chapter 6.

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You opened one of your eyes , greeted by the sun directly shining in your eyes from the window .
" Ugh... go away sun!"
You told the sun covering your face under your blanket . Not hearing a chuckle
" My head hurrrtttsssss.....I feel like its about to explode! Gosh... how much I drank ??!! And why am I warped in bandages ?!"
You asked yourself looking at your hands .

" (y.n)-ya you troublemaking brat.... you drank five bottles of sakei and hurt yourself after that"
A very annoyed law spoke . You peeked at him from under the blanket and regretted it big time!!
There set law , with arms crossed and a very angry expression that you never saw before .
You whined hiding under your blanket , curled up like a ball .

" What if I didn't find you ? You would've died . The jungle is dangerous . Not to mention you were drunk and were trying to kill yourself ."
He said with a dont-you-dare-thinking-i-care-but-i-do tone . You sighed sitting up slowly . Remaining silent .
" Answer when im talking to you ."
He said .

" You want an answer ? Fine , I'll give you one."
You said staring at him .
" what happens to me is non of your concern . Sure if I die just find a log pose and take my ship and go to star island . So you dont need to worry , you will get to that island one way or another . So stop getting all worked up"
You said . His expression changed to a very annoyed one .
" You think I said that only because im worried to get to my crew ?????"
He asked rubbing his eyes .
" Yes."
You replied bluntly .

He remained silent . You sighed and hugged your knees , holding back the tears .
" No one one cares...and nobody will care..."
You whispered to yourself . He heard that .

" Maybe its because of your shitty attitude that you're all alone.."
He said bluntly , regretting what he said a bit . You froze . Getting frustrated .
" You know you have no right to say such thing to me! You haven't lived what I lived through . I thought you saw the scars on my back when you were treating that wound the vice admiral gave me . So you have no right to complain about my attitude . Not to mention your attitude isnt so nice as well...."
You said pointing at him with your finger . His eyes winded .
" Those.....scars.....-"
He said spacing out .

♢flashback , laws POV♢

《Im almost done treating her wounds . Only the one on her back .》
I thought as I layed her on her stomach and puller her shirt up , revealing a nasty wound . All of her back was covered in blood . I treated the wound and I started cleaning the dried blood . When I saw scars on her back . Old scars .

《What are these ? Scars she got from running away ? brave of her.》
I thought and after I was done cleaning her I warped her body in bandages and cut her shirt to a tank top so the dirty part would be gone but at the same time something was covering her . 《She would be embarrassed waking up naked and would think dirty probably . I dont need trouble . I didn't see anything .》
I thought and set down on the couch.

♧flashback ends , writers POV♧

"Those.....wounds.... where did you got them ? From running away from a battle ?"
he asked you . You gritted your teeth .
" Think again sunshine . I never run away from a battle . Those are the wound my so called 'friends' gave me . They betrayed me . You have no idea about the hell I've been through ."
You told him as tears started rolling down your eyes .

《She.....oh god what have I done ?! I broke her even more.... she probably hates me now . Oh god...》
He thought staring at you surprised .
" Dont give my a pitiful look . I dont need it . I was able to survive on my own and claw my way out of hell"
You said .

《Behind that cheerful smile and that kind figure... stands a broken and hurt girl with shattered heart》
He thought and sighed . Walking to you slowly .
"I have my broken moments but then in the end... I have my mothers blood in my veins . I just become my cheerful old self again . Sometimes a good cry can lift a weight from heart"
You said smiling lightly . He walked closer . And did the unexpected . He hugged you .

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