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chapter 31.

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(Law looks like the picture above . Letting you guys know xD)

You screamed . Your body was burning and there was those strange marks again . They were shining red . Law ran into the room and hugged you trying to calm you down . After him came some ninjas .
" We need to seal her curse! NOW!"
A kunoichi with purple hair said . They carried you in a room and the kunoichi helped you change your clothes . Your clothes were very revealing but she said it was necessary .
You were now sitting on the floor as there was candles around you . Law and tsunade entered the room and stood by the side . Law was worried , you could tell . So you offered him a smile .
A guy with silver hair entered . His headband was covering his left eye and he was wearing a mask .
"Hello there young lady . Im Kakashi hatake . I'll be sealing your curse"
He greeted kindly and you nodded .
" Im (y.n) , I appreciate your help ."
You said and you could tell he smiled under his mask .
He started writing weird stuff on your body with his finger and what seemed like blood . Law was very uncomfortable but there was no other choice .
" Now this might hurt . I want you to bear with me until its done ok ?"
He said as now all your body was covered in writings . There were writings and weird symbols on the ground as well .
You nodded and he started preforming hand signs . The symbols and writing started to glow and moved onto you , going towards the curse . It hurt , it hurt like hell , but there was no other choice . After it was done , there was a circle around your curse , it looked like a circle of lighting .
" Is it over ?"
You asked and kakashi nodded .
" Thank goodness...."
You said before you fainted . Law catched you in a swift move . How did he even got to you so fast ?!

~☆mini time skip☆~

" This. Is. Not. Me.!!! Im not gonna let a puny curse bring me to my knees . I'm strong . I'll learn to control this curse and use it for my good."
You whispered to yourself as you started meditating . You were sitting next to a waterfall .
(naruto watchers : the place where naruto trained with kakashi and Yamato .)

" Trying to keep the curse under control ?~"
Orochimarus voice said inside your head . You were in that bloody world again . However. ...
This time you were not running . Not crying for help . Not screaming nor begging .
" YOU! Will not have your way . This is my body and your curse is a bonus to my attacks . I had forgotten who I am . But , I remember now .
You think you're a beast ? Heh, you have no idea how a beast can get!!"
You yelled . The black ground started turning white like it was freezing .
" I wont let you ruin my plans!!"
He said and attacked you . You used your devil fruit and threw him to a wall .
" Get. Out. Of. My. INNER. WORLD!!"
You screamed and there were some sound waved coming from your voice , everything turned white , all you could see was white . There stood orochimaru and you .
" I wont let you ruin my plans!"
"I wont let you ruin my life!!"
You yelled at the same time and attacked eachother . Using your devil fruit you were able to beat him . He turned into ashes , only a small white snake remained . As it was struggling to get away , you threw your katana at it and killed it .
Your inner world turned back to the way it was . Peaceful beautiful landscape . Bright blue sky and shining sun . Everything was bright again .

You opened your eyes with a smile as you heard your name being called .
"(Y.n)-ya!! Here you are... I told you to stay in bed!"
Law said walking to you .
" I just had some unfinished business to take care off . Sorry I worried you ."
You said kissing his cheek . He chuckled and warped an arm around you .
" Lets go, everyone is worried about you"
He said .

~☆time skip☆~
" Fufufufufufu ~ im glad youre fine"
Doffy said petting your head , more like messing your hair....
Luffy tackled you to the ground crying .
" I *sniff* was so worried *sob* I *hiccup* im happy you're fine *loud crying*"
" Thanks. Im fine now . Nothing to worry"
You said laughing . Zoro helped you get up and said he's glad you're ok .
" Hey luffy !! Lets go get ramen !!"
Naruto called luffy . His eyes turned into stars and he ran after naruto .
" They've became besties...."
You said .
" Yeah , naruto is a pure kid , so is luffy . kakashi said appearing outta nowhere . Standing against a tree reading a book .
You all yelled and he smiled and disappeared with a poof of smoke .
" (y.n)-ya lets go eat too . Im rather starved"
Law said grabbing your arm . You nodded smiling .
" We're tagging along if its ok"
Zoro said . You all went to where luffy was . Ichiraku ramen....
You said as you finished your second bowl .
" Ohohoho... I see you and this young kid are just like naruto..."
The owner said .
" Im luffy"
"Im (y.n)"
You guys said and he laughed . Giving you both another bowl .
" Here , this ones on the house. .."
He said .
You two said and started eating again .
" How can they eat so much?!"
Law , doffy , zoro and kakashi who had joined you as well , said .

The curse is under control , everyone is fine , there's nothing to worry , the ramen is tasty.... im so happy....

" That was tasty"
You said rubbing your belly . You guys had drained the place .
" It sure was!! You guys are fun!"
Naruto said . Luffy warped an arm around his neck .
" You too! Be my nakama (friend)"
"Were already nakama! "
Naruto replied .
'Those two are so alike...'
Everyone thought .
" Hey naruto show me a jutsu "
Luffy said and naruto grinned .
" Sure thing . Sexy jutsu!"
He saod and he turned into a hot naked girl , the smokes around him being his only cover....
Luffy cheered .
" That was...... disturbing. ..."
You said rubbing your eyes .
Law hadn't even looked at naruto and doffy was grinning . Zoro was chuckling at luffy .
" I know! Why dont you stay at my place luffy!!"
Naruto said .
" Sure thing!"
Luffy said and they ran off .
" Oi... mr masked man.... is there a training place here ? I need to improve my skills"
Zoro said .
" Its kakashi and I was just heading there . Tag along if you like ."
Kakashi said and they left as well .
" Im gonna go check the village out"
Doffy said and walked away .
" So what should we do ?"
You asked law and he grinned a devilish grin .
" Oh I know exactly what to do..."
He said and pulled you closer .
Next thing you knew you were in your room on the bed with law laying on top of you .
" I love you"
He said before capturing your lips .
This is going to be one long eventful night.....

Its me again . The bad author writing this story .
How was the chapter ? ^^
I sit there reading the comments like :

 How was the chapter ? ^^I sit there reading the comments like :XD

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