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Ok so heres the thing my precious readers ,

As you know this story has been based on the anime and manga , mostly ;

And lots of things were different from manga because I dont want to spoil .

So as my story has reached the mangas latest chapters , I dont want to get off my line of work and start writing random things .

Why ?

Because this story has a story and a timeline and I just dont want to ruin it by making things up .

And believe me im good at making stories up .

So heres your part ,

Im letting you choose what I should do ;

1. Let go of the manga storyline and start writing my ming .

2. Keep the story on hold until new chapters air .

3. Give filler chapters and wait for the new chapters of manga .

4. Any other option you have in mind .

Please comment on this and tell me your opinion~

Donquixote_Joker 🃏

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