chapter 28.

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"And then I can......... tell him that........"
You could hear someone talk , their voice sent shivers down your spine . You tried to move but you were tied up . As your eyes adjusted to the light, you saw two figures . A black haired male , a silver haired male .
" What are you doing? Where am I ?"
You asked weakly .
" Oh you are awake , how perfect . Oh nothing much.... I was just thinking about. ...mmm.... stealing your body?"
Orochimaru said like he was questioning himself . Your eyes widened .
" In order to stay young and strong , he changes bodies , possessing the body of a young vessel"
You remembered laws saying and you looked at him with fear .
" Law would never let you do that!"
You yelled at him, pulling on the chains . As tears ran out of your eyes .
"Why am I so weak?"
You asked yourself and he laughed .
" I injected a little something in your body thats all~ it would help with the transmission ."
He said . The room you were in was dark . Only a ray of light coming down on you . You were chained to a X like shaft . Thats all you could tell .
" Now, let us begin the experiment"
Orochimaru said licking his lip . Your heart was pounding against your chest as his pale fingers reached your face , pulling the few strands of hair that had fallen on your face behind your ear .
"Hush now...."
He mocked you . You gritted your teeth and tried to break free , only for the chains to cut your flesh .
Steam rose from your wounds as they slowly began to heal .

" Aaaaaw?! Regenerating ?"
He said with a devilish smirk . Coming up close and lick8ng your neck . Boy his tongue was like a snakes . He was a snake....
" Maybe you would feel better if I did this"
He said and there was a poof . As the smoke disappeared your eyes widened .
" feel better ?"
A voice you knew very well said . Law .
" How dare you change into him ?"
You asked disgusted . He grinned and licked your neck , slowly kissing it as you sobbed .
" Too bad you will die ."
He said his breath burning your skin . You tried to break free again but no use .

Just then the door was kicked open .
" (Y.N)-YA!!"
Law yelled bursting through the door , others following right behind him .
" Kabuto."
Orochimaru said and suddenly the ground under law opened up , and they fell into a tube . The tube rose from the ground as the top was now covered . A big capsule made of glass... reminded you of what trebol did to you and you bit your lip .
" Law...."
You choked . Water started filling the capsule .
" What the-!!!"
Doffy said .
" You shouldn't have told me your weakness"
Orochimaru said . They were now useless and kabuto had taken away their weapons . You shifted and moved around , trying to do something to help . Orochimaru licked your neck again .
" Get your hands off her!!!"
Law yelled punching the glass as water was rising . You have never seen him this angry before .
" You're in no position to talk"
Orochimaru said and grinned .
" Lets place the curse"
He said and the next thing you knew , there was a stinging in your neck . He had bitten your neck and now blood was rushing out . You felt like your skin is burning . Starting from the place he bit , spreading into all of your body .
You screamed in pain shuffling the chains .
" (Y.N)!!!!!"
Everyone yelled . The stinging kept getting worse and worse and you couldn't bear it anymore . After what seemed of hours of suffering the pain stopped . You were panting as sweat and tears ran down your face .
" Let her go!!"
Law yelled . They were trying to escape but no use .
" im sorry...."
You said giving him a sad closed eyed smile that made his heart ache .
" Dont say that !!"
He said . The glass was unbreakable and the water was slowly rising .
A mark had appeared on your neck . A curse mark yo be exact .

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER ?!"Doffy yelled

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Doffy yelled . Orochimaru made you take a pill which caused more pain .
" Im going yo take her body . This way with the curse, its easier"
He said and waited .
After a while of extreme pain and suffering the pain had stopped again . And the water was up high , reaching laws torso .
" Now for me to take your body"
Orochimaru said and started preforming some hand signs . Oh whatever they did they couldnt break that glass.... soon enough you felt like crap . Like you were dying and like a demon was trying to possess your body . Well not a demon in this case but orochimaru isn't so far away from it .
You screamed sobbing . Oh how close he was to get your body and you couldn't do a thing....
" Zoro!"
"Got it!"
Law and zoro said . Suddenly zoro grabbed law , lifting him up and out of the water .
" R-room!"
Law said and the blue room appeared .
" Shambles! "
Law said and he was replaced by kabuto . Smart move .
You looked at him and smiled before closing your eyes .

~☆time skip☆~
Law and orochimaru were fighting . Others wrre out of the damned glass and were fighting too . Luffy was fighting sasuke . Doffy kabuto and zoro a guy named suigetsu .
Just then the doors burst open and a blonde kid with 3 whiskers on each side of his face ran inside .
He yelled . After a while of destruction and fighting , orochimaru and others ran away . Leaving the blonde boy behind . Turned out he was a ninja and soon his fellow teammates came to him .
A black haired pale boy named sai , a pink headed girl named sakura , and a brown haired guy , who was their substitute captain named yamato .
" We need to save her! Now!"
Law said cutting the chains and picking you up bridal style . Doffy explained everything to the ninja team and they offered help .
" I need to operate on her , right here right now! "
Law said and everyone followed him in a room which was an operation room .
" Good thing this place is a laboratory"
Law mumbled and wore operation gloves . Sakura had healing jutsu and was helping her while others stayed out of the room , watching them from the window the room had towards the corridor .

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