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The Knight in Shining Armor [One Piece X OC] by Nina6085
The Knight in Shining Armor [One Nina
Red Hair Aphrodite has two fathers that she loves so dearly, she has the biggest crush on a certain Straw hat that she becomes oblivious of other people's feelings about...
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Roomies (LuffyxReader) by Kleptocat321
Roomies (LuffyxReader)by Taylor
Being roommates with Luffy isn't so bad, right? . . . Right?
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The Eternal Emperor by noelicoan
The Eternal Emperorby Noël
This is not my own. the title is the same but the original one is by End_Credits. An author who sadly hasn't updated since 2017. A crossover between Naruto and One Piec...
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Luffy x Neko!Reader        Warm by LittleSnowCloud
Luffy x Neko!Reader Warmby LittleSnowCloud
Half cat, half human, you're a rather strange sight to behold. But Luffy, who is your captain, lover, and childhood friend, doesn't seem to see any of the things that ar...
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The Book of a Goddess by Wonderfulrainbows
The Book of a Goddessby Wonderfulrainbows
You are gorgeous. Actually, more than gorgeous. There's no way your beauty can be paralleled in fact, this was basically your only saving grace from dying. ONE PIECE X...
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The red-hair's love story by idk_nori
The red-hair's love storyby badsweetgirl
Just a love story about Shanks ;)
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Two Years Apart | LuNa by Chess-chwan
Two Years Apart | LuNaby ZoroGotLostAgain
COMPLETED The Straw Hats began their two years training that were needed for them to survive the New World. The captain and the navigator, though, caught themselves thin...
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Nice and Smart by Redb4Black
Nice and Smartby rᥱd
ONE PIECE: VERY SLOW UPDATES "I'm the smarter twin," she jerked her head before a sadistic smirk made its way onto her face, "He's the nicer one." I...
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Eyes (Zoro x reader) by Cutieya
Eyes (Zoro x reader)by iratatatat
"If I can switch our eyes, I'll gladly do it to let you see how beautiful you are." In which two entirely different swordsmen are bounded together by love. I u...
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Sail! (Various One Piece X Male Reader) by Bakatsu03
Sail! (Various One Piece X Male Bakatsu03
Baking and drawing is all (M/N) likes to do to avoid his problems. He took to the seas to draw the beautiful scenery and to eat all types of food. His unique ability mak...
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One Piece X Readers by TeruTategami
One Piece X Readersby Teru Tategami
Just like it says in the title, this is a One Piece x reader. I love One Piece with all my heart and now I want to put that love to the test into this book. Hope you all...
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I'm Alive | Portgas D. Ace x Reader by kaizoku-neechan56
I'm Alive | Portgas D. Ace x Readerby kaizoku-neechan56
Ackerman D. (Y/n), carries the burden of baring her family name. At the age of 7, the world government put a bounty on her head, in hopes to cover up their tracks. Howev...
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Never Alone [Luffy x OC] [On Hiatus] by IheartJack0023
Never Alone [Luffy x OC] [On Kimberly
In which the infamous straw hat is more than just a hat. [Luffy x OC] Officially on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time.
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Aura [One Piece Fanfiction] by llthecosmosll
Aura [One Piece Fanfiction]by Voltaire
"If only you were made of rubber, I would've stretched that frown into a smile." Monkey D. Luffy's dream is to be the King of Pirates. Voltaire Keira is there...
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ASL pIcS 💫 by -_milkknhoney_-
ASL pIcS 💫by ♪
uwu these are not mine -w- #238 in ace #310 in onepiece #16 in luffy #30 in asl #87 in sabo
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Freedom's taste ( one piece x Oc ) by ZuaJane
Freedom's taste ( one piece x Oc )by ZuaJane
I don't owe one piece or the charterers and even the picture I owe my oc and the plot Please have mercy on me it's my first book 😖 The straw hats landed on a mysterio...
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Free Heart by duabawrites
Free Heartby duabawrites
(Crosspost from fanfic & ao3 under pen name: duaba) Only Garp could show up on Mt. Colubo with another child for Dadan to watch over and only Luffy would accept point bl...
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One Piece: A Taste for Trouble! [HIATUS] by SleazyRai
One Piece: A Taste for Trouble! [ M.N.H
It all starts when our heroine, Utano, mistakenly takes a bite out of a Devil Fruit. Like a bad omen, her journey out at sea becomes a lot more than what she bargained f...
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Midoriya of the Straw Hats by KingJoka
Midoriya of the Straw Hatsby Tora Tetsuya
After a sneak attack from the league of villains, Midoriya Izuku disappears from the face of the earth. Weeks pass before he returns. Join Class 1-A as they discover how...
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The Mysterious Girl (One Piece/Avatar) by Nouis_Horanson2319
The Mysterious Girl (One Piece/ Bakahole
(Mizuki talking to the Avatars) "Just because I'm the Avatar doesn't mean I'm going back to people who treated the worlds hero like shit!" "I can't just l...
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