chapter 19.

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Everything was in slow motion .
The blades coming down towards your neck . Law appearing in the middle of the crowd out of nowhere ,
He said and one of the executors was replaced with zoro . He cut down the other executor and cut your chains , leaving you only in your kairoseki handcuffs .
" Shambles"
Law said again and before sengoku could grab you you were gone and replaced with the knocked out executor .
Zoro threw you over his shoulder .
" Lets go ."
Law said and you all were replaced with a boulder .

Law and zoro started running with you on zoros shoulder . Since law had a devil fruit , your handcuffs were a problem .
"Hey I know you.... you're that girl who saved my ass once!"
Zoro commented .
" And you just realized that! "
You said. Luffy joined in .
" Oi , torao , I said my goodbyes , lets go"
He said and looked at you with a serious face . But the serious face didnt last long as he gave you a toothy grin .
" Yo! Wussup coz ?"
He said and you chuckled .
" Im good luffy , im glad you finally met"
You said as ya all kept running , well in your case it was more like being carried like a sack of potatoes .but hey , it was better than nothing .
"Hihihihi , looks like I still have some breathes to take"
You commented . The navy soldiers were running after you . Doflamingo was grinning like the creep he was . You had to pass him to get away .
Fujitora tried to stop you but you escaped with laws room . Appearing next to doffy . You were free , there was nothing stopping you . The only task remaining was getting to the ship . Everyone smiled and looked at eachother . Just when you thought everything was fine , the world proved you wrong .

A lightning striked you and the next thing you knew you were all falling down . All you could see was the color gold around you . You didn't know where you are .
" What the hell happened ?!"
You yelled/asked . There was you , law , zoro , luffy and doffy .
" I dont know but grab onto eachother"
Law said . Your hands being cuffed you couldn't do much . Doffy , um , flew to you and grabbed you tightly . You realized the gold dimension finished and now , well you were falling down the sky .
everyone screamed as you fell . There was tall trees and all you could see was nature , nature and more nature.
Law used his room but you and doffy were out of reach .
" (Y.N)-YA"
He yelled as you fell, at least others landed safely thanks to law .

Doffy changed his position while falling . He was covering you .
You hit the ground but thanks to doffy protecting you , you barely had a scratch . You saw others running to you .
" Are you guys okey ?"
Luffy asked running to you . You got off doffy .
" Yeah , im fine . Uncle. ..... thanks for the safe landing"
You said as he coughed . He was badly injured to begin with .
"-cough- its fine . At least -cough- we're both alive ."
He said . Law took a look at doffy and then looked at you , seeing your worried gaze . Sighing ,
He said and you tensed up .
" L-law.... y-youre not gonna hurt him are you ?"
You asked and he shook his head .
" I wont , I can see your caring look towards him . I dont want to make you hate me more than you already do . Im just helping him ."
He said . Doffy had passed out . You nodded and ran to him , hugging him tightly .
" Silly I dont hate you , the opposite ."
You said blushing . He chuckled , a happy chuckle , and started treating doffy .
" Hey guys , where exactly are we ?"
Zoro asked .
" Shishishi . I dont know but it was fun"
"Yeah since you are RUBBER"
Zoro and luffy argued .
" Alright , we go that way"
Zoro said and you grabbed his arm .
" Hold it sunshine . We all know your sense of direction sucks . Lets stay put for now . And maybe remove this cuffs ?"
You suggested . He blushed but nodded .

After many attempts your and doffys cuffs were off . Doffy had woken up and they were shotting daggers at eachother with law . You sighed .
" Look try to get along , at least while we dont know where we are"
You said . They both released a 'Hmph' and looked away which caused you to giggle and luffy to laugh his ass off .
"But , which way to go ?"
Law asked .
" While falling I fid see a massive ass wall east of here ."
Doffy said .
" Yeah I saw it too"
You replied . Just then an animal like scream catched your ear . A giant , which was naked and looked weird , appeared and attacked you . Everyone scattered .
" Why are you attacking us ? We mean no harm!"
You said but he just screamed and attacked you . Suddenly you couldn't move , frozen on the spot as he was getting closer .
" RUN!"
Everyone yelled but you were in shock .
" Dammit you idiot"
Law said and looked at doffy , he nodded and the next thing you knew , your places were switched with doffy. As you were about to fall , law ran to you and picked you up bridal style . And doffy , He slashed the giant with his strings .
He said as law held you in his arms tightly . Your jaw was shaking and your eyes were teary . The giant regenerated and attacked doffy .
" WHAT ?????!!!!!"
Everyone yelled . Suddenly outta nowhere a light fast thing hit the giant behind the neck and the giant fellto the ground . He , or rather it , was steaming and disappearing .
" The only way to kill a titan Is to cut the back of their necks ."
A voice said and you looked at the trees . Two man were standing there with weird looking weapons . (The pic)
" Who are you ?"
The shorter one asked .
" Uuh , humans?"
Zoro replied and the shortie clicked his tongue .
He had blavk hair with an undercut . Gray eyes with insomnia lines and he was frowning . (Hes the onein the picture up there , levi Ackerman)
The other one was tall , blonde with thick eyebrows and blue eyes .
He looked strong and smart . And more friendly than the shortie .

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