chapter 1.

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I haven't wrote much before so im kinda new to writing . Correct my mistakes and I hope you enjoy . Theres POV change from third person to first person , I'll write it so you wouldn't get confused .
~☆a look to your past☆~
You and your mother lived in a small yet comfy house . You loved your parents and had a deep bond with your dad , donquixote rosinante , even if he rarely visited you and your mom . He was always away for missions . But whenever he came home he bring you lots if gifts and gave you love and attention so much you could drown in it . Your parents had a nice and lovely relationship . However , one day vice admiral Garp gave you the sad news that your father was killed . He didn't give any other detail and it wasnt needed . You were 10 back then (means you are 3 years younger than law) and it hit you like a hammer in head . You stopped being a kid right after you heard those words from garp . Years passed and all you did was sit besides the living rooms window , looking at the road , waiting for him . But he never came and you knew he wouldn't . His body was buried in a place you didn't know . All you had of him was his fluffy coat and hat . Once you were 14 , your mother fell ill and past away within a year . That did it , you couldn't stay there anymore . The house filled with your dead parents memories . So you left the island , becoming a pirate . You wore your fathers coat and hat , the coat was long so it reached the ground . You took great care of the hat and coat . Using your powers to prevent the coat to be dragged on the ground . Your jolly roger resembles your dad.

Eventually you clawed your way to the grand line

Eventually you clawed your way to the grand line . You were strong and smart but it was difficult sometimes . You found and ate a devil fruit , the mind-mind fruit . It gave you the power of teleportation , telepathy , telekinesis . And along with telekinesis came the power to fly .
Few years passed and you became infamous with the bounty of 500million beli . And you were a supernova . Once you were 18 , navy asked you to become a warlord which you refused .
" I still have some things to take care of . Its still not my time to become a warlord , however , once my job is done I will accept your request and become a warlord. "
Is what you replied to the navy . Since you really didn't cause much trouble , you were in good terms with navy and they didn't haunt you down much. No one knew about your true identity . You had an alias last name . You were (y.n) Jeagerjaquez . However , most of the people knew your last name isn't real . But no one was able to find who you really were .

Ok so thats chapter one .dont forget to vote and commet . It will make me happy . By the way , I dont own one piece (as we all know) and I used Grimmjows (from bleach) last name for your alias . I'll try to update soon .

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