chapter 33.

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You opened your eyes as you heard someone call laws name , your vision blury .
" Ugh... what happened ?!"
You asked . Your voice sounded weird. ....
Putting a hand on your aching head you sighed . Why did you felt so different .you slowly set up and-
You screamed with the manly voice you had !! . The one sitting by your side jumped back .
"Trafalgar what the fuck is wrong with you !!!"
Bartolomeo asked .
" What ?! Im not law !! Im (y.n)!!!"
You screamed . The others were still unconscious . But with the loud noises you were making they woke up .
" What do you mean you're not trafalgar ? You lost it ?"
Barto asked .
" Who are you having a conversation with , crest head-ya"
You heard your voice and your body set up with her hand on your head .
(Here for now I put the characters according to the body they're occupying .)
" Fufufu ~ why are you waking me up like this law ?"
Luffy spoke . That laughing style obviously wasnt his .
" Sanji.....meat...."
Zoro spoke .
" Keep it down im trying to sleep ."
doffy spoke . Everyone had their eyes closed . Once they realized what's going on ,
You all yelled as you all stood on your feet .
Everyone yelled . Yes , you had switched bodies .
You were in laws body .
Law was in your body .
Zoro was in doffys body .
Luffy was in zoros body .
Doffy was in luffys body .
"Hey ! Its crest head guy ! We're back !!"
Luffy cheered . Oh how weird it sounded when zoro said that....
" Oi luffy ! Stop being weird !!"
Zoro said crossing his arms . Hearing that from doffys voice was awful .
" Fufufufufufu ~ this is a riot !!"
Doffy said grinning a mad grin . Oh god luffy would be creepy if he was like that !
(And from now on I go by the character inside the host)
You yelled . Clearing your throat .
" I feel weird . I feel so tall . This is awful"
Zoro said . You laughed and walked to doffy , squeezing his cheeks .
" How does it feel like to be in normal height ?"
You asked and he frowned , but no veins popped up which made you laugh .
You laughed tears forming in your eyes as you rolled on the ground .
" Seeing torao act like that is weird"
Zoro said and luffy laughed along with you . Poor barto was dumbfounded .
" Fufufu ~ this is going to be fun"
Doffy said .
" But how will we change back ?"
Law asked , blushing that he was in your body .
"we dont know"
You all replied with a laid-back attitude .
He yelled at you guys .
"Barto could you please tell others about us being stuck like this ? And how did we end up here anyways ?"
You asked .
" Well you fell off the sky right onto the ship . It was weird that you disappeared . And look , we just sailed from dressrosa ."
He said pointing at the island .
" Hm ?! How long were we gone ?"
Law asked .
" About an hour"
He replied . Oh god did all that happened in 1 hour ?! JUST 1 FUCKIN HOUR ?!?!?!?!
Well it sure did .
"Where did you go anyway , (y.n)-senpai ?"
" We.... were stuck in different worlds..."
You said sighing heavily . As you realized a fact , you blushed madly . Sneaking close to law ,
"L-law..... I- I mean you- no me-.... ugh , I need to use the restroom"
You whispered .
" Well (y.n)-ya , same here...."
He said sighing and you blushed .
" I dont know how to do it !!"
You said . He chuckled .
" Lets go , I'll tell you on the way ."
He said and grabbed your hand .
"Oi , we'll be off for a bit"
He said and walked off dragging you behind without waiting for a reply .
" How weird it feels to see my body in front of me"
You said and he grinned .
" Well for starters my chest feels heavy right now . And its weird in general"
He said . You blushed .
" If you weren't in my body I'd beat you up!"
You declared .
"Oh my god I cant believe i did that !! Oh god that was beyond weird !!"
You said as you walked out of the restroom . Law following behind chuckling .
" Stop laughing law !! Its embarrassing !!"
You whined . It felt weird yet you liked being in his body . It had his scent and you could just stare at his hands or in the mirror for ages . Yeah you loved his hands . And his tattoos too .
" I'll strip and dance in front of a mirror later"
You noted to yourself .
" I heard that ."
Law said .
" What! Gosh! You better font do anything crazy while in my body by the way !!"
You said . He just grinned a scary grin . Might as well say your goodbyes to your body....
But well , satan is on your side as you got some very devilish ideas by watching law walk . Yeah your body was still sore...
" See how it feels to be sore ?"
You said huffing .
" Yeah your body is fucked up"
He said . When you got to the room you saw something. .... disturbing. ..
Doffy was stretched all over the place . Zoro was accidentally cutting stuff and luffy was playing samurai with wano ichimonji .
" I cant control this devil fruit! !"
Doffy and zoro said . You laughed .
" Well its taking all I have to dont use her powers here ."
Law said sitting on a chair .
" Lemme try !!"
You said . A silent 'oh no' was heard but too late .
" ROOM !!"
You said and the blue orb appeared . Grinning you drew laws nodachi and cut everyone . Then re attached them randomly .
" I always wanted to do that!!"
You cheered . Everyone was dizzy .
" (y.n)-ya you will regret this...."
Law said eith swirls in his eyes .
" Fix us up"
Doffy said .
" Fine!"
You sighed and fixed them up .
" So far im the best!"
You said .
" This isnt a race!"
They all said .
" Luffy-senpai is it ok that this man is on board ?"
Barto asked pointing at doffy .
" Huh ? Oh . Yea , mingo is ok ."
Luffy said cheering . Barto started fanboying immediately .
"Its late at night . Im sleeping"
You said and grabbed law . Dragging her along to the room baryo showed you . You threw him on the bed and crawled to him , hugging him like a teddy and falling asleep .
" Baka!"
Law said laughing .
" Eh ! What was I supposed to do ?!"
You asked .
" Nothing . Good night my princess"
He said kissing your forehead . Oh it was the first time he called you that . You blushed and drifted to sleep .

This will be intresting. ....

Yay 2 chapters in 1 day !!! I made it up cuz the last chapter sucked !!
How was it ? Wasn't expecting that were you ? XD
Oh just wait to see what happens next Cx
Fufufufufufu ~ im satan xD

♡♡♡♡Yay 2 chapters in 1 day !!! I made it up cuz the last chapter sucked !! How was it ? Wasn't expecting that were you ? XDOh just wait to see what happens next CxFufufufufufu ~ im satan xD

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