chapter 26.

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"What the hell.... how did this happen again ?!"
You said looking at yourself in the river .
You were now 15 years old .
"Fufufufufufu ~ this is a riot"
Doffy said laughing his ass off .
" I never thought I'd be 15 again"
Law said .
" Ooooowww cooooollll"
Luffy cheered .
Zoro just looked at himself observing everything .
Yes , thats right . You were all 15....
" what have I done to deserve this"
You whined sitting on a rock .
" And we dont know where we are"
Law said sitting next to you , staring at your chest .
" What?"
You asked him .
" Your boobs are smaller...."
He whispered and you blushed , pushing away his face .
" Law this is not the time for that!!"
You said quite embarrassed . He just chuckled and hugged you , resting his chin on your shoulder . His breath tickling your skin .
"So, first of all we should find some people and ask where the hell we are ."
Doflamingo suggested and everyone agreed . Standing up you all started to walk around . Law had his hand snaked around you .

~☆one hour later☆~

" im tired..... why isn't there anyone here....."
You whined as you had walked for one hour straight. But no luck .
As you were to take another step, law pulled you back as something flew past you. Hitting a tree .
" What the actual fuck was that! "
You said and looked at the tree to see it pierced by a shuriken .
Law growled at the direction the shuriken came from .
"You shouldn't wonder around like that. And in my territory. "
A deep voice said as footsteps were heard , with the sound of leafs .
Law pulled you closer somewhat shielding you .
A very pale man appeared from behind the trees. He had silky long black hair with bangs fallen in his face , cat pupiled gold eyes , purple eye shadow and a creepy smile which reminded you of someone...
He was around 180cm and was dressed weirdly .
" Who are you and what do you want ?"
Doffy asked quite angry .
" Calm down now kid ."
The man said .
" Actually. ... we're not kids . Somehow we ended up like this . That guy here is actually 41"
You said pointing at doffy , which he just grinned his creepy grin .
" Oh!? My name is orochimaru ."

"You're creepy"
Luffy said but was hit on the head by zoro .
" Im (y.n)"
"Fufufufufufu ~ Donquixote Doflamingo"
"Yo! Im luffy"
"Tch, roronoa zoro"
You interduced yourselves and orochimaru grinned .
" Where are we ?"
Law asked .
" Outside the leaf village ."
"Is that a village in the new world or grandline maybe ?"
You asked .
" What are those places you are talking about? !"
He asked and you all gasped .
" Were....not home...."
Zoro said .
" We might get stuck here , or keep going around without ever getting back..."
Law said .
" I take it you're not from this world"
"Fufu ~ quite correct"
Doffy replied . Those two were similar in some ways .
"Doesn't he looks like Caesar ?"
You asked . Everyone looked at orochimaru and nodded .
" Yes, they are alike"
Orochimaru licked his lip .
" Why dont you come with me ?"
He asked . Since you didn't had anywhere else you just nodded and followed him....

-×later in his hideout×-

" So you've telling me that we, are in a world filled with ninjas, and you are one of them, and a rouge ninja at that ?"
You asked with sparkling eyes .
" Yes."
He said opening a door and you guys entered .
" Hurry up and fling some shuriken for us!"
"Go stand under a waterfall"
"Show us some ninja arts!"
"Show us some earth release jutsu"
"No show us fire release jutsu"
"No uhh waters better!"
You and luffy said and orochimaru sweat dropped .
" Why are you so obsessed with ninjas ?!"
He asked .
" Every one is a ninja at the heart"
You said with a dramatic face .
"Have you ever gone out with a kunoichi ? (Fem. Ninja)"
You asked .
"Teach yourself how to jump higher using a growing piece of bamboo"
Luffy asked .
" A display of shadow clone eould be nice......"
Law said trying to act like he does not care but well he failed .
"Hide in the ceiling and get pierced by a spear"
Zoro said .
" Take out a scroll and say 'Nin-Nin'!"
Doffy said .
" ninja dont say Nin-Nin. ..."
Orochimaru said .
" THEY DONT?!?!?!?!"
You all yelled .
" Whats with the noise ?"
A boy appeared by the door . He had black hair and black eyes . A serious face and was wielding a katana .
" Sasuke , these are our guests ."
Orochimaru said and explained everything .
"I dont care , keep it down"
He said, more like ordered .

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