me , you see I'll be the next joker , doffys successor . And he allows me to do as I wish ,-"
You said then gave a demonic look and grin .
"-even disobey fatal orders"
Law gasped at that .
《I cant believe doffy would do that !!》
He thought .
You looked out the window then walked to law sitting on the handle of your chair .
' listen trafalgar , dont get involved in my plans , and dont talk about my father . Yes I know everything .'
Law heard you say but your lips hadn't moved . Your fingertip was touching his hand. He realized its a telepathy .
What plans ? Whats your game here (y.n)-ya ?? '
' Thats non of your business . After all , we, the donquixote bloodline , are hated by you , right ?'
You replied and he looked sad all of the dudden . When you said that the hurting in your heart was even worse.
'Listen , I apologized . I didn't ment those'
'Sometimes you cant fix a broken heart , even with your devil fruit .'
You say and he remembers. ...


" Is it true ?"
He asked with his hat shadowing his eyes .
" Hm ? Whats true ?"
You asked confused . He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth .
" Is it truth that you are.....Donquixote (Y.n) ???"
He yelled at you . You froze with your mouth hanging open .
" How did you find out ? Who told you that ?!"
You managed to ask .
" So its true.... you're of his blood . Doflamingos blood . I hate him"
He said in a hateful tone . Feeling your heart breaking into pieces , you tried to explain .
" Look law I-"
" No . Dont make excuses . I've had enough of your lies . The only reason im not killing you is because you saved me once and I dont need a psycho warlord hunting me down."
"But I-"
he yelled and you stood frozen . Tears running down your cheeks .
" Youre just a selfish girl who enjoys hurting others , a psycho sadistic girl just like doflamingo . You shoukd just go die . Your whole being is a threat to this world ."
He said and you gasped followed by a sob .
" Law im not-"
" Dont even try to find an excuse you lying selfish bastard . Im done with you , I never even want to see that disgusting face of yours ."
"Y-youre ending everything like this ?!"
You asked wide eyes .
" There never was anytging to begin with ."
He replied .
" I hate you "
He said then looked at you with pure hatred and stormed off .
~☆flashback ends☆~

'So law , the best thing you can to for me is to stay the hell away'
Good thing , or maybe bad thing , was that you were behind he couldnt see the tear that rolled down your eye .
'I came here to save you .I-'
'I dont need saving . I was always alone and managed to get this far . I dont need anyone . Were done here .'
You stood up and walked to doffys chair , sitting there and reading a book you had in your bag .
《I screwed big time . Good job law , good job》
He thought. You were reading so you could distract yourself and hold in the tears . He looked at your book .
'The storm in the night'
It had written on it .
Half an hour later doffy came back .
" Fufufu , violet betrayed us and helped the mugiwara crew , black leg sanji . Shes helping them . I sent mens to get rid of her . And the trap to lure in the mugiwara worked perfectly ."
He said and you nodded , getting up .
" Great . You truely are a mastermind"
" Fufu thanks dear , you are just like me . Dont get up , just sit there and relax"
He replied .
" I cant believe you actually have a soft spot , joker"
" Fufufu , you see this girl here is my treasure"
He said grinning . You actually blushed at that .
Then the minions said luffy was in the castle and was clawing his way to where you are .
Doffy yelled looking at the screen . You chuckled and so did law .
A while later , all the dolls had turned to normal and doffy was angry to death .
《Yess!! The operation was a success!》
You thought and then a guy attacked and cut doffys head off . You knew it was a clone so you didn't budge . Then came luffy and viola . Luffy and the other guy were about to attack you but viola signed not to .
King riku who was there , was very happy . And the guy you didn't knew was named kyros . You teleported away knowing doffy could handle that as he had told you . Your mission was to order formations and send people after the targets , which you did the formation greatly but left a hint and a space where they could run away or defeat the enemy .

《Things are going well except that doffy has law.... well I'll just have to find a way around it...》
You thought but then everything went black....
"Behehehe , I got her"
Was thelast thing you heard....

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