chapter 13.

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"So whats your new mission ?"
Baby 5 asked me .
" he asked me to personally deliver a ship and a letter to kaido...."
I sighed .
" The trade of Caesar is in three days . Can you make it ? And young master will be withdrawing from the throne and the shichibukai position ."
"Yeah I'll try to make it back in time . Tonttatta will probably fall for his trick and attack . Also im sure there will be a war between mugiwara and donquixote since they're tricking them"
I replied almost finished packing my bag .
"Yeah law hates being tricked , as I recall . "
She said and I smiled remembering him .
" You really do love him... hes so lucky to have you (y.n)"
"Oh please , its a one sided crush ."
I said , not having much hope .
" If so then he's a bigger idiot than I thought"
I laughed zipping the bag .
"Only god knows that . So I'll be going now , contact me if anything happens"
" Yes ma'am"
She giggled and I left my room .
Oh did I forget to tell about the corazon army ? Well they got both viola and baby5 transferred to my squad . Theres also bellamy . I accepted him but others and doffy still dont take him seriously . Hes not considered an executive . But hes strong and saved me twice . Other than that there are the little minions who I never learned their names .

I turned to face my uncle .
" Yes ? Young master ?"
He hated it when 'I' called him that . His devious grin disappeared and veins popped up from his forehead .
" You do know I dont like it when you call me that ."
He said and grinned again .
" Im sorry , since everyone calls you that I just say that sometimes ."
I replied . Gosh howcome doffy liked me so much ?! Maybe hes just playing maybe not.... I kinda feel bad for him .
" I would never give up the title uncle-chama . Not even to god."
He said and patted my head grinning . I smiled and hugged him .
" Ill make you proud . And I promise to deliver your pack to kaido without any damage nor problem"
" Fufufufufufu . I know . Be safe , corazon"
I smiled and left for the underground port . The ship was waiting there .
《This guy sure is hard to read . But when he's kind to me he reminds me of dad...》
I thought as the elevator was bringing me down .
The den den mushi was ringing .
" (y.n) its violet"
"Hey viola something wrong"
"Dont call me that for now , and I heard you're leaving for a mission ."
"Dont worry im alone , and yes ."
"Be safe , since doffy is going to withdraw from his position there may be attacks on you . "
" Dont worry leave it to me . I'll try to be back for the trade trafalgar and doffy have"
" Good . See ya then."
"Take care"
As I reached the port , I saw suger standing behind the window in the base building . She saw me and waved . I smiled and waved back and got to my ship as I wore the hood and bunny mask .
《Who knows how old that kid is... hah... I really dont like her much and I dont trust her》
I thought as I checked if everything was perfect on the ship .

~☆thousand sunny☆~
" We will wait and see if doflamingo does as we asked . According to that we will make our move"
Law said and everyone nodded . They studied dressrosas map .
《(Y.n).... im sorry , just hang on a little longer.... I know you hate me and you're right to . I think I....I....-》
"Torao lets go eat"
Luffy yelled and slapped laes back . He sighed and followed everyone to the kitchen .
" Wait what about me ?"
Caesar asked but was ignored by everyone .

