chapter 38.

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I walked out the cave taking a deep breath . Surprisingly I was able to get a good rest .
"Hate him...."
A voice echoed .
" Huh ?!"
I turned and looked around to see who talked . But there was no one
"Hate him...."
There it was again . As if someone was whispering to me .
" Lets go (y.n)-ya...."
I heard law and I ran up to him .
" Hey law were you the one whispering something just now?"
I asked .
" No?!"
" Uh never mind im probably hallucinating ."
I said as we all started walking .
" So, where do you think we should look ?"
I asked .
" We should split and search for them ."
Zoro suggested .
I yelled punching him on the head .
" Lets check the areas they were blasted off to...."
Doffy said . We all nodded and started walking . Without having a clue where we are going....

" How's it coming along ?"
"Its going good so far . I already started the plan ."
"Now we just sit back and wait . Make sure you do your best"
"Ugh I know , low ."

You marked a tree .
" This way we'll know the island better"
You said . It was dark but you knew its day .
"Geez why's this island so dark ?"
Zoro whined .
" I dont- ....."
You said rubbing your temple .
" Are you ok (y.n)-ya ?"
"Yes I'm-"
'Kill him!!'
You moaned in pain .
"Whats wrong? "
Law asked .
" Theres this voice in my head which is like my own voice and it makes my head hurt"
You explained . Law gave you a pill and picked you up , giving you a piggyback .
You whispered before drifting to sleep .


I opened my eyes , greeted by a blood red sky and black sun . Gasping I set up , checking my surroundings . I was in the beach . The ocean was a deep blood red .
Not a soul to be seen....
" Hello ?"
I echoed . There was the sound of wings flapping and crows cry . Standing up I walked around .
"Law ?? Doffy ?? Zoro ?? Anyone ??"
I shouted . The silence once again fell upon me . Deciding its best to search for them I started walking into the island . The ground was black like the beachs sand .
'Did they really left me here ?'
I thought . But this place seemed different . After walking some more I heard laughter . It was faint but there .
" Maybe I should go see who's there ? I can ask for info ."
I asked myself walking towards the sound . This place was creeping me out .

After I reached the sound , I saw a girl standing there . Her back was facing me. White hair , white skin and black nails .
" So , you're finally here..."
She spoke . her voice was similar to mine .
" Who are you? Where am I ?"
I asked and she turned around . I gasped . It was the girl from the floating ship . The me with white hair . Hey yellow eyes burning holes into me .
" Who am I ? I am you! Who you truely are!"
She spoke .
" And you are in your inner world , where I will be taking your sanity ."
She said .
(S.n : stands for something similar to your name)
" You may call me (s.n)"
She said grinning . I backed away .
" You taking my sanity ?! Like you could do that!"
I said . She just grinned and approached me slowly .
"Oh I will , and your lover and uncle will help me .everyone is helping me to drive you crazy"
She cooed .
" Nonsense! "
I yelled .
" Why would you defend them when you hate them ?"
"I dont hate them!"
"Oh you do....its because of your uncle that your father was always away , and in the end he killed him . Whos fault was that ? Trafalgar law . They took away all the happiness you could have . And your grandpa giving you the news of your fathers death . Your mother died from sadness . All the misery you have is their fault"
She whispered in my ear .
" No thats not true !! I-"
" 'you are happy ?' Or maybe 'law loves you'?? Pff give it a break hes just using you for hisown good . You will soon realize that my naive little (y.n)...."
She said and disappeared .


Gasping you opened your eyes .
" (y.n)-ya are you ok ??"
Law asked looking at you from over his shoulder .
" Y-yes I-im quite fine"
You stuttered . You saw them different than they really were . Law looked a lot more devilish and so did doffy and others .
" No you're not! "
He said and everyone stopped walking and looked at you .
" whats wrong ?"
Luffy asked .
" im fine really"
You lied . Doflamingo walked to you . Without realizing you pulled back . He frowned .
" Did you had a dream ?"
He asked . You nodded .you felt like crying . He walked closer and patted your head .
" You know you can talk to us katana girl"
Zoro said smirking . Law gave him a glare but let it slip .
" Law could you please put me down ?"
You asked . He nodded and put you down . After a while of walking you guys set down to catch your breath .
" I'll be right back"
You said and walked into the woods .

" Are you coming to realize what I said was true ?"
(S.n)s voice echoed . You looked up and she was standing right in front of you . You backed a step .
" Leave me the fuck alone"
You growled and she just grinned .
" Oh please (y.n) im you . So I cant leave you alone"
She said . Suddenly appearing behind you ,
"You know you have the power to destroy them.... mm, lets avange your father and mother~"
She cooed in your ear .
" Avenge. .....them....."
You replied .something was off , your body felt cold .
"Yes~then we will show them what you are capable of! And conquer the world"
She whispered playing with your hair . Your body was freezing.
" Conquer. ....the world"
You repeated . Not being able to control your self .
" Yes.... now follow me my dear"
She sand reaching out her hand. Without realizing it you reached out to her . Noticing your nails had turned black .
'Let it go'
A voice said in your head as you closed your eyes . Your hand almost reaching hers . But it didn't , as something flew past your hand making you retrieve it .
" What are you doing ??"
It was doffys voice . You looked at him . There was him and law .
" I....I...."
"How did you find her ??"
(S.n) asked . You completely turned and faced themand heard them gasp .
" (y.n)-ya...... I followed you . You never say no to a piggyback from me . Something was off . Whats going on ?"
Law asked .
" I... I dont know. .. law.... lets go home... away from here"
You cried tears wetting your pale cheeks . He gave a soft smile reaching out for you.
" Yeah... lets go...."
As you were about to reach out to him your eyes widened and your body froze . There was (s.n)s laugh .
" Too late!!"
She gave a scream of joy . Your vision became blurry . All you could hear was law shouting your name and (s.n)s devilish laugh.....

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