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●•° TNT Duo/Quackbur Smut °•● by Sunny_TheGhost
●•° TNT Duo/Quackbur Smut °•●by Sunny 😄
This is just quackbur smut and its ALL bottom quackity <3
Kiribaku/Bakushima Oneshots by bc_why_not_be_trash
Kiribaku/Bakushima Oneshotsby blek 😶
I decided to try my luck on fanfiction. I'm sure that the uploading schedule will be wack, but I'll finish. Most of these stories are when everyone is 18+ and no quirks...
Needy Swimmers (Rin x Reader x Nitori lemon/ Free fanfiction) by mahankri
Needy Swimmers (Rin x Reader x Anime_Lovers
WARNING: This is a lemon, which is +18 content. If you don't like then I'd advise you not to read this. Please don't report this fanfiction, there's no need to since I p...
jk thirsty imagines X F! reader by pinguuby
jk thirsty imagines X F! readerby rubie
some thirsty jk imagines for you ;-) new updates every week! This is for female readers so I will be using she/her pronouns. very unholy. ✞ ♡ enjoy.... I advice you to...
Haikyu!! X Reader Lemons by Shotodorokiishot
Haikyu!! X Reader Lemonsby AnimeWh0re
Just me practicing te 𝚕𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗 😌 All of them besides A/n are NSFW Please Enjoy~
Dr. Stone Headcannons/Oneshots by Miss_Infinite21
Dr. Stone Headcannons/Oneshotsby Ms_Infinite21
Characters Ishigami Senku Asagiri Gen Saionji Ukyo Shishio Tsukasa Chrome Hyoga Ryuusui Kinro Ginro Request are open
Dreamy Libero | Noya x female reader | NSFW by shakethatcASSidy
Dreamy Libero | Noya x female shakethatcASSidy
You've gone to Karasuno for 2 years now and ever since you were kids, you were in love your neighbor, Nishinoya. But you were too scared to ever tell him how you felt. ...
bnha x reader oneshots  by softcovet
bnha x reader oneshots by alexxis 🍒
if you're an innocent babe then i advise you don't read these. will include lemon, lime, and others. some soft ones for big uwu hour and some a bit more emotional. chara...
Male!Characters x Top!Male!Reader |One Shots| by sloththesinful
Male!Characters x Top!Male! Sloth
|| requests are closed! | This book is strictly for male characters so please don't request female characters. There are mostly gonna be just anime characters, but if yo...
~clingy boo~   (a tomboo fanfic) by rgsdcfdbdn
~clingy boo~ (a tomboo fanfic)by nameless :D
this book contains: fluff, lime/lemon,mcyt characters (might contain) vlogger language this book dose not contain: smut context: tommy and ranboo live together in ther...
Devilman Crybaby x Reader  by aspoxiel
Devilman Crybaby x Reader by ryo
This is basically just Ryo and Akira unless you request something different!!
A Sinful Collection Of Bakugou Imagines by UnclePeppep
A Sinful Collection Of Bakugou Scuse’ meeeee
🚨WARNING🚨WARNING🚨 🚨WARNING🚨WARNING🚨 🚨WARNING🚨WARNING🚨 Seriously guys, this shit is nAsty and if any of you are triggered by sweaty, rough sex then this isn't fo...
Genshin Males x M! Reader  by mintsloves
Genshin Males x M! Reader by mint
I'm back. Really most of these are what I'd like to see in other stuff like?? photo is @mshkshh on twitter. Most of these are smut cause I like writing it
Male characters x reader 18+ NSFW by xiaosc0ckrider
Male characters x reader 18+ NSFWby Ayaka Kamisato
This is **NOTSFW** if you are under 18 please do NOT interact
k. bakugou oneshots by Charity-
k. bakugou oneshotsby ☁︎☆
🌻 f l u f f 💥 s m u t 🥀 a n g s t 🔥 r e q u e s t s 💋 l i m e y ✨ h e a d c a n n o n s 🗿 s h i t p o s t 🌪 a l t e r n a t e u n i v e r s e THIS WAS MY FIRST EV...
⚠︎︎ ᴛʙʜᴋ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ [ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs] ⚠︎︎  by Laffeyxtaffy
⚠︎︎ ᴛʙʜᴋ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ [ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs] ⚠︎︎ by sɪᴍᴘ<3
hiii!! this is one shots with tbhk characters as you can probably tell. I will be doing - Fluff ☁️ -Lime 🍵 -Lemon 🍋 -Angst 🥀 I will be doing these characters: -Ha...
Stay Beneath Him (Levi x Reader Fanfiction) by UrbanDeity04
Stay Beneath Him (Levi x Reader UrbanDeity
You're honored to work as an intern at Paradis University and strive to earn a spot as a potential teacher. Levi Ackerman, the head of the literature department, is not...
His Mariposa (Camilo Madrigal x Filipina!Reader) by Hfhdbdjsnsjs
His Mariposa (Camilo Madrigal x Ella Wendel
Heneral Luna is dead. With Y/N's father being one of his most trusted men, he flees with his family to a magical safe haven his former colleague mentioned to him. The Ma...
Naruto's Secrets by sunnidae_
Naruto's Secretsby sunnidae_
Naruto, the school loser, is already currently fighting from an intense case of major depressive disorder which he hides with his carefree happy-go-lucky fake persona. ...
Criminal Minds One Shots by qwerdlywize
Criminal Minds One Shotsby Milo Quincy Porter
Book of Criminal Minds one-shots. Some are xReader, some aren't. I've tried to make most of the xReader stories as gender neutral as I can but, unfortunately, sometimes...