~☆back to you (writers POV)☆~
Sitting in your office inside the ship waiting for your food , you rethought your plan for defeating doflamingo .
" By any rights if doflamingo falls , the kingdom will be rikus again . However the evidence and documents show that the dressrosa kingdom rightfully belongs to Donquixote bloodline . So more than half of doffys crimes will be wiped out . Since the king is the absolute law and can do everything to his people , some other of his crimes will ne unseen too . But the fact that he is joker and his dirty work and all remains . Plus they were already looking for an excuse to bting him down since he knows 'the secret' of marijoa . That costs him a good lifetime prison . and since he's a pirate they will consider some other crimes too . "
You whispered to yourself reading some papers .
" If the riku family rejects the throne or by any means they couldnt take back the throne , the donquixote bloodline will still have control over dressrosa . Which is said that they CANT take back what wasnt theirs in the beginning ."
You said to yourself . You were trying to get riku to be king again .
" so the only people alive from donquixote bloodline are doflamingo , and..... me....."
Your eyes winded realizing the fact .
" OH SHIT!!"
You yelled .
《Since im the last donquixote that means the throne and the kingdom and all the rights the donquixote has belongs to me and me alone since there is no one else !!!! But im a pirate..... I.... he.... they..... oh god help me!!!!》
You thought as a few minions rushed in your room .
"Hey girl Are you okey ?? "
One asked .
" Hey....GIRL ?? Show some respect you stupid . Call me corazon at least . AND WHERE IS MY FOOD GOD DAMMIT IM STARVING HERE . GO GO GO..."
You yelled at them and they ran away . Throwing yoirself in your chair , you grabbed your head .
《 Things are getting messy.... hey I know ! No one knows who I am so I can just go away . But then again that could make dressrosa suffer more since other enemies or fakes could pop up . Oh god im thinking just like that . Time to be like mom... <deep breath> I'll think about it when the time comes .》
You thought and just then the guys bring your food .
" I liked the previous corazon better"
One whispered and you just chuckled as you prepared to eat . Realized they're still standing there ,
"What ?"
You asked .
" What what ?"
One replied .
" I mean why are you standing here ? Get the hell outta my office so I can eat peacefully ."
You said . You preferred to not remove your bunny mask in front of them since you didn't trust them . They obeyed and got out and you started to eat .

~☆1 day timeskip☆~

As you got closer to your destination , everyone prepared to anchor and deliver the pack . Sitting under the sun wearing your mask , you whined .
" I wish I could wear my favorite glassessss...ugh~"
You said to yourself . You ment the glasses doffy gave you .

" C-c-corazon ! W-were almost there"
A minion said saluting .
" ugh fine . Why are you shaking up so much , new comer ?"
" Y-you see im b-both afraid of y-you a-and k-kaido...."
"Blunt now are we... im not going to suck out your blood or feed you to dogs as long as you behave . Qnd kaido... as long as im around its safe"
You replied , thinking .
" Thank you"
The man muttered , calming down . He then left to attend to his duties . You saw an island . It was still far but you guesses thats where you were supposed to go . Walking to your office , you took a deep breath .
"Finally !! I was getting bored outta my mind ! "
You said to yourself , gathering the things you needed on the island .
Your navigator yelled .
You yelled back .

Getting off the ship , you realized how big everything was .
"That tree is at least 40m. Tall !! Huh guess there are taller trees thsn doffy , or kuma , or maybe moria ?"
You joked to yourself .
"Are you the heart seat of the donquixote family ?"
Avoice asked . You turned around seeing a guy .
" Yes and you are ?"
" Master kaido wants to meet you . "
" I should be here to make sure the pack is delivered without a problem"
" I will handle that , sweetheart~"
Another guy sang suddenly appearing outta nowhere and kissing your hand . Retrieving it fast , you whined .
" Eew gross ! Fine if you insist"
You said and a few people showed you the way . There set kaido in the open , trying new ways to kill himself .
"Hahahaha !! a weirdo like always , kaido !!"
You said out loud . Everyone gasped and kaido looked at you .
" men , leave us alone ."
He ordered and everyone just disappeared .
《Feared that much huh...》
You thought .
{Im just making up stuff since idk kaido xD}
"Im glad to meet you again , seat of hearts , corazon ."
" thanks a lot , yonko kaido of the hundred beast ."
You grinned <not that he could see thanks to your mask> and he chuckled
" now what brings you here ? Its been a long time since we last met ."
"Im here to deliver the ship containing the last harvest of smiles and also uncle has a letter for you"
You said . You gave him the letter doffy gave you and he put it in his pocket . After your business was done you left the island . There was navy attacks so it was going to get you a long time to reach dressrosa .
" I need to be back until tommorrow. .."
You said and your navigator nodded . But it was going to take you more than one day to get there......

Shitty chapter I know it is but I'll make up for it in the next one . After all--no I shouldn't spoil.... see ya soon ..and I'll update soon ^-^

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