chapter 2.

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~☆present day☆~

You were relaxing under the shining sun with your hat covering your eyes . It was a warm and relaxing day . (You're ship is kinda like mihawks , just a little bigger with one room , bathroom and kitchen and thats about it .) .

《I guess I should be reaching the next island pretty soon . The temperature and pressure are stabilizing .》
You thought as you got up from your comfy seat , the island was in sight . Wearing your glasses who where similar to the ones your dad wore , you prepared to drop anchor .

~•●on the other side of the island(south)•●~

A yellow submarine was at the shore .
With a smiling jolly roger . The captain and his loyal fellows (the trio) were supposed to visit the island while others guard the ship . Their log pose was broken and they needed a new one . Finding one could be difficult tho .
Meanwhile another ship docked at the west shore . A certain red headed short tempered captain and his loyal fellows left the ship while others stayed put . Their objective was unknown .

~☆back to me [Reader's POV]☆~

I dropped anchor at the north shore . The island seemed nice and everything was going smoothly and as planned .
《Dont make a scene , dont burn down the island , dont create chaos , just go and get what you need》
I thought taking deep breathes . I rarely caused a scene but there were times that I had the bad mood and destroyed what crossed my path .

I reached the town , it was small and sweet . And I could smell food everywhere ! My stomach growling in hunger, i sighed.
" Man im starved . Gotta grab a bite before anything else"
I said to myself , wearing a big long cloak that hid my face , coat and hat . I curled up my coat with my devil fruit.
I smelled the air , trying to find the best food scent of all and I succeeded . My nose works too well .

There was a restaurant who looked pretty beaten up . Obviously pirates came there a lot . I entered and checked the menu .
"A family size pizza and five plates of meat along with grilled chicken"
I ordered the waitress . She was shocked about how much I can eat . I am pretty skinny .
" All the food goes to her boobs and butt" is what everyone says about me .

I started reading a magazine and it had the new wanted posters in it .
" Mugiwaras bounty rises yet again . But kids bounty is 15 million higher , AHH DAMN... tra-whatevers bounty is not bad either . "
I said to myself having trouble pronouncing trafalgar since my mind was somewhere else .

" Heres your order"
Waitress put the food on the table and I started eating .

[Narrator POV]

Law and his fellows entered a restaurant and ordered their foods .
" Give me something without bread"
Was all law said . His eye catched someone who was eating like crazy and he sighed . Looking at the fluffy polar bear .
" Bepo , shachi , penguin , after this we will find another log pose and leave . And you guys better take care of it this time or else I'll make you a log pose ."
He said coldly sending shivers down their spines .
They said in unison and a low 'im sorry' was followed by bepo .

The doors to the restaurant shot open as the red haired captain entered the restaurant . Everyone panicked and kept quite , not even eating . Except for laws group .
" Hey , give me- ohhh... look who it is , trafalgar law , cursed to see you here"
Kid said in a imma-kick-your-butt tone . Law chuckled .
" Eustass-ya , why dont you go away and disappear from earth"
He said as now they were both standing and ready for battle . Everyone ran for their lifes .

" Captain , calm down , we were here for food not fight"
Killer said tapping on kids shoulder . And bepo calmed law . Kid set down on the furthest table from law and gave his orders .
《Good , they didn't cause a scene 》
You thought and kept eating while reading the magazine .

You possessed all three kinds of haki and your haki was pretty strong .
《Uh oh , marines are here . I better go .》
You thought leaving some money on the table . As you were walking to the back door , you paused and took a glimpse at the pirate captains . Sighing you sneaked behind law , your back leaning against his . (the tables and chairs where long . )

"There are marines outside . Five warships and five vice admirals are surrounding the place . Soon every inch of the island will be under control and they already got the east shore . I believe your ship is either at the western shore or the southern . I thought I should warn you ."
You whispered to him .

He swallowed his food .
" Thanks for the info , but you were here all the time . How-"
" Haki"
You answered knowing what he was going to ask .
"I should take my leave before my cover is blown . Its up to you to tell the red tempered captain if you want . His fate is in your hands , trafalgar law"
You said . He smirked .
" okey , and may I ask-"
" Hellfire"
You answered him and teleported away .

Hes eyes winded hearing the name . He looked at his fellows . They hadn't even noticed you two talk .
《Just like I heard , shes a snake . So silent and deadly no one even feels her presence》
He thought standing up .
" Were leaving . Now ."
He walked to the back door . His fellows following while complaining .
" Eustass-ya , marines are here . Since you're so weak I thought I should tell you"
He said and walked out the restaurant . That left kidd boiling . Killer managed to calm him down . They left the restaurant as well .

Meanwhile laws group fought marines . They were spotted . However the crew managed to escape , mostly . Law ordered them to go on to the next island without him . Bepo had managed to get a log pose . So there stood law , facing the marines by himself .


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