chapter 22.

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You whined cracking open your eye . Blinking a few times to adjust to the light , you saw law laying next to you , with his head on your stomach and his harms warped around you tightly , holding you in a tight embrace . You blushed remembering last night .
"Oh you look so cute sleeping"
You cooed and brushed his messy hair away from his face . He opened his eyes and you blushed more . Retrieving your hand quickly . He looked at you and smiled .
" Morning (y.n)-ya"
He whispered moving up so now his head was on your neck . His warm breath tickling you .
" Morning law"
You said . He hummed and kissed your neck gently as he pulled you closer .
" Mmm.... you're a nice pillow"
He said with a grin . You blushed .
" Im not a pillow!!"
You said embarrassed as you ruffled his hair . He chuckled and kissed your neck again .
" How are you feeling ?"
He asked .
" im fine I guess"
You said , trying to get up .
" Where do you think you're going? "
" I...uh.... im getting up ?"
You said and he pulled you down and hugged you tightly .
" lets stay here a while longer"
He said with his sleepy morning voice . Neither of you were a morning person . You gladly nuzzled to his chest .
"I always thought that you're a morning person ."
"Well im not..."
"You know , your voice is really nice . I never knew you could sing"
You said and he chuckled .
" Im gonna do some research and fix youe eye today , ok ?"
He asked and you nodded .
" Thanks"
"Your welcome"
He slowly set up .
" Maybe we should get up before there's no breakfast left"
He said and you nodded , sitting up . You stood up but trembled , falling down . He catched you in one swift move .
" Whats wrong? "
" My legs are sore..."
You said blushing and looking away . He smirked , satisfied .

He helped you get ready and now you were on his back . Yep , piggy back . His hands behind your knees and your arms warped around his neck , your head buried in his hair .
" Fufufu~ had fun last night ?~"
A voice you knew asked . You looked up seeing doffy leaning against the wall , grinning at you . You blushed .
" Tch , what do you mean ?"
Law asked , annoyed .
" Oh please , I could hear you two from here ."
He said laughing . You blushed and looked away and law sighed . He walked to you and grinned at law .
"Now listen and listen carefully , trafalgar law . If you hurt her in any ways , I wont hesitate to kill you , and in a painful way"
He whispered , frowning while grinning . Law chuckled .
" Dont boil your blood . Im not going to hurt her"
He said .
" It was just a warning"
Doffy said and just then zoro and luffy popped up .
" Oh hey ! Morning!"
You said and luffy ran to you happily . His smile dropped when he saw law carrying you .
" Hey are you ok ? Are you sick ?"
He asked .
'So innocent! !'
You all thought .
" Geez , couldn't you two keep it down a bit ?"
Zoro groaned scratching the back of his head . You blushed more and law smirked .
" Keep what down zoro ? Whats going on here ?"
Luffy asked .
" You see captain , these two-"
" Its ok luffy , you dont need to know"
You cut zoro . You all walked into the kitchen . Greeted by everyone . Law put you down on a table and you set . He got you and his food , sitting next to you . He had already exchanged the bread with something else .
"But I want meat..."
Luffy whined . Lets be honest , you wanted meat as much as he wanted .
" Maybe later on we can hunt something from outside the wall"
You said and luffy cheered .
" And how would you do that ?"
A voice asked . You turned around seeing a morning-pissed off levi .
" Levi-ya , we can do anything"
Law said .
" Without 3dmg you will be crushed under titans feet"
Mikasa said walking to the table and sitting down .
" Actually the only ones needing 3dmg are law and zoro , which I have that covered"
You said . They looked confused .
" Hey can I come hunting too ?"
Sasha asked drooling .
" Sure"
Luffy said and she cheered .
After several discussions , it was decided that your group plus levi , sasha , mikasa and armin would go . Hanji tagged along too .

" But for your own safety , you better use 3dmg"
Hanji told law . She was right . He nodded and hanji gave him a uniform so he can change into . Actually she gave all of you one , so if you couldn't use your powers you would be fine .

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