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chapter 12.

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A few days had passed and doflamingo was back . Walking to his office to meet him and ask about the war , you were nervous kinda .
" Come in (y.n)"
He said before you could knock , your hand freezing mid-air . Sighing you entered the room .
" Welcome back uncle-chama . Im happy you're safe"
You greet andhe laughed .
" Fufufu well thank you . I know why you're here , here take this ."
He said handing you a newspaper .
" Portgas d ace executed by the hands of admiral akainu..... whereabouts of monkey d luffy unknown......"
You froze , this was too much .
" so that lava guy killed ace and rubber guy was pretty sad . Turned out ace was rogers son and luffy was dragons son and garps grandson . Blackbeard killed whitebeard and things were pretty messy..."
Doffy gave you a full report excited kinda .
《I swear I'll kill both that bastard akainu and that ass marshal. ...》
You thought anger building up .
" And we dont know if luffy isalive or no but crocodile and buggy helped jinbe and him escape and delivered their half dead bodies to trafalgar law"
He replied with a grin .
《Law.... he was there too ?! God dammit I should've gone to the battlefield. ... I hate myself... ace... luffy.... law...》
You thought andsighed .
" Thank you uncle , I'll read the full reports later . I'll be in my room..."
You said and left . Holding the paper the full report was written on , you read it on your way back to your room . You didn't notice the group of people coming your way . You were too angry and sad .
"Hey (y.n)-"
You cut Dellinger by smashing his head to the wall , again taking your anger on him .
" Its c.o.r.a.z.o.n to you you worthless piece of shit ."
You growled walking away , leaving the other family members such as baby5 , buffalo , diamante and lao G stare in awe .
" And he just wanted to apologize"
Baby5 mumbled giggling to herself .

Tossing the paper on your desk , you took a deep breath . Trying to calm yourself .
Your devil fruit was the strongest logia , but with great power comes prize to pay... once your thoughts and emotions were unstable , you would lose control over your power and it would get very dangerous . In other words , not always you could use your powers . That was a main reason why you had a katana and were a great swordsman .
Things in your room started to flow in the air and some things were getting crushed .
" Calm yourself (y.n) , calm yourself. .."
You said and tried tocalm down . The pressure was too much . You remembered when you first met ace....


Sitting on your ship you were eating meat , like usual , when you heard a noise from the sea . Walking to the edge of the ship you saw a boy , around your age , on a piece of wood trying to survive and not drown .
" Devil fruits..."
You said laughing and lift him up with your powers . Bringing him to the deck .
" Thanks for saving me?"
He said questioning himself .you giggled .
" No problem . No one wants to drawn at sea"
" Yeah . Im Portgas D Ace . Nice to meet you"
"Im (y.n)..... (y.n) Jeagerjaquez ."
And so he explained that in a fight he was thrown overboard and couldn't get back .
" So whitebeard is your captain... geez that old man can be handful"
" You know him ?"
" I shouldn't have said that , forget it"
So you decided you would take him back to whitebeard . Few hours passed and you were preparing the table for dinner as he was staring at the stars .
" I wonder how luffy is doing..."
He thought , out loud . You looked at him surprised .
" You know luffy ?!?!"
" Yeah hes my little brother , you know him ?"
"B-b-b-brother ???????"
" Yeah we exchanged the cup of sakei ."
"Oh so you're not dragons son ."
And with that you said something you shouldn't had .
" Oops , dont tell him anything and forget bout what I said ."
"Okey but how do you know luffy , (y.n) ?"
" Well luffy is..........."
The waves were creating a peaceful music and everything was calm and--
-nevermind . Ace yelled .
" Yeah its as I said . Thats my life story ."
You said . You had told him some of your life .
" Well since you trusted me , I'll trust you . Im rogers son . Gol D rogers"
The night was pretty and themoon shining fitting the silent-
-nevermind . You yelled at ace . He nodded . And with that you two became close buddy's . You were together for a week before finding whitebeards ship . He greeted you and thanked you for saving one of his sons . Whitebeard knew who you were and had helped you so much , same was with shanks . You spent a day partying with them but then got back on your journey . You and ace talked a lot on den den mushi and even met up a few times .
~'♡flashback ends♡'~
You noticed tears rolling down your face after remembering those memories .
"Old man.....ace.... rest in peace . Marco , Jouza , everyone , be strong"
You wished .

+few days later+
You heard that luffy is alive and well and you were happy . You had learned about what happened in sabaody archipelago . And that he was alone for now . Wishing him well you prepared to start a new day....

+×now we will have the time skip begin...×+

Its been two months since marineford . You were training your ass off . Since you were gone for a long while marines were worried that what you are up to so that means bigger bounty .
" 600 million beli.... geez...."
You said holding the new wanted poster . Doffy laughed .
" I expected no less... fufufu"
" Uncle you seriously gotta stop it . 600million is a lot... bounty hunters will search the moon for me..."
He laughed again .

Its been almost a year . You had learned a lot about doffy and you were a lot stronger . Law had became a shichibukai and he was training his ass off too . You loved him so much yet your heart was still broken . Law was planning to take down doffy and so were you . But non knew about others plans and he didn't even knew you are alive . Luffy was training with Rayleigh and his crewmates were each training somewhere in the world .

Its been almost two years . You now have a bounty of 700 million .
" I dont know , why should my bounty rise when Im disappeared . Why are they raising my bounty ??!!"
"Fufufu , thats because you pose a threat to them..."
He replied and you sighed , feeling comfortable in his fluffy coat . Yes you always wore his coat and he was fine with it . He really did care for you...
Its been more than two years . You heard luffy and law made an alliance and took down Caesar .
" Stupid Caesar. ..."
You said . Yes you knew him from way back . You two were in good terms since you saved his ass from the marines . The tonttatta clan and the one leged soldier were almost ready to fight . Viola always gave you the news . Doffy was planning on using the mera mera no mi to lure luffy and they had a trade with law . You were getting ready to start your plan and stab doffy right in the back . Little did you knew things won't be as you please.....

A quick chapter . Its a timeskip chapter . Next one will be a real one . After more than two years you will meet the man you love again... how will things turn out ? Only I know that and im not spoiling xD

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