Trafalgar law : I love you by toonlunykit
Trafalgar law : I love youby toonlunykit
So-Ming was 6 when she lost everything. Now So-Ming is face to face with the surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law. Law takes her under his wing for now but, will he always b...
  • death
  • robin
  • friends
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Doflamingo x reader by Kuineru
Doflamingo x readerby Charlotte Kuineru
{UNDER CONSTRUCTION!} You're the mother of Joker's son. But he never knew. One day he pays you a little visit only to find out about the baby. What will happen to you an...
  • onepiece
  • trafalgarlaw
  • laog
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(Au! Kidd X Reader X Law) The Nobles And Rebels by Sophabelluca
(Au! Kidd X Reader X Law) The 101FangirlOtaku
Long ago the world was overrun by nature and all of its horrific beasts that ruled the night and haunted the days, the entire planet was coated in dark trees and thorns...
  • eustasskidd
  • violence
  • onepiece
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A. Ninja!? One piece fanfiction crossover.  by RinAresawa
A. Ninja!? One piece fanfiction Rin Aresawa
Shinsa Uchiha was a proud Kunoichi of the leaf village, mourning the loss of her clan, until she came across classified information, that changed her view of the whole e...
  • zoro
  • robin
  • doflamingo
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Law x Luffy The Queen of the Pirates by MoonlightPirate-25
Law x Luffy The Queen of the Moonlight Pirate
Did you ever wondered what would happen if some characters were different gender?Well in this story Law is a female ,every other characters is the same gender .Story is...
  • femlaw
  • trafalgarlaw
  • lawxluffy
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Death can't have her by KuraChan-ya
Death can't have herby KuraChan-ya
A wanderer, a student, a marine, a traveler, and now, a pirate. These are the titles Shiki had once owned. She doesn't care what she is, as long as her precious friend i...
  • ốc
  • onepiece
  • trafalgar
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Dead Beauty (One Piece) by supernatural_addictz
Dead Beauty (One Piece)by supernatural_addictz
She sat there, an almost faux innocence surrounding her tiny body. Then she hears it: A groan - weak and almost inaudible. She stands up, her small feet making their way...
  • law
  • sabo
  • ace
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The heart pirates little treasure by smallanimepiece
The heart pirates little treasureby TK the writer
What if Law had a little sister? Not Lamie but one that was alive but not related to him, I'm here with this little story that I'm writing early in the morning because w...
  • strawhats
  • onepiece
  • adventure
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Tough Love | #WATTYS 2018 by sabrina_d_
Tough Love | #WATTYS 2018by Insomniacpsycho
They met in a church, on a wedding day. Her wedding day. When she got asked to join Straw Hat's pirate crew, she agreed to escape from the unwanted marriage. Little do t...
  • shanks
  • zoro
  • strawhats
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One Piece What If..? // Imagines  by VSphinx
One Piece What If..? // Imagines by sphinx
One Piece What If.. // Imagines imagine if... Luffy was killed by Akainu what if.. the boys got jealous? ________ I have no ownership of One Piece or its characters. ©︎...
  • trafalgarlaw
  • zoro
  • ace
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A Taste ~ Trafalgar Law X Reader by piratequeend
A Taste ~ Trafalgar Law X Readerby PirateQueenD
Life has grown increasingly boring for you over the decades. Nothing seems to interest you anymore. The only excitement came from hunting and that was depressingly brief...
  • killer
  • onepiece
  • vampire
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One piece lemons & Oneshots by King-Under-Erebor
One piece lemons & Oneshotsby Who is Corrupted?
Nothing wrong with running across the east blue seas and venturing in the grand line looking for love right? And who says love can't exist in another place? Another time...
  • sanji
  • doflamingo
  • roronoazoro
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A Heart ♡{ Trafalgar Law X Reader}♡ by Donquixote_Joker
A Heart ♡{ Trafalgar Law X Reader}♡by Łucifer
{On hold, under edit. but I will continue writing . I'm waiting for the new chapters and episodes} ~•●♡●•~ You're Donquixote D. (Y.n) . Daughter of donquixote rosinante...
  • onepiece
  • rosinante
  • reader
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Follow The Glow Worms: Trafalgar Law X Reader by Mama_Panda_13
Follow The Glow Worms: Trafalgar Aliyyah
Your a genius craftsman or should I say craftswoman who finds a cave full of glow worms when you were looking for shelter from a storm. A few years later while visiting...
  • fanfiction
  • surgeonofdeath
  • onepiece
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Anime Wet Dreams by Amane8009
Anime Wet Dreamsby Amane8009
Haha... Because I've been thinking about doing this for awhile. This book will be for random character x reader Lemons. I will not be taking requests at first. I will m...
  • haikyuu
  • yurionice
  • anime
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One Piece x Reader one shots by OtakuFirePhoenix
One Piece x Reader one shotsby Phoenix-Chan
Some Romantic scenarios between you and some One Piece characters. Though, I haven't watched every episode, but I know enough characters to make this, so that's good. An...
  • zoro
  • onepiecexreader
  • fanfiction
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One Piece LEMONS & ONE SHOTS by sircrocodaddy
  • onepiece
  • xreader
  • trafalgarlaw
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One Piece Trash by BleedingSphinx
One Piece Trashby Amira D. Amiga
A book containing One Piece trash specifically fandom trash, the best kind of trash. Basically a collection of things found on the internet, things about One Piece sur...
  • lemon
  • trafalgarlaw
  • nami
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My Captain and I (A One Piece Fanfic: Trafalgar Law) by buncha-evs
My Captain and I (A One Piece m u l t i f a n g i r l
If you were given a chance to wish for something, what would it be? A piece of paper was what it all took for everything to change. . . . Waking up in another dimensio...
  • anime
  • shachi
  • fanfiction
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Instinct Part 2 ( Trafalgar Law x Reader ) by hylianwolfblood
Instinct Part 2 ( Trafalgar Law hylianwolfblood
Please go check out Part 1 before reading!! ^_^ Now that you have your wolf, how will you tame him when you're busy with school? Or will he even let you focus on that? ...
  • anime
  • lawxreader
  • trafalgarlaw
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