chapter 21.

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{Uh.... detailed lemon down the road... if you dont like it skip the lemon . And its my first lemon ever so yeah... sorry if its not good... ALSO , listen to the song while the lemon part comes}

"Heres the food"
Armin and mikasa said , putting trays on the table you were sitting on and set with you . There was also eren , a guy named jean and a guy named connie . Luffy immediately stretched and grabbed a tray . So did everyone else . You stared at your tray . So did law .
"Potato , soup , and b-b-b-bb........"
You looked away in disgust . Doffy laughed .
" Just like rosinante"
He said and law tensed a bit . You grabbed his pinkie finger with your own .
Doffy then grabbed the bread and gave you his potato .
" You dont have to give me your potato . This food is more than enough"
He said and he frowned .
" You will eat all of that or else im shoving this bread in your mouth"
He replied . You and law both turned blue just by thinking of that .
Law stared at his bread like it was his enemy . Zoro chuckled and grabbed it , giving him his potato .
" There there torao , everything is fine"
He said . You ate quite peacefully .
" So, I heard you're a shifter eren-ya ."
Law said . Eren looked at him and nodded .
" How does it feel like to become a titan ? Does your body transform into it or does it cover your body ?"
" Covers my body I guess.... and it feels.... weird"
He said .
" Well I always wanted to see how it felt to be so tall and all , until one day I stood on doflamingos shoulders . Man that was fun!"
You said laughing and everyone looked at doffy . He choke on his food and grinned .
" I thought we came to an agreement (y.n) you weren't supposed to tell this..."
He said and you just realized it . A sweat running down your face , you looked at him as his grinned winded .
" Huh !? I wanna try that too!"
Luffy said and you chuckled . Doffy gritted his teeth frowning .
" Well luffy im sorry . I am 'special' to him as he claims , so thats how I could get that ride . I spent the whole day sitting on his shoulders ."
You said laughing . Law chuckled caressing the back of your hand with his thumb .
" I want to try this 3dmg thingy..."
Zoro said , excited .
" I could teach you"
Mikasa said .
" Me too me too"
Luffy said .
" Mugiwara you can stretch . Thats the same thing!"
Doffy said .
" I... dont mind trying it"
Law said . Trying to act like he doesn't WANT to do it but his acting failed . You giggled .
" Me too"
You and doffy said the same time .
The night was nice and you laughed a lot . After dinner you went to see the library .
Looking at the books you grinned .
" I never thought you read books"
A voice said .
You said happily turning around . But fate slapped you as it was levi , staring at you with his cold gray eyes .
" Oh im sorry . I thought it was law... you two are alike"
You said and he clicked his tongue .
" I dont see any resemblance"
"No no.... except for your height , you're the same"
You said and he gave you a death glare .
{Fun fact : law and levi share the same Japanese voice actor}
" (y.n)-ya here you are"
Law said walking to you .
" Oh hey law~"
You giggled . He chuckled at your cute giggle .
" Brat , I thought I should thank you for treating my leg even tho it wasn't necessary . I dont thank people so be glad"
Levi said and you held your laugh . Law looked at him .
" Its ok . We are staying here after all... I dont like to be deadweight"
He said . You picked up a book and it was dusty so you couldn't see what was written on it . Puffing it , the dust flew up in the air .
" This place is still filthy , it needs more cleaning"
" so much dust...."
Law and levi said at the same time . You giggled .
Levi then left to punish the cadets . You were reading the book when you felt laws arm snake around you .
You blushed and looked at him . He had a smirk on his face which you adored . He closed the distance and captured your lips . You immediately kissed back , warping your arms around his neck . You let out a growl as his hat didn't lwt you play with his soft silky black hair . Oh how he loved the vibration your growl did . Removing his hat , you tangled your fingers in his hair . He sucked and licked your bottom lip , asking for entrance . You smiled in the kiss and opened your mouth . His tongue snuck in , exploring his new territory . A battle of dominance broke out as things were heating up . The lack of oxygen made you to broke the kiss . Panting he looked at you and kissed you again . It was rough but gentle at the same time . Your body was heating up , you wanted more of him and so did he .
Someone clearing their throat brought you to reality . There was jean and eren , with blushed faces .
" C-could you take this elsewhere ? Captain levi ordered us to clean up the library"
Jean said and you blushed .
" Sure thing"
Law said grabbing you by the waist and picking you up bridal style .

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