chapter 24.

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You set on the roof of the castle , looking at the sky , its been two days and everything felt weird .
It all started on the hunting day....

☆flashie mlashie back xD☆

After you were done hunting , you all returned to the meeting spot . Everyone was there except for 2 . Law and hanji . They returned half an hour late and both looked messy and exhausted , panting . Not to mention they hadn't hunt anything !!

Ignoring it you spent a rather nice day , enjoying the meal or at least tried to . After that you all returned back to the town . You , not wanting to be bothered , were riding behind everyone , a far distance between you . You couls see law and hanji talk but you couldn't hear . Every once in a while doffy would turn and look at you . Good thing you had glasses on so he couldn't see your teary eyes .
" doesn't law love me ? Did he wanted to use me ? Is she better ? I wasn't good enough ?"
You kept asking yourself over and over . Upon returning you disappeared into your room , not answering anyone . And you wondered around like a ghost for two days , and law did not ask what's wrong . You spent the nights staring at the stars and the day looking around . Your insomnia had gotten worse in the past two years .

☆flashback ends ☆
You yet released another sigh and got up , stretching to ease the ache you had in your muscles for laying on the roof all the time .
"Hey ! So you've been here all this time"
Law greeted . He had a serious face and hanji was standing behind him . Your heart ached .
" Law I-"
You started , trying to explain you understand he doesn't love you but he cut you off .
"I did it !! (Y.n) I did it !"
He said quite happily . You were speechless and clueless .
" Did whaaa?!"
You asked .
" I need you to come with me"
He said grabbing your hand . Teleporting you to a laboratory with his 'ROOM' .
" W-whats going oooon ?!"
You asked .
" (y.n) , I've been researching for the past 3 days , trying to find a way to fix your eye , and hanji here helped me . So I was able to create a drug , it's not tested yet but its ready"
He said smiling .
" Well the research he did would take 30 years to accomplish but he did it in 3 days"
Hanji said smiling . Tears gathered in your eye as you covered your mouth .
He has been researching his ass off in order to cure you , and you have been thinking so wrongly of him !
Running to him you hugged him .
" Law , I love you so much"
You said and he chuckled , kissing your forehead gently and whispering in your ear
"I love you too " .
" So I need you to trust me on this one ok ? It might hurt but everything will be ok"
He said and you nodded .
" I trust you ."
You said as he helped you lay on a bed . He took off your glasses and put them on a table .
" This is for your own good"
He said tying you to the bed . He took out a needle , ready to inject you the potion he had made . Oh how you fear that needle . Trying to act tough , you bit your lip . He kissed your arm before injecting the liquid in your body .
Immense pain kicked in and you bit your lip so hard it started bkeeding .
(Something like when zoro took luffys pain . In thriller bark)
The pain was so much your voice was gone . You were trying to scream but no voice was coming out . Law was frowning holding your hand as you crushed his bones from pain . He whispered sweet nothings in your ear and kissed your forehead . Trying to calm you down any way he could .
After a while of living hell , the pain was gone and you were taking short shallow breathes . Your lungs hurt and you reaalized that you had been helding your breath for so long .
"Are you ok ?!"
He asked worried . You gave a small nod .
" Try opening your eye ."
He said and you did so .
Your eye was as good as new , however the scar was left . He untied you and gave you a mirror . Yep , it sure was your own eye . He put your glasses on your head .
" Law I..... thank you!!!"
You yelled hugging the hell out of him . He smiled and hugged back .
" How did you even do that ?!"
"Experiment on titans and eren-ya ."
He said then it kicked in .
He and hanji were experimenting on the hunt day .
"Lets go eat"
He said picking you up bridal style and walking out . You warped your arms around him as he carried you .
" I sure missed my eye . Thank you law"
You said kissing him and he kissed back .
" Anything for you princess"
He cooed and you blushed .
《Princess. ... how cute~》

"So why are your shoes like that mingo ?"
You heard luffy ask doffy as you entered the dining room . You chuckled .
" you dont know luffy ?!"
You said as law set you on the table .
Everyone yelled and you laughed , hugging law .
" My hero cured me"
You said pecking his cheek . He smirked and set next to you with his arm snaked around you .
" So why do you wear that ?"
" he wears those shoes cuz he's a joker luffy"
You said laughing . Doffy chuckled .
" Shes right . "
You laughed . It was a nice day and you sure missed your vision . While trying to cut your carrots , you accidentally cut your finger deeply.
You whined .
" Are you ok ?"
Zoro asked .
" Whats with the steam ?!"
Doffy asked . You looked at your finger . The cut was healing !!
"I told you , now you have regeneration (y.n ) - ya. Even if you lose an arm , it will grow back . However it needs time to regenerate"
He said and you nodded . The room was filled with compliments .
" See I told you to wait"
Doffy whispered to you and you nodded .
After lunch , you and law went to explore around the castle . You were walking happily as law pushed you against a tree , attacking your neck .
" AH! Laaw~"
You moaned .
" I fuckin love you . And I'll love you and you only . Forever . You got that ? So dont go thinking I dont care for you"
He said in your ear and you blushed .
" S-so you realized..."
"Yes , im not blind you know . "
He said chuckling .
" Im sorry I doubted you"
You said warping your arms around his neck and kissing him deeply . He kissed back , his hands roaming your body as you moaned into the kiss .
"God damn you brats !"
You heard a voice . Breaking away you saw levi with a death glare .
" Cant a guy train in peace without hearing your moans ? If you wanna make out go to your rooms . And dont be as loud as last time"
He said and you blushed . His room was across the castle !! Were you that loud ?!
(He just happened to pass by your room dont worry xD)
" Levi-ya you ruined the mood"
Law said pulling you closer , his warm chest making you feel comfortable .
"Tch , whatever , brats"
Levi said before going away .
" He's scary! !"
You shivered and law chuckled .
" Shall we explore the woods some more~?"
He cooed in your ear seductively and you grinned .
" Why not ? Lead the way hot shot"
You said .
Deep inside the woods animals and natures voices were heard . Birds singing , wolves howling , leaves shaking in the wind , the sound of running water, but soon enough the only sound heard was you screaming laws name....

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