chapter 45.

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You jumped off the sub and took a deep breath stretching .
" Spring islands are great!"
You cheered.
Doffy couldn't finish his word as you sneezed twice .
"-allergic. ...."
He finished his sentence sighing .
" Ugh I had forgotten about it"
You sneezed again and sniffed .

" I'll give you a shot later"
Law said jumping off the sub.
" WHAT! NO!"
You screamed .
" Why not ?!"
Law asked .
" She hates shots . Shes scared"
Doffy whispered . Law chuckled.
" Really now ?! You take fighting wounds like they're nothing , survive being pierced by a sword , survive a fall and.... and you wont even flinch at any of those ; yet you're scared of a NEEDLE ?!?!"
He smirked . Everyone was looking at you and zoro and kinemon were whispering something .
" This is different . Im not getting a shot no matter what! "
You huffed .

" Oh ? Then , if you were to beat me in the sword fight , we'll have it your way"
Law said .
" But if you lose , we'll have it my way~ and I'll make sure it won't hurt"
He said with a scary creepy face .
"Fine , I accept your challenge"
You grinned.
" Someones confident"
He chuckled .

" lets do it in order . Kinemon first , then zoro then me"
He said .
" Fine with me"
You smiled .
'HAH! Like I dont know you're gonna study my movements . Well , sweetheart , too bad for you'
You thought .

" to make it fair , I will not use my devil fruit . Just a regular sword fight"
You said standing in an open area .
"fair . Lets get this started"
Kinemon said .

You smiled and grabbed the warped up nodachi

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You smiled and grabbed the warped up nodachi . Unwarping it.
" Its been a while , Reito jigoku"
You said and unsheathed the nodachi . Everyones jaws dropped .
They said quite shocked .
" How did you get your hands on a legendary sword like that ?"
Kinemon asked launching at you . You blocked him .
" thats personal. I might tell you if you win"
You hummed and pushed him back.
" Then I shall win!"
He said and kept attacking you . You just dodged or blocked him .
" You're on defense ; afraid to lose ?"
He spoke .
" nah , just checking how much you know . Show me what you got"
You said . He took out his other sword slashing you . You jumped up high dodging it .
" You're wide open"
He said and delivered another X slash with both sword which you blocked .
" What makes you think that ?! You're the one wide open! "
You said and slide your sword against his , finding the weak point and pushing his swords apart .
It took him by surprise and as he was thinking what to do you pointed the sword at his heart .
" Kinemon! "
Momo called worried .
" unfortunately , it wasn't a real sword fight , you're a careful samurai . Not revealing your techniques"
You hummed and retreated your sword .
" yes I was just testing your sword skills . Im impressed . That nodachi has a katana , they're a set . Reito jigoku and Shakunetsu tengoku . Those two are cursed black blades . Some say they can rival the best swords , like sacred black blade yoru "
He said .
Zoro said walking to you cheerfully . He was obviously excited .
"Thanks, kinemon ."
You said and walked towards a box which was next to law . He grinned and you winked at him .
Opening the bod you took out another sword .
Kinemon and kanjuro yelled .
" Well obviously , in the past two years I perfected my dual weild"
You smiled .

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