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So I guess I will give some crossovers . There will probably be
Shingeki no kyojin (attack on titan)
And probably one more anime .
If you haven't watched them , its okey I'll explain some things. And I recommend them .
Don't worry the chapters wont be that long .

So SNK is a world which titans eat humans .humans live inside 3 massive ass walls and have some ways to fight titans .titans only die when struck behind the neck . The main character , Eren , has the power to shift into a titan . There are others with that ability and they call them titan shifters . So I'll explain other things inside the chapters .

Is the crossover okey with you ? If not , I wont do it but I think it would be fun ! Trying new things can be nice . And after the crossover , we return to our orginal story . In the crossover there is lots of fluff and some action .

So ,

Do you want that crossover to happen ? The choice is yours.... comment .

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