chapter 3.

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Almost no one knew your name . Your wanted posters name was hellfire . So everyone just knew you as hellfire . It's not that you were keeping your first name a secret tho . Things just happened that way .

While law was fighting , kid's group were spotted too . Eventually they met up .
" Whut ? Your crew left you behind ?"
" No , they followed my orders . Im not a scared cat like you who keeps his people close to protect him"
Law replied calmly . They were fighting marines but navy had the upper hand .
You were laying on a tree branch .
" I thought I told them to get away . Instead they're fighting ."
You said to yourself opening an eye .
" Well , not my-"
You stopped as you detected law getting shot in the shoulder . And with a sea prism stone bullet .
" I better give them a hand . Leaving them indebted is nice"
You said and teleported to your ship . You removed your hat and coat , placing them in their rightful place .
"Now now , I dont want anything to happen to you guys . Stay put till I come back"
You told them and giggled . Then teleported to where the marines and the two supernovas were .
. Law was shot several times and all were sea prism stone bullets . You kinda felt bad for him .
" I thought I told you to stay low and get away"
You said blocking an attack who was aimed at law .
" You.... why are you-"
" Just bored and helping a pirate fellow can do me some good later on"
You said slashing a marine with your katana . It was almost as long as laws .
" Would you let me finish my question ?" He asked irritated .
" Sorry ."
You replied .
" Who the hell are you ? One of his crew ?"
Kidd asked .
" No im not . Im a solitary pirate"
" Solitary.... we only have mihawk and hellfire . You cant be mihawk so you are....."
Kidd was surprised . You gave him a smile and nod . He sneaked his way to you grabbing your waist as law was barely standing .
" Well well , I heard you're quite the beauty . Why dont you and I...mmm... join forces ?"
Kidd purred seductively in your ear . You gave him a grin while shotting a cero at marines .
" Kido , it would've been nice joining forces but im afraid I have some work to do"
You purred back . Only your lips visible to him . Law was annoyed at kidd .
" Too bad"
Kid whispered and everyone continued fighting . You walked to law . Only your lips visible thanks to the cloak . No one knew how you look like . Your wanted poster didn't show your face . Some people thought you're too ugly to show your face . Other thought the opposite .
"Mr. Outlaw , you seem in a bad shape"
" Are you here to mock me ?"
" Not really , I just thought its nice to help ."
You said . Finally the numbers of marine forces were as high as you wanted . You used your conquers haki and mostly everyone passed out . The ones standing where shocked .
" I didnt knew you have that haki"
Kidd said .
" Eustass-ya , I believe you should never underestimate people"
" Says the man who got shot and cant stand"
He replied . Kidds crew took the chance and flew off . Taking a few remaining marines down . Three vice admirals left after them .
" I was doing some research and I crossed something very interesting . The only ones knowing it are standing before you . "
One of the vice admirals said .
" Ohh ? And what was that ?"
You replied ready to kick ass . Law was sitting ,leaning against a tree , he was pretty much beaten up and wounded .
"I was checking the datas of kids births from your generation . And I saw an intresting one ."
He said grinning . The other guy grinned as well .
"A kid girl , born in north blue with famous parents"
" What does it have to do with me ?!"
You asked annoyed .
" Are you sure that's how you want to play , hellfire , no , Jeagerjaquez (y.n) , or rather.....-"
He was obviously teasing you . You gulped . Law was trying to remove the bullets since he couldn't hear you . but it only got worse so he just set there listening with closed eyes , however , he passed out .
" What are you employing at ?"
You asked your voice shaking .
"-Or rather , donquixote (y.n)..."
He said . With that your eyes winded and you gasped loudly .
"H-h-how did you find out . TELL ME , HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ? HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW OF THIS ??"
You said raising your voice slowly .
" we just found out yesterday , so only me and the vice admiral next to me knows about you . We were lucky bumping to you here today . Now we can capture you . we checked the data of your birth . You are marked as dead and the name of your parents aren't told . but everything here matches you ."
He said . A deadly aura surrounded you .
" Im sorry"
You said . they looked at you confused .
" Im afraid now that you know I have to kill you right here right now ."
You said .
" Silly girl you cant take on two of us together"
The other man said . Before they knew it you were attacking . It soon became a heated dangerous battle .
"Your father.... what a shame . I always hated him . Thinking he would have a child and with an infamous person like your mother . Your family is rotten . Your parents are lower than slaves and animals"
They said . That did it . You snapped and attacked them with all you got .
" Dont you dare bad mouth them . They were the best parents I-i could wish for"
You said your voice breaking as tears rolled down your face . One of them took the chance and slashed your back. They were quite strong and were playing dirty . You got beaten up pretty bad but you managed to beat them .
" You are idiots . You couldn't even plot a thing . Rot in hell..."
You said coldly to the corpses as you burned down the data after checking them . However , a feeling told you it wasn't the last time your real name would be mentioned. ...

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