chapter 11.

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~☆what happened between the time doffy kidnapped you and the sabaody arc.☆~
Law had met his crew and everything went fine . They got to sabaody and he met kid and luffy again . All the time he was wishing luffy wouldn't mess up and tell others that they are actually friends but luffys mouth was shut tight. Fighting pacifistas and navy , law and kid got away but luffys crew were separated . Law decided to wait and go to the new world later . But he never ever even a second stopped thinking about you nor stopped feeling guilty . Ace got captured and was about to be executed . Meanwhile you were officially known as third corazon . You were being nice to everyone and finding their weaknesses but you had lost your temper a bit . The pressure was too much and you hated everyone , well mostly , so you got mad at them easily . Doffy liked you so much and you had managed to get pretty close with him and he didn't mind you nor your mistakes . Except for the family , no one knew who was the corazon since you wore a black hood and a bunny mask were just known as "the bunny in the hood" . You had met violet and you two had talked about everything and since you had the same intentions you were close friends . Baby5 was also a very close friend but you acted the opposite with them when others were around . So no one would suspect .
(I feel like a news reporter! XD)
~○so now mini time skip . Before the marineford war○~

A while had passed since you had became the third corazon . You were doing great . The corazon army wasnt done yet . Doffy was choosing the best . Walking to the dining room for breakfast , you were wearing comfy clothes . A (f.c) loose shirt with some comfy (f.c) pants .
"-and I'll take the sky path"
You heard doffy as you walked in the room .
" morning.....Hm ? Are you going somewhere uncle-chama ?(sama+chan=chama)"
"Morning (y.n) . Yes , im going to marineford . There will be a war..."
"War ? With who ?"
" With whitebeard pirates . The fire fist ace is being executed"
He said pointing at the newspaper . With that your heart dropped.
《 it cant be... oh god luffy will go after him too . No one stands a chance against doffy....》
Teares filled your eyes and you ran to the newspaper reading it .
" No...."
You whispered as tears streamed down your face .
"Whats wrong ?!"
Doffy asked .
《I cant go there , its too risky . My Identity may be revealed... one choice left...》
"Uncle. ...this is my first time asking for a favor , a-and I promise it will be the last . But please , promise me in the war , you wont kill anyone . And dont get involved with the war much... I beg you!"
You said staring at him with teary eyes your voice shaking . He sighed and hugged you .
" Fufu~ dont be so hard on yourself. I'll do anything for my family . It is a rather unusual and difficult request but I promise I wont kill anyone and I'll be on the side lines watching ."
He said and patted your head .
《I cant help it , I both love and hate him...》
You thought and smiled , hugging back .
" Thanks uncle-chama , you're the best"
You said and he left the room waving.
Afterwards you ate your breakfast and had a chat with diamante about the new recruits . But you couldn't focus . Apologizing , you left and started walking back to your room . But a girlish laugh interrupted you .
" Hahahaha~ now that the young master it gone , I can kill you"
Told the blonde boy.
" Dellinger...."
You muttered , you two never got along and lets be honest , you HATED him .
With a swift move you were kicked acrossed the hallway . Hitting the wall causing it to crack and caughing up some blood , you stood up .
" I , am very mad right now and I cant guarantee that you will live if you attack me again"
You said very annoyed . He laughed and kept attacking you . You took the fatal hits trying to stay calm . He was going all out at maximum power .
" Aren't you going to attack ?~"
A voice sang in your head .
"I didnt want to do it , but you left me no choice , Dellinger. ..."
You said and gave a scary grin with your eyes turning magenta for a second . Dellinger Attacked and kicked but you dodged it .grabbing his leg , you broke it .
" What are you doing you psycho! "
" YOU , were the one who started this"
You replied . The battle was heating up and you showed your devil fruit powers .
" How dare you attack me ? Do you know who I am ? You SHOULD BOW DOWN BEFORE ME"
