chapter 5.

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"We should reach the island today"
You told law . He nodded .
The sun was shining and seagulls were singing . You sighed and started walking to your room .
" im gonna change , so dont come in"
You said . He smirked and nodded .

Standing in front of your dresser , you picked a pair of long black skinny jeans with hot pink hearts printed on parts of it . Mostly on the thighs . And a long sleeved white shirt . You were thinking if you should wear your trademark hat and coat or not .

《What if I had to fight ? I dont want them to get damaged... then again since im a logia things will be ok right ?》
You thought to yourself as you heard a knock on the door .
" You can come in"
You said as you started to brush your hair .

"(Y.n)-ya the weather is getting colder . And its getting cloudy . Its gonna snow soon"
He said . You nodded as you had a troubled look .
" Is everything ok ?"
He asked . You sighed and turned around , facing him as he set on the couch . You were hesitant to talk .
" You can tell me . I dont care and dont judge"
He informed coldly . You sighed again.

" Theres a coat and a hat I have... they're like...trademark and they are my treasure . So I was thinking if I should wear them or not , since there might be fighting ahead... and I dont want them to receive any damage"
You said feeling much better . He chuckled .
" Well then just be careful so you wont ruin them , since you're so clumsy"
He said taking a deep breath with his hands behind his head and closed his eyes . You blushed and puffed your cheeks .

" Rude..."
You said and walked towards your secret room where all the things that were precious to you were . You opened the secret door and turned your head looking at him from your shoulder . He felt your glare and opened an eye . Looking un-amused.

"Tell anyone about this room or pull something funny and there wont be even bones left from you."
You told him sounding very serious . He chuckled .
" Scary...- dont worry . im not intrested in your hidden room"
He replied and closed his eye with his trademark smirk on his lips .
You closed the door behind you .

Looking at your coat you hugged it with watery eyes .
" daddy....I miss you..."
You sobbed silently in it . Changing your mind you just hugged the coat and then left the room .
" Hmph ? Changed your mind ?"
Law asked as he saw you coming out of the secret room the way you went in .
" Yeah...its better this way..."
You said looking down . He smiled lightly .

" I can hear the island . Were close"
You said wearing a black long coat with fluffy collar with your jolly roger printed on its tail in blue. And wore a matching blue scarf around your neck .
《That jolly roger....its so familiar. it cant be its just a coincidence .》
Law thought and rubbed his temples as you prepared to drop anchor .

" (y.n)-ya once we get there I'll just find a boat and go to the star island so you wont have to change your course ."
He said . You giggled .
" Silly , in the end we will all end up in sabaody . So its nothing . I cant leave a devil fruit user in the ocean with a boat! Who do you think I am ? Satan ?"
You laughed .

He chuckled at your silliness and nodded . Walking to the front of your ship , you tripped and fell down on your face . Law smiled to himself remembering cora-san and how much you resemble him .

~•●time skip brought to you by sanji nosebleeding●•~

You reached the town after a long cold walk . You asked people how much till the log pose sets and all replied one week!
"So we'll be leaving in three days . Well I can handle that..."
You said . Law looked at you raising an eyebrow .

" they said one week till the log pose sets ."
" I know , three days that is..."
You said giggling . He was confused.
" A week is seven days"
" So what ? You think I dont know ?!?!"
" Then stop saying three days ."
He said annoyed .

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