chapter 10.

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Standing in your closet with only your towel , you searched for something to wear . You had written a letter for doflamingo and had gave it to baby 5 to deliver it. Since you trusted her the most.
《Hmm what to wear ? Should I wear a dress ? No if I trip it would be embarrassing . Pants and shirt ? No... I really want a dress for a change. ..》
You thought and noticed a long black formal dress .
It was beautiful , simple yet pretty . You wore that and some black high heels , a dark purple fluffy feather scarf on your shoulders loosely.
Did your hair in a (hair style) and doing your make up , you checked yourself in the mirror .
" Perfect"
You said . It was time to go .

(Change the dress if you want . I couldn't find anything better in Google . The color of the scarf is a very dark purple , like rosinantes coat)

 The color of the scarf is a very dark purple , like rosinantes coat)

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(The cloth is matte and not glittery but the design on top remains .)

**************Leaving your room , you noticed the castle was dark , only a road of candles lighting the way

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Leaving your room , you noticed the castle was dark , only a road of candles lighting the way .
《What the hell ? Are they trying to be romantic or something ?》
You thought and giggled . Following the candles , you reached a door , opening it you entered the room . The candles had formed a donquixote jolly roger . Following the candles again , you saw some put together forming the word 'welcome' , following more there was 'to' and 'the' , reaching almost the dining room there was 'donquixote' and further more was 'family' . Almost at the dining room there was the word 'third C♡RAZ♡N' with the O's shaped as smiled to yourself staring at the word corazon .
"Fufufu~ welcome my dear . Shall we go in ?"
A voice you knew and a laughed you actually liked asked from behind you . He walked to you and reached out his hand .
" Sure , uncle doflamingo"
You replied with a sweet innocent smile.
" Fufufu~ you can call me doffy sweetheart" (this should be a doffy x reader xD )
He said patting your head .you grabbed his offering hand giggling and you walked to the dinig hall .
" Fufufu~ you look stunning , I think I need to assign bodyguards for you"
He cooed . You laughed as he opened the door . Letting you enter first , he followed in after you . Everyone else was already sitting in their places . They looked at you too . Your seat was on the left side of doffys . Helping you sit , he set down himself . Maids served the food .
" Sandwich , ma'am ?"
A maid asked . You looked at the sandwiches with pure hatred.
" I hate bread , dont even get it near me"
You muttered . She nodded and quickly went away .
" Fufufu~ just like rosinante I see"
" Yeah I also took dads clumsiness . Tho I've got some of your attitude too"
You said cutting your steak .
" I can see that..."
He replied and tapped his glass with his fork to get everyones attention .
" Tonight , is a special night . Tonight is the night that I'll announce an important thing"
He said standing up .
" This young lady , is my sweet niece . I expect you all to treat her as well as you treat me . "
He said pointing at you . You blushed and smiled . Everyone were shocked . But managed to play it cool .
" she is the princess of dressrosa and will be seated as third corazon"
He continued . Everyone either choked on their food and drinks or gasped .
" But doffy...-"
Trebol whined .
" What , trebol ?"
He asked a vein popping up his forehead .
" You cant do that , she may be a spy or betray you , you cant trust her . Shes just like-"
Doffy raised his voice and trebol shut up .
" Now as I was saying , the old corazon army will be back . I'll personally choose the corazon army ."
He replied . There was a blonde boy with horns who didn't looked happy , not at all . He stared at you and you shot him a death glare and he looked away .
" Now let us celebrate this night"
He said and everyone cheered . Only the top executives and baby5 knew who you were before tonight . But no one knew you were going to walk in your fathers steps and become the third corazon .
After dinner everyone were scattered throughout the hall and were chatting .
" Well hello there miss , you look very breathtaking tonight"
Said a very tall man with long brown wavy hair and blue eyes walking to you . He had a red caped and the collar looked like a flower !
" Umm... thanks I guess..."
You giggled .
" Im one of the top executives , seat of diamonds , I look forward in working with you..."
He said and grabbed a drink .
" Thanks , and you are ?"
" Oh my bad , its diamante ."
" No , diamante"
" Dimaneta"
" Dynamite"
He sighed .
" Seriously of all things you call me dynamite? !"
"Geez , not my fault your name is so difficult"
You said puffing your cheeks . He laughed and drank his drink .
" Diamante! Dont tease her"
A high voice talked from behind you. You were expecting an annoying little girl when you looked back but saw a big guy with a somewhat armor . You thought the person you said that just walked away .
" My name is pica , seat of clubs ."
The big guy spoke with that high pitched voice . Your eyes winded and you barely kept your laughter .
" I wish you luck"
Pica said . Oh boy you couldn't keep all the laughter .
《Please dont talk anymore....please. ...》
You thought looking at pica with your cheeks puffed .
" Look pica you scared her ."
Diamante joked .
" What ? I-"
You exploded from laughter . Diamante went pale realizing why you were laughing and pica got angry .
" Whats with that high voice ? sorry it just took me by surprise. ..hahaha"
You said panting from all the laughter . Pica got redder by the second .
" How dar-"
" But it kinda suits you . Its....cute?"
The last part was like you were questioning yourself . Pica was red , but not from anger anymore . He was blushing !
"Pica are you blushing?~"
Diamante sand .
He responded .
" But pica , wont your enemies make fun of your voice ?"
You asked and he looked down .
" I know , theres a gas that if you inhale can thicken your voice"
You said .
" What gas ?"
Dia (writing diamante is hard so he'll be just dia , kaaay?~) asked.
" I think it was sulfur. not sure , I'll check onto it... if only he was here tho..."
You trailed off...
" Fufufu~ who was here ?"
Doffy asked appearing behind you .
" OH! Uncle doffy . Eh , he's a friend of mine and a scientist ."
"Fufu~ I understand . (Y.n) im so glad that you're getting along with the family-well mostly.... - and that you are helping them..."
He said grinning and shuffled your hair. You smiled at him and hugged him.
" Uncle ya know , you're a fun guy"
You said and he laughed , putting his hands on your shoulders .
" Fufufu~ its nice to hear that from you"
You giggled .
《Only if you knew.... only if you knew how much I love~ you uncle. ...》
You thought and your expression changed into a devilish one in his chest .
《Just you wait till I show you my love》
You grinned . Changing back into the 'sweet' expression , you broke the hug as you smelled sweets .
" Mmm...sweetsss.... yum! Uncle, pica , dynamite , I have some major things to take care off"
You winked and walked to the sweets table .
" you two are soo alike yet soo different doffy"
Dia said .
" Fufu , I know . I like her . She has a free and wild <in a good way> spirit"
He said.

You were eating a big piece of chocolate cake .
《Good I got away , any longer and I could've messed up . If he hadn't killed my dad and lied to me , I would actually like him , even if he's the big bad wolf... but now... things are different》
You thought .
The rest of the night you met everyone and ate lots of things and got to know everyone and ate lots of things and it was a nice night actually . Did I mention you ate lots of yummy food ?

Sorry for the late update but im not doing very well and life sucks.... ill try to update as soon as I can...

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