important A.N+thank you

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+8.2K READS?!?!?!?!?!
Are my eyes playing tricks on me ?

I never thought I'd even get 1k reads but look at this now!!!! Thank you for reading , commenting , voting and your support .

Now the A.N part .

Im sorry that this wasn't an update .

This story is currently on hold until at least 1 chapter featuring law is aired .
After that I will start writing my mind .
Im sorry , I just , want it to be similar to the manga somewhat . After it shows what law and others are up to I think I cant manage from there .
I apologize .

Meanwhile while you wait , you can read my new law x reader AU! I think its intresting . Give it a shot ;)

And try some of my dear kouhai , White_Raven18 s works .
Give her some love she's great .

I promise to update as soon as the new chapter Im waiting for is out . And if it takes long , I'll stop waiting for it and write down my mind . So I guess it wont take very long time lol . Take care sweeties~

Also , I wanted to thank you all again . You're all awesome ~♡

Have this gif as my apology

Have this gif as my apology

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