chapter 4.

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~☆laws POV ☆~

I opened my eyes feeling a stinging in my leg . I flinched and growled as pain rushed through my body .
"Hold still tough guy , im just trying to help"
A voice said . I looked down to see the girl from before , still with her cloak , removing a bullet from my leg carefully while her hands were shaking .

My vision was blury . I looked at my wounds . I was shot seven times , meaning seven bullets . Three of them were removed . I put my head back on the pillow looking at the ceiling.
"Did you treat my wounds hellfire-ya ?"

《Stupid ! Of course she did . Is there anyone else here trying to remove a bullet from me ?》
I thought and mentally facepalmed .

" Yes I did . Sorry if it hurts . I didn't had any pain killers and the effect of my spell is going off"
She replied . As she carefully put the bullet next to the other three and sighed.
I blacked out again .

~☆a while later (writers POV)☆~

Law opened his eyes seeing you removing the bullet in his shoulder . It was pretty close to his heart and you were pretty careful .
" Why dont you use your hands more ? Instead of the pens ?"
Law asked . You jumped slightly .
" You're up ! Well im a devil fruit user so I cant touch that bullet"
" Oh yea I remember you appearing out of nowhere . But my memory is hazy..."
He said .

" Yeah you were half conscious so its normal ."
You finally removed the last bullet and took a deep breath .
" Are you ok ?"
You asked .
" Yeah thanks"
He replied .
" Im.......gla...d"
You said your voice fading as your vision became blury and you fell down . He catched you in one swift move .
"Hellfire-ya !!"

He said loudly . It was then that he saw the state you were in . Broken bones , bruises , fresh scars and wounds bleeding....
" Why didn't you treat yourself first ?!"
He asked the half-conscious you as he held you in his arms .
"I...couldn't leave that...."
You said weakly.
" God dammit woman !!!"
He told you a little angry and put you in bed .
" room"
Was the last thing you heard before blacking out .

~•●time skip cuz i dont know bout treatment and doctor stuff {brought to you by zoro snoring}●•~

《Shes tough , staying conscious after those horrible wounds while bleeding . And treating someone else with an almost broken arm... I wonder how she looks like ?》
Law thought . He had respected your privacy and hadn't removed the cloak away from your face .

You slowly regained consciousness and open your eyes , blinking a few times till you got used to the light .
" I see you're awake , hellfire-ya"
You heard law say .
" yes , thanks for the help"
You replied politely .

" Its fine but you really shouldn't trust others so easy . I could have killed you"
He said with his hands behind his head , sitting on your couch .
" Your eyes"
You said .
" What ?"
" Your eyes..... theyre not the eyes of someone wbo would kill me . You're not a ruthless scum . I can see it in your eyes"
You replied trying to get up but failed.

" Hold it! Youre not leaving the bed . Doctors orders . You're lucky youre alive"
He said . You gave him a bitter smile .
" I've seen worse. .."
Was all you said . You looked at you surprised then sighed .
"By the way Hellfire-ya-"
" Its (y.n)"

He looked at you and smirked .
" Okey , (y.n)-ya , I couldn't find your log pose so right now we're in the middle of the ocean ."
He said . You giggled and took of your cloak slowly . Pain rushing over your body . Law looked at you with wide open eyes .

《Those (e.c) eyes.... that (h.c) hair.... with that blonde part of it (if you're already blonde you got a point for looking like rosinante , so you can choose another color for the part of your hair who has a different color than the rest , and if you have brown eyes then you have another point for looking like rosinante .) They remind me of something... but I cant remember . That smile....that face....》
Then he stopped spacing out when he saw you removing a necklace who looked like a compose/log pose .

" Whats that ?"
" Oh this is the thing I use as log pose . My dad gave it to me when I was a kid . It was his . So yea , once you get the hang of it its the best logpose in the whole world . I mean it , its a rare thing and it precious so please take care of it"
You said . He nodded and took it . Its energy was nice and familiar.

"Dont worry (y.n)-ya , ill be careful"
" The island its pointing to is a winter island named saa ."
" My crew will go to the summer island called star ."
" If we go to saa , the logpose will set for star . So you'll be on track again"
He nodded and left the room to set the course . You fell asleep exhausted .

~☆time skip brought to you by bepo apologizing☆~

It was around midnight . You woke up and saw law asleep on the couch .
《How cute . Hes like a little cat》
You thought and giggled . You walked to the deck and stared at the sky .
You remembered what your dad used to tell you .

" listen , if oneday you were left all alone . Remember the stars are watching you . Once someone dies they become a shining star in the sky , watching over their loved ones , waiting for their arrivals . So then they can watch the time pass together . So whenever you feel alone remember I'll be watching over you if dead , and if alive I'll be thinking of you staring at the same asky and stars...."
You remembered him say that all the time .

Sighing you took out a cigarette .
(Smoking is bad , dont smoke reader-chan . But in the story , youre so like rosi so yeah... you smoke once in a while . No offense)
You lit the cigarette almost setting your hair on fire . Giggling as you remembered your dad , you took a long drag and exhaled the smoke .
" Didn't knew you smoke.....aaand that you're clumsy?"
Law said walking to the deck , chuckling .

" Oh hey , yeah I smoke sometimes . So why are yo-"
you started walking to him but then you slipped .
you yelled whisper falling down on your back with your legs hanging on the air . Since you were clumsy you always wore pants .
" god dammit"
You cursed .

Law was frozen as the scene was just too familiar . You got up cursing under your breath and fixed your clothes .
" first you disobey me and walk around . Then you go and smoke , knowing its bad for your health and then fall on your wounded back ? You are a troublesome patient (y.n)-ya..."
He said with his famous smirk . You puffed your cheeks getting up and that made him chuckle .

" Blame my clumsiness on---"
You stopped . He looked at you .
" Hm ? Whats wrong ?"
" I shouldn't have said that . Forget what I said..."
You said looking down sadly...
" Is there something bothering you that you cant tell (y.n.)-ya ?"
" Y-yeah... I'm sorry..."
You whispered . He sighed .

" Its ok . Im not gonna invade your privacy ."
" Thanks for understanding"
" Its ok... why dont you sleep ?"
He asked , kindly yet coldly .
" I-i cant sleep... I have insomnia"
You confessed . He knew what you're saying well , too well .
"I see... well at least try to rest. "
He said taking one of your cigarettes and your lighter . He lit the cigarette and started smoking .

" Dr. Law , you shouldn't smoke . "
You said laughing . He chuckled .
" I started smoking at a young age and I know the consequences . I started smoking after I lost someone dear to me..."
He said staring at the burning cigarette .
" Oh... the same happened to me..."
You sighed .

" (y.n)-ya , you're a good person and you remind me of two people I know . One my savior and one my........friend"
" Its an honor hearing that"
You said giving him a big toothy smile .


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