You said , shouting the last part while you kicked him on the head , he fell down and hit his head hard , causing his horns to get stuck in the ground and he lost consciousness . You were releasing your anger , sadness , stress and hatred on him .
" fufufu~ I never knew you could be so brutal"
Doffy said walking he you .
" He was just trying to kill me . Do you expect me to invite him to a tea party ?"
You replied . Venom in your voice .
" Not at all . He deserved it since he broke the family rule . Fufufu~"
He sang .
" Anyway why are you still here uncle-chama ?"
You asked with a smile .
" I received something i was waiting for for a long time , and put it in its rightful place . I am leaving now . Now give me my goodbye hug and good luck kiss"
He cooed . You blushed .
" You're so tall I cant even reach your upper body"
You said looking away . He bent down and you hugged him and kissed his cheek .
" Good luck uncle-chama"
You said and walked away . You heard his laugh .
《Maybe if he hadn't killed dad things would've been different . But not now.... law..... what are you doing ? Are you still mad at me ? Im sorry I lied . I didn't knew you hated the donquixote this much...》
You thought as tears filled your eyes .
Entering your room you saw a box on your desk . There was a card to . You read the card .
" a little something for you~
《Its obviously doffy... I hope when I open the box it wont explode》
You thought grabbing the box . Untying the ribbon , you opened it . There was the exact same glasses as doffys but the glass color was dark blue .
You screamed and wore the glasses . It was comfy and felt right . Checking yourself in the mirror you grinned .
" I look like a professional badass!"
You said to yourself . It was time for your training with dia .
" Swordsmanship , dynamite (Dia)
Martial arts , G guy (lao G)
Sniping , pinky (senor pink)
Body building , pica "
You checked with yourself walking to the training hall .
" Just go die bellamy , you cant be an executive"
" Yeah you're a good for nothing"
You heard some people teasing a blonde guy .
You yelled at them walking to them . The went pale and raised thrir hands in defense .
" W-were sorry corazon..."
They said .
" Clean the whole castle top to bottom . I want it spotless and if you cant fulfill my standards then OFF WITH THE HEADS!"
You said shouting the last part .
(I want it spotless , I got that from levi . You were a very clean person . And off with the heads , queen of hearts from alice in Wonderland . You used that so much it was your catch-pharse <is that wut its called ?>)
They said loudly and saluted and ran away . You turned and faced the guy . He looked like a crazy guy but you could tell from his eyes he had a hard life . He had two scars on his face and tanned skin . In his twenties you guessed .
"Im sorry , these guys are a handful"
You said and smiled . He looked somewhat angry .
" haven't seen you before... new recruits or old ones who came back from a mission ?"
You asked . He shook his head .
" Im just a nobody who dreams of being a family member . Haven't seen you too .... you new ?"
" Oh I see... yeah im the new corazon . Donquixote ( Y.n )"
His eyes winded .
" New corazon ? Donquixote ?!"
" Yeaah... I probably shouldn't have said my last name . But well , doffys my uncle . Please dont tell anyone about my last name ok ?"
He shook his head .
" I wont talk dont worry . Its an honor to meet you"
"You dont need to be"
" Bellamy . Im not like doffy . Just be yourself"
You said and winked . He smiled . Looking at the clock you gasped .
" Oh hell im late for training .wanna join ?"
You asked and without waiting for an answer you grabbed his hand and started running .
He replied laughing .
" I cant make it like this"
You whined .
" Tell me the way"
He said as he picked you up . His legs became springs and you looked at him amazed .
" Two lefts and three rights"
You replied and he hopped . In no time you were standing in front of the door .
" I made it ! Thanks bella ! Would you like to come in ?"
" I'd love to but only family members ca-"
You grabbed his arm and pushed open the door .
" You're my guest"
You said and entered . Dragging him behind you .
" You are la-..... why did you bring him here ? Hes not allo-"
" He. Is. My. Guest."
You cut dia . He sighed . You started training and trained for 4 hours . Bellamy joined you too after you asked him . It was a nice day .

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