chapter 32.

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《I still need more training》
I thought as I took a deep breath . Using my devil fruits telekinesis I made boulders and water and everything else hover in the air . Opening my eyes I grinned and started to form the materials into something . I closed my eyes and moved my hands , taking deep breathes and dancing along with the things I had under control .
everything was going good however. ..
" (y.n)-ya.... "
Law whispered into my ear and I gasped , letting everything fall to the ground as I lost control .
" LAW !"
I screamed . He chuckled and pecked my lips .
" Dont exhaust yourself , you've been training for a week without stopping"
He said . He was right . I was at the training grounds outside the village .
I cooed with a devilish grin as I played with laws hair and moved my fingers on his body as I gave him the look .
He sighed and grabbed my hands ,
Pulling me closer as he stared into my (e.c) eyes with his stormy gray ones .
"(Y.n)-ya.... I know that look , you give me that look when you're about to get us into trouble . So whatever it is , my answer is no"
He said with a grin . I puffed my cheeks and gave him the cutest look and best puppy eyes I could pull .
" But laaaww~~"
I whispered to him seductively as ipushed myself against his lower body .
"Pretty please ? Just help me out...."
I whispered in his ear . He sighed . I knew he cant say no to me .
"Fine , what is it ?"
My eyes lit up and I clapped my hands .
"Im going to try something new and if I was to go out of control I want you to stop me"
I said .
" Fine , but if things get dangerous we stop"
He said and I nodded .I walked away standing afar as I took a deep breath . He was in standby ready to use his room for whatever was coming .
I exhaled and the curse mark on my neck started glowing . Strange black marks coming out of it and moving on my body .
His eyes widened and his jaw dropped .
The marks stopped spreading on my body and I looked at him . My left eyes white part was pure black and my iris was yellow .
" (y.n)-ya ?!"
I looked at him and grinned .
" It was a success !! I can control my curse and use it at will ."
I said happily and walked to him .
However , I was too fast and begore I knew it I was far away .
" What the hell ?!"
I said and tried to walk to him , slowly . But I couldn't control my speed and bumped to him .
" You can use your curse but not control it . You need to train"
He chuckled as he held me tightly , kissing my forehead . I blushed and nodded .
" I'll help you . Lets spar"
He said and my face lit up .
This will be intresting. ...

" Now that was intresting! !"
Law said as we both laid side by side panting . The cool grass under us calming our boiling bodies .
" Yea who thought controlling this power boost was so difficult . I guess I'll need more training before I can use it properly ."
I said and he chuckled . Hugging me close resting his chin on my head .
" I love you"
He cooed . That sentence never gets old .
" I love you too . Now lets head back . We need a proper bath"
I said .
" Yeah , I agree , babe"
He said .
" Oh no...."
I said before he grabbed me , throwing me over his shoulder and walking to our apartment .

~☆time skip, next day☆~
" You really overdid it last night..."
I whined as I rubbed my back . Yeah , I was sore and couldn't move my legs , at all !!
" im sorry , I'll take care of you"
He cooed in my ear and it sent shivers down my spine .
" You dont sound sorry"
He kissed my nech moving to my ear .
" Oh ? But I am"
He whispered seductively .
" You seem ready for another round but no . This is your punishment for what you did last night!!"
I said jokingly and kissed him .
" Lets go get some breakfast"
He said kissing my forehead and picked me up bridal style . I blushed smiling and buried my face into his chest . His scent was hypnotizing .

~☆writers POV☆~

Law carried you to a restaurant and ordered some food as you set there waiting for him .
" Mind if we join you ?"
You heard doffy . You turned and looked at him . There was him , zoro , kakashi , sai , naruto and luffy .
" Sure!"
You chimed . The breakfast was peaceful and everything was good .
"And then there was this time which we went to a sky island! !"
Luffy was telling naruto about his adventures excited . Naruto was listening with sparkling eyes .
You chuckled .
" What is it (y.n)-ya ?"
Law asked . You shook your head .
" Nothing.... I wish we could go back but somehow stay in touch with these guys . I miss eren and the others too..."
You said . He nodded .
" I just wish we could spend some more time here then go home... . Im worried about our world "
You said .
Oh how the world loved to prove you wrong. ....

" What the-nooo!!!!"
Luffy yelled looking at himself . You were all glowing and disappearing .
" Luffy!"
Naruto yelled .
" Guess its time for us to return to our world..."
You said with a somewhat sad smile . Naruto hugged luffy and luffy hugged back .
" ne, naruto , thank you for being my nakama . If someday you were stuck in my world , join my crew!"
Luffy said .
" Luffy , you're always welcomed here . You're my best friend . Take care and become the pirate king !! Go on adventures and be free!!"
Naruto said .
" Maybe someday we will meet again , naruto the hokage ."
Luffy said and they high fived . Tears in eyes . and you guys disappeared .
A spark of light falling from the ceiling and disappearing in narutos hand .
"be happy naruto , you found a friend who acknowledges you as the hokage ."
Sai said . Naruto nodded and smiled . However he saw something on the seat luffy was sitting . A snail , a den den mushi !!!
" Wha! He forgot his den den mushi! !"
He yelled .
" Maybe he left it for you , as a momento ."
Kakashi said . Naruto stared at the snail sleeping in his hand .
" Im gonna take good care of you , luffy Jr."
He said .

~☆on your side☆~You were getting separated from one another

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~☆on your side☆~
You were getting separated from one another . Like each getting thrown into another world .
Doffy yelled . Law was closest to you . You grabbed onto him burying your face in his chest . Zoro , luffy and doffy grabbed onto eachother and everyone started to glow . All you could see was light and more light . You closed your eyes from the blinding light .
Where the hell are we going ?

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