chapter 41.

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You woke up , groaning in pain .
'Ugh fuck you law , my body hurts from last night....'
You thought flipping a table in your mind . Sneaking to the bathroom you took a relaxing shower and dressed for the day with law still asleep .
'Thats what you get for leaving me sore like this! BLEEEH!!'
You thought and made faces to him as you left the room . Today you would reach zou .
'What a journey it was....'
You thought sighing happily .
Entering the kitchen you saw doffy , robin , barto, Usopp and zoro sitting .
" Morning !"
You chimed happily .
" Morning"
Everyone greeted .
" Fufufu ~ you seem rather happy"
Doffy grinned .
" What ?! Nooo im perfectly normal! "
You cheered .
" Yeaaah sure...."
Doffy looked at you suspiciously .
" (y.n) we were-"
Zoro was cut off by a third voice .
The angry voice yelled out .
"He's up sooner than expected. ..."
You muttered innocently as raging footsteps were heard .
" what did you do ?!?!"
Everyone asked staring at you .
" Wha-! I did nothing ! Absolutely nothing !"
You defended whistling . Finally the footsteps were behind the door . Everyone gulped as the door was shot open with a very angry and frustrated law barging in . There was a moment of silence as everyone stared at law and law stared at you .
law asked .
" I dunno.... "
You shrugged holding in your laughter .
He asked his hair shadowing his eyes .
" Uh.... you ?"
You asked .
He snapped and you started laughing . He was a mess .
" Im out , bye!"
You said and disappeared .
" Oh no you dont !"
Law growled running out the kitchen . Shutting the door behind him as he ran after you . A moment of silence was in the kitchen before everyone bursted out laughing .
" Fufufufufufu ~ did you see his face ?"
Doffy asked .
" Hahahaha that was priceless I wish I had a camera !!"
Zoro laughed .
" Law-senpai looked like a clown !!"
Barto said .
Yes you had given him a little makeover as revenge for your sore body .

Yes you had given him a little makeover as revenge for your sore body

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(I just doodled the extra tattoos or makeups . As I was lazy to draw . Credits to the artist .)

~☆time skip☆~
Law sighed sitting down next to zoro .
" So what happened ?"
Zoro asked opening another sakei bottle .
" Apparently it was her revenge . And I couldn't catch her as she had traps set everywhere !! When did she even do that ?! And how did I not wake up as she was doodling on me ?!"
Law wondered and zoro laughed .
" Dont laugh I had doodles on my butt and thing too...."
Law sighed . Zoro had a shocked expression which turned to laughter as he handed law the bottle . Law drank from it and sighed exhausted . It took forever to rub off the doodles .
" So wheres she now ?"
Zoro asked as law was about to drink some more of his sakei .
You popped up from behind them making law puff out the sakei in his mouth .
" (y.n)-ya...."
He muttered . Before they knew it you had grabbed a bottle of sakei and were sitting up on the mast drinking it .
" Hey that was my sakei! !"
Zoro growled .
" Bleeh~~ marimo~~ now its mine"
You stuck your tongue out at him . Law just chuckled and relaxed .
Zoro yelled at him . Law just chuckled more and they shared a drink .

" Take care~~"
Barto cried as kanjuro drew a dragon and you all set on its back . You waved and the dragon started climbing the giant elephants leg . Tho in the middle of the way kanjuro and kinemon fell off the dragon but the dragon kept climbing . You were chilling leaning on law . The dragon rushed up and just as you rrached the top it turned into a drawing again . Everyone were crying for it while you law doffy and zoro just stared .

~☆time skip cuz I dont want to spoil☆~

So it was decided that you were going to wano with law , zoro , kinemon , kanjuro and raizo who was a ninja of wano . While nami , luffy , brook , chopper and a mink you never learned his name were going to big mom to get back what belongs to them , sanji I mean . But you were still going to stay here for a while . You waved as luffy jumped off the elephants back with others .
"Good luck and take care~"
You sang . You sighed and turned around .
" Lets go meet my crew"
Law said warping his arm around you protectively . You grinned and nodded.
"This here is shachi , then theres penguin and jean bart . And.....-"
Law interduced looking around lost .
" Nice to meet you im (y.n)!"
You chimed .
" We know captain talked a lot about you! "
Penguin cheered earning a death glare from law . You burst out laughing .
" He was depressed after you two got separated"
Shachi whispered loudly .
" ANYway , where's bepo ?"
Law asked changing the subject .
"Bepo ?"
Shachi and penguin asked .
" Bepo ?!"
You echoed .
" Bepo. "
Law repeated .
" Im sorry"
A third voice came in .
" Bepo!!!"
Law shachi and penguin said .
" BEPO!!!!"
You screamed and tackled the fluffy bear to the ground .
" (Y.n)!!!"
He screamed back hugging you as you two rolled on the ground .
" Wait you know eachother ?!"
Shachi asked .
" Captain! Remember when I told you about this pretty lady who saved me when we first met ? This is her !!"
Bepo cheered .
" Agh you've grown so much and you're even more fluffy"
You said hugging him tightly . He hugged back and grinned .
Shachi and penguin yelled and law was observing dumbfounded .
" I missed you so much"
You said .
" Same , thank you for saving me back then . I didn't knew its you who captain loves . Im so happy . Im sorry"
He said . You giggled and got up .
Looking at law you bit your lip in order to not laugh . His face was priceless .

 His face was priceless

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" L-law...."
You choked before bursting with laughter . You hugged him laughing .
" Dammit you look so cute with that expression"
You said pecking his lips . Shachi and penguin had a nosebleed and bepo was grinning .
" (y.n)-ya..... why do you know everyone I do ?"
He whispered . You sighed after your laughter died down .
" Well it was a pleasure meeting you guys"
You said . The duo blushed with bloody tissues up their noses .
" Law... I've been wanting to ask you something for a while now..."
You whispered looking down .
" Im listening ."
He said and shambled you two away . You were currently sitting on a huge tree .
" What happened to my ship and belongings after doffy took me away ?"
You asked afraid of the answer . You would never forgive yourself if your treasure was lost . Law smiled and looked at you .
" They're all here in zou (y.n)-ya . I kept them safe for you ."
Your eyes lit up as you hugged the hell out of him .
"Thanks, I mean it . Those are my treasure"
You whispered as he hugged you back .

I'd do anything for you~

Soooo another chapter done . I hope you enjoyed my lovelies .
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Here's something to make your day ~

Here's something to make your day ~

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