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chapter 18.

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You were sitting on your dads shoulder as he held your mothers hand and you walked through the people .
" Daaad.... when will we get home ?"
"Just a bit more princess , howcome ?"
"Cuz I wanna play with you~"
You sang hugging his neck . He laughed and patted your head . Your mother who was holding his hand smiled at you two .
"You two are inseparable aren't you ?"
She asked smiling which made you two smile as well .
" She is my little princess"
Your father said as you reached your house.
" dad when will you leave for mission again ?"
" In two hours sweetheart . But I promise next time I come back I'll bring you a surprise !"
He said and you cheered kissing his cheek while hugging the hell out of him . He smiled and hugged back , pulling your mom making her join the hug too .
" I cant wait till you get back again ."
"Me too , next time I wont be alone tho , ill be bringing you a friend !"
He said grinning and your face lit up .
" Oh god yaaaay !! Tell me more !"
"No no , its a surprise~ and he will live with us from then on . And I'll stay with you too"
He said and you gave a happy dance . Two hours passed like lightning .
" Dad ! Be careful out there . I'll miss chu~"
You said with big teary eyes . He smiled and hugged you tightly .
" angel the next time I come home promise me you will spoil me~"
He said and you giggled .
" Sure thing dad , you're the best . See ya later then . I love you"
You said and gave him one last hug .
" I love you too"
He stood up and looked at your mother . They smiled and he kissed her , sweet and passionate . You blushed and looked away . They hugged and he left . You watched him go until he wasn't visible anymore .
"Come on (y.n) , lets make sure next time he visits would be a blast !"
Your mom said and you nodded , following her inside . However , non of you knew that was the last time you'd ever meet him....

It has been a few months since he left . You were sitting on the couch reading a book when someone knocked the door . Your face lit up as you ran to the door .
" Mom mom ! Maybe its dad ! It must be him"
You yelled as you opened the door .your grin dropped as you saw an old man, which was your grandfather , at the door with a sad look .
Your mom came to you and froze , seeing her father . He didn't knew yuki is her daughter and you're her grandkid.
" Hello garp-san , would you care to come in ?"
She said as you moved out of the way . He came in and stood there , staring at you two .
" Yuna (your moms alias) , I.... im sorry for your loss..."
He said looking down. Your mothers eyes shrank as her hands held her mouth . You on the other hand were frozen on the spot .
"He...... was killed in action , the body was buried on the same island . Im sorry , if there is anythin-"
"Who. Did. It. ? And where is he buried ?"
Your mother asked with a death glare .
" Im sorry , I cant tell you"
She yelled at garp . He just looked down . Yuki gritted her teeth and grabbed garp by the collar , dragging him out of the house and throwing him on the ground . She knew she cant get an answer out of them .
" You know what ? Go to hell . If I ever see the face of navy here again . I swear I'll kill every single one of you"
She screamed and came inside , shutting the door behind her . You looked at her with tears in your eyes .yes you were young but your mind was old .
You choked . She ran to you and hugged you , you both cried for who knows how long .

After you were out of tears , you set on the chair next to the window who was towards the way your dad always came .
" He will come home , he will come back . He promised me he would never leave me .hes not dead"
You talked to yourself with shrunken pupils and dark lines under your eyes . From that day on , you could never , sleep.....


Almost 5 years had passed . Your mother had fell ill and you were broken down . The illness unknown and no one knew a cure to it . You were sitting besides her bed as she was sleeping and tears were rolling down your eyes .
"Mom.... just.... dont leave me"
You whispered and held her hand tightly .

After a few days she got worse . She had lost most of her weight and looked pale with black bags under her eyes .
"(Y.n) , listen to me , I dont have -cough- much left . Remember that you should live your life to the fullest-"
"No ! Mom dont say such things ! Just hang on a bit more , im sure I can find a cure...."
You cried .
" Heh... silly girl , im beyond saving . But you have to live . You have to move on and be happy . Do it for me , do it for us.... dont leave any regrets behind . And dont forget , we will watch over you"
"No.... mom.... please. ....dont do this to me...."
You cried and held her hand . It was cold .
" I will always love you my dear . You are a special girl . You have a rare blood running in your veins . You can do it without me . I'll always be in your heart"
She said her eyes slowly closing .
" MOM !! I LOVE YOU !"
You screamed and she smiled .
" I------- love you---------- too"
Her head fell to the side and her hand went limp . You screamed in pain , the pain in your heart .
You were wondering why god was so cruel to you ? What had you done ?

In the morning I'll go down the graveyard
To make sure you're gone for good
To make sure you won't hurt again
May you rest in peace

Pony riding, sushi cooking
May you be where you wanted
Oh we talked about it
After 1 or 2 beers

And the worst days that life brings
All the bad movies and all the earthquakes
All the worst days are just buried into the snow

Holy water
Plastic flowers
At the end you got what you got what you are
Always running after, always running after

And the worst days that life brings
All the bad movies and all the earthquakes
All the worst days are just buried into the snow

And the worst days that life brings
All the bad movies and all the earthquakes
All the worst days are just buried into the snow

After your mothers burial , you couldn't stay there any longer . You took your things and the money you had , buying a little ship , you set out to sea . And that was how your journey began.....

Sorry I didn't update sooner ^-^'
So I thought a little flashback would be nice~
Ohand after this arc is done im giving a turn . How do you like some crossovers ? :D

I think it would be intresting~
Tell me your opinions in the comments .

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