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But... I Love You (Donquixote Doflamingo) by Lilsweetren
But... I Love You (Donquixote Lilsweetren
Doflamingo once considered Rosinante to be his precious little brother and was protective of him, saying that he would personally kill anyone who dared harm even a singl...
  • fanfiction
  • doflamingo
  • reader
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Mi Sueño de Otoño by -Trafalgar-Law-
Mi Sueño de Otoñoby Trafalgar D. Water Law
Trafalgar Law estaba viviendo una buena experiencia junto a Donquixote Rosinante, era temporada de Otoño y ambos quedarían para ir al bosque.
  • law
  • otoño
  • rosinante
How to pull the strings by Saphire812
How to pull the stringsby Majopi!!
Pirates...not even the last situation she pictured herself in after her death was related to that word. Now she practically breaths it, reliving in an absolutely bizarre...
  • adventure
  • friendship
  • crime
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El seguidor de mi corazón by -Trafalgar-Law-
El seguidor de mi corazónby Trafalgar D. Water Law
Naces con un ritmo. Una caja cerrada con ritmo propio que late. Aún con los ojos cerrados puedes moverte, sentir, oír. Percibes que mientras avanzas estas influenciado p...
  • traicion
  • rosinante
  • desesperación
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Inside the Mind of the Heavenly Demon by illstrtodds
Inside the Mind of the Heavenly illstrtodds
A young Doflamingo Donquixote lived a life of luxury. Until his family left Mariejois and was forced to renounce his status as a Celestial Dragon to live as a human. Di...
  • onepiece
  • rocinante
  • doffy
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Silent Love (Corazon X OC) by ShadeeWilson
Silent Love (Corazon X OC)by ShadeeWilson
Doflamingo ruins our beloved Cora-san's life again. As Cora develops feelings for Kimberly, Doffy begins to notice and causes contention between Kimberly and Cora. Will...
  • law
  • one
  • rosinante
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Salvaged Heart (One Piece) by callmeallysa
Salvaged Heart (One Piece)by 『𝔸𝕤𝕪𝕝𝕝𝕒』
Not only darkness can blind you for even well-lit places can hide salvation. Dressrosa was a maze that never sees the true sun. The whole world continued on like nothing...
  • hazard
  • punk
  • trafalgar
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Heart Memories by GabrielB303
Heart Memoriesby Gabriel B
A young grumpy trauma surgeon has your daily routine hard interrupted when some nightmares started to haunt him, forcing him to remember his childhood. At the same time...
  • trafalgar
  • law
  • onepiece
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Corazon x reader Hellfire by FangLephei
Corazon x reader Hellfireby FangLephei
(F/n) is a gypsy dancer who lives in the streets of Water Seven and try to survive. She is known as a Hellfire to the men because she can drive them crazy with her beaut...
  • rosinante
  • corazon
  • onepiece
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Headstrong: Reader x Corazon (Rocinante) by sandclawthunderclan
Headstrong: Reader x Corazon ( sandclawthunderclan
This story takes palace in an alternate universe from the one One Piece actually occurs on. Here reader happens to be a student at her local uni, works part time as a li...
  • donquiote
  • cora-san
  • corason
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Modern​ AU Highschool! Student! Reader x Child! Trafalgar Law  by BabyGifafae_the1st
Modern​ AU Highschool! Student! Tionna D. T.
(Y/n) is your average 19 year old highschool student who recently moved to North Blue city and attends One Piece Highschool. Her best friend, Rosinante, asks her for the...
  • penguin
  • eustasskid
  • chopper
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Un cœur brisé - Corazon x OC by ASmilingClown
Un cœur brisé - Corazon x OCby Don Quixote Rosinante
<< Adieu Law. Hana, je t'aime. - Coraaaaaaa !!!!! >> Corazon est mort, comment va réagir sa copine nommée Hana ? Elle a 22 ans au début de l'histoire et rejo...
  • rosinante
  • corazon
  • doflamingo
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~ Doflamingo x reader x Rosinante ~ by Eustass_D_abby
~ Doflamingo x reader x Rosinante ~by Demon-ya
doffy is a big shot CEO owner. who's little brother is corazon. You having been recently fired have been needing a job . so you contact Cora and ask if he knows of an...
  • corazonxreader
  • xreader
  • eustasskid
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Addict || One Piece by ASmilingClown
Addict || One Pieceby Don Quixote Rosinante
[ Corazon est un réel pirate ! Et c'est un DoflaCora ! ] Un jour, deux frères blonds allèrent au médecin, cause que le cadet commençait à ressentir de la douleur. Le méd...
  • dispute
  • cigarette
  • doflamingo
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Scarred man - Kid x Corazon by RanaParra
Scarred man - Kid x Corazonby RanaParra
Crack of the crack
  • fanfic
  • fic
  • rosinante
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A Heart For A Heart [Law x OC] by IheartJack0023
A Heart For A Heart [Law x OC]by Kimberly
They had a shared love and a shared pain. They just didn't know it yet. One-Shot. [Law x OC]
  • donquixote
  • onepiece
  • rosinante
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Floof is love, floof is life - Rosinante x Reader by RanaParra
Floof is love, floof is life - RanaParra
Corazon, Donquioxte Rosinante the adorable klutz
  • insert
  • rana
  • fanfiction
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One Piece Artbook ENG (OCs and characters) by CutieGrumpyCerym
One Piece Artbook ENG (OCs and Gasterin
My artbook of One Piece ! :D I'll draw art of many cool characters of this manga and I'll also draw my OCs ! And I'll post little funny and cute scenes between everybody...
  • onepieceart
  • charlotte
  • ace
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He left Me! // Corazon x Reader! // by 2-mD-Dragon
He left Me! // Corazon x Reader! //by 2-mD-Dragon
Corazon died. He couldn't keep his promise that he gave you and you cried many days in secret, so Law didn't need to see you so weak. You wanted to look strong in front...
  • corazon
  • law
  • onepiece
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Seeing You Again by GundamWingGirl
Seeing You Againby GundamWingGirl
Corazon is laws teacher @ a private school and reader is laws adopted mother. What happens when both Cora and reader meet again after all this time? What happens when th...
  • öp
  • romance
  • rosinante
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