chapter 39.

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"(Y.n)-ya.... control yourself! !"
Law said as he kept dodging your attacks . You could hear him but that's all .
" Hihahaha !! Get them , boys!"
(S.n) ordered and two figures came down from the sky . One looking like law and other one like doffy .
They started attacking them . Evenly matched .
" Come back to your sense !!"
Doffy yelled at you . You wanted to reply but all you could do was hear things . Your body didn't listen to you .
" Low , dofi , I'll leave those two to you"
(S.n) said as she grabbed your hand , disappearing .
" (y.n)-ya!!"
Law called after you and tried to follow but his imposter , known as low , stopped him .
A major battle was about to go down .
" Do you think I'll let you take (y.n) away ???"
Doffy growled slashing his imposter, known as dofi . He countered with his own strings .
"And im not letting you interfere with (s.n)s plans"
He said .
Law shambled with a piece of wood , appearing behind low .
" Radio knife"
He said and attacked but law dodged .
" Do you really think I dont know what you're gonna do ?"
Low said kicking law in the stomach .
Meanwhile dofi punched doffy sending him flying .
" We only need 40 minutes . After that your girl is gone forever"
Low said grinning .
" Tch... 40 minutes is planty of time"
Law chuckled getting up .
" Yeah , you're right . Shall we do this ?"
" Yeah. .... its a one time thing ."
Law replied .
" Fufufu ~ I have no intention of teaming up with you again"
Doffy replied and they attacked , grinning .


(S.n) chained your body to the wall .
" In less than 40 minutes you'll become nothing , losing who you are . Enjoy your last 40 minutes while being paralyzed . Fuhahaha"
She laughed walking to a chair .
" Now I'll just wait for their return..."

~☆20 minutes later☆~
" tell me!! What do you mean by that ?!"
Law yelled holding dofi by his shirt .
"Kukuku~ you'll never make it in time....... in 20 minutes she will lose who she is...."
Dofi said .
" Law! Lets go! "
Doflamingo said . Law delivered the last blow and they started their search for you .

'Where am I ? Why am I chained ?'
You wondered . Your memory was fading little by little .
You heard someone yell .
' (y.n)? Whos that ?'
You thought . Two figures came into view .
"(y.n)!! There you are !!"
The taller one called looking at you .
'Am I this (y.n) person they're calling ?'
You thought .
" hahaha ! You're too late"
A third voice came in . Your body started moving on its own , breaking the chains . You attacked the shorter male . He looked shocked .
" (y.n)-ya!!! Pull it together! !"
He begged . You wanted to reply but you couldn't .
'Why cant I control this body ?! Who are these people ?'
You thought as you continued to attack them . They just defended not harming you . At last you delivered a fatal cut to them both and they fell to the ground . Chains warped around them , holding them down .
" Good now come to me, my new body"
The third voice said and you started walking towards the woman standing there .
Your body started glowing , so did hers .
The black haired male yelled .
" Say farewell to your love , trafalgar law"
She said .

'Law.... I heard that name before. ... trafalgar D water law. .... trafal-.... LAW!!!!!'
You remembered . Seeing doffy and law bleeding to death on the ground . You felt like something or rather someone is trying to enter your body .
You fought back but it was hopeless .
" why dont you sleep a bit my dear ?"
The sweet charming voice suggested .
'Thats right.... I just want to sleep...'
You thought closing your eyes .

" Are you going to give up ?"
A voice asked . You shot your eyes open . You were in a beautiful field of flowers . It was dressrosas flower hill .
" Are you really giving up (y.n) ?"
The voice asked again . Turning around you saw a tall man with a black fluffy coat and joker makeup .
" DAD!!"
You cried running to him . Hugging him to death . You both being clumsy you fell to the ground .
" Are you going to give up and let your demon take over ?"
"I dont get it...."
"She is your dark self . And she's trying to take over your body . You'll become nothing if she succeeds . Are you giving up ? Your life , your friends , your family , law.... do you want them to all perish ?"
You said .
" Then defeat your demon and take back what's yours"
He said and disappeared along with the field . Turning into a bright golden light . You reached for him but he was gone .
" I wont let her have her way.... I wont let her take my life and dreams..... I WONT !!"
You yelled . A light rushing out your body and suddenly everything was white .

~☆laws POV☆~
As (s.n) was merging bodies with (y.n) , suddenly (y.n)s body gave off a dark glow .
She yelled . (S.n) screamed and blasted away from her . All I could do was watch as I was trapped in the kairoseki chains .
" You dare to defy me ?"
(S.n) said her eyes glowing .
" Hihahaha~ you dare to mess with me ?"
(Y.n) said . She looked different and her voice had this vibe on it .
To all the bleach watchers : like how ichigo and hichigo have different voices . Right now you sound like hichigo . To non bleach watchers , the vibe is something like this . See how the white haired guys voice is different ?

" Do you really think you can get it your way ? Tch, you try to pull mein the darkness yet I was born and raised in it ."
(Y.n) said and unsheathed her sword .
" You!! How dare you ruin my plans !!"
(S.n) said as her body started glowing .
" You know if you had just listened to me then we wouldn't have all these problems right now.... foolish girl"
Her voice changed . When the glow stopped I saw a tall man standing there .
"I knew you can't be my so called 'dark side'.... just who are you ?"
(Y.n) asked grinning .
" Im someone who has no name . No memories , no body . I just get myself new bodies as my host gets old and I was In desperate need of a new body until you came along"
He said . So he was technically another orochimaru .
" Hah! Dont make me laugh like I'd let you take it so easily ."
(Y.n) laughed and attacked him . He dodged and tried to kick her in the stomach but she appeared behind him like a flash , sending him flying with a kick . She was laughing and enjoying herself .
"You hurt my friends , you put all of us in pain , you used me as your puppet . Now its time to face the consequences. ..."
She grinned . He grabbed his sword .
" You think im going down without a fight ? THINK AGAIN YOU BRAT!"
He yelled at her and they attacked eachother . It was so fast my eyes couldn't keep up . They kept fighting for god knows how long until thay backed away .
" I will take your body at any cost"
"This is the end"
They said and delivered the last blow .
Blood rushed in the air as my eyes widened .

Yeah im such bad person for not updating sooner . Im sorry but I wasn't in my best . I hope you enjoyed and I'll update soon .
Thank you for +6k reads I love you all ♡♡♡
Have this as an apology .

Thank you for +6k reads I love you all ♡♡♡Have this as an apology